Friday, 6 December 2013

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Apollo is one of those labels which sticks to its aesthetic and artistic guns. While other imprints are frantically trying to switch their sound in a futile attempt to reflect whatever the cool kids are salivating over this week, Apollo is still floating serenely around in space without a care in the World...

In my book, this consistency of sound and vision, coupled with a seemingly constant supply of supremely talented artists who hardly anyone has heard of (yet), makes them one of the most important electronic labels around right now.

Their new release by San Francisco's Santiago Lopez is typically spacey, cinematic and evocative.

If you like moody music which gives you room to imagine and think- grab a hold of this one.

As the press release puts it: "Apollo is pleased to announce Santiago Lopez's three-track "Red Sunset" EP. Contemplative in nature, the triptych of tracks comprising "Red Sunset" are deep house gems that sparkle in their glowing surroundings."

The EP is out on December 12th exclusively on Beatport.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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The second release on Brighton-based label Colour & Pitch, "Distant Memories" makes it clear that the name of the label is more than just two words that look good alongside each other; this collection is full of vivid sonic colors and knows its musical pitches but doesn't take that as a point of pride.  The arrangements are well thought-out and interesting in a genre where that's not necessarily required anymore. In much house music these days a decent groove and a fat kick drum will usually suffice.

The term "intelligent dance music" was always silly-sounding, but the idea behind it was one worth aspiring to: tracks that still hold up as music when you're no longer in a dance environment. Finest Wear's work hits this target easily and without sacrificing any club "thump."

The opener, "The Storm" has the aforementioned elements and features spoken word describing the female vocalist's lover as the titular storm. This is followed by "For The Love" with dubbed-out vocal snippets reminiscent of a memory just beyond the point of clarity--yet definitely not forgotten.  "The Tribute" is up next and is probably the moodiest of all of the tracks with a full minute of strings and pads before any drum appears.  When the bass shows up in the arrangement almost 2 minutes into the track, the vibe is already pretty thick with pads and drums. Also at this point one may find involuntary bodily movement has commenced (also known as "grooving.") About halfway thru this number it begins to feel like a house party that has made that mysterious shift from beginning to "happening."

The closer is Sumsuch's refashion of the opening track, "The Storm."  Sumsuch moves the track in a jazzier direction--not any less rhythmic, just more complex harmonies and a bit more electric piano. There are also some subtle tech touches--just enough to sound slightly futuristic without going balls-out electro and balance out the jazz elements.

Folks looking to enjoy some butt-shaking and others looking for beautiful, yet bouncy electronic music have much to enjoy here.

'Distant Memories' is available now on Beatport , Traxsource , iTunes & Juno

Saturday, 19 October 2013

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An absolute treat of a single here from little-known San Francisco imprint 'Untitled & After'. Industrial electronic sounds with tinges of techno are the order of the day here, coupled with a beautiful vocal courtesy of Qzen, a singer whose credits include collaborations with John Tejada, 40 Thieves and many others. As with all the best tracks, 'Untitled 26' defies any kind of genre tag except our favourite one: 'damn good music'.

Japanese producer 'Birdcage' supplies the remix here; and it really is stunner. Simple emotive chords, scratchy percussion & wonderful use of the vocal makes this version ooze quality with every twist and turn. This is the first I've heard of 'Birdcage', and it's immediately inspired me to hunt down more of his work.

As the label notes so eloquently say: "If this single is the soundtrack to never seeing the sun then lots of people could be easily persuaded into signing up for this suspended in time experiment."

'Untitled 26' is released on all major download stores on November 5th.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Deep Edition are swiftly (and deservedly) gaining a reputation as one of the most consistent labels on the scene. Launched three years ago in Newcastle UK, the label has brought founder Martijn and artists Graham Laverty & Michael McLardy to the fore, both as emerging talents and as tastemakers in their own right. 'White Kite' is a brand new project from Graham Laverty & Nicky Mann, and judging by this debut, we can't wait to hear more from the duo.

Mournful vocals, offbeat bass, hypnotic percussion and warm pads are the order of the day on the standout title track 'So In Love', creating a deeply satisfying vibe. A second, more dancefloor-centric original track 'Get Back' plus remixes from Martijn and Michael McLardy complete the package in fine style. It's refreshing to see a young label based around a small group of key artists, all collaborating and co-operating to build something unique and special. Deep Edition really is a family affair, and not the kind of family you'll see on Jerry Springer any time soon either.

White Kite's 'So In Love' EP is out now, exclusively on Beatport

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

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Fela Kuti lives on. AIDS awareness organization Red Hot has partnered with cross-genre collaborators representing rock, hip-hop, Americana, and classical for the release of Fela Kuti compositions on Red Hot + Fela. The album features classic Fela anthems like "Lady" recorded by tUnE-yArDs, Questlove, Angelique Kidjo, and Akua Naru, "ITT" by Superhuman Happiness, "No Buredi" reimagined as an electro-house track by Nneka, Sinkane, Amayo, and "Afrodisco Beat 2013" by Tony Allen, M1 + Baloji. It also includes cover versions by Spoek Mathambo, Brittany Howard (from Alabama Shakes), the Kronos Quartet along with TV On The Radios' Kyp Malone and Tunde Adembimpe, and many more.

Buy the LP

Download the incredible 'Buy Africa' for FREE

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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Fresh from his recent release on Roberto Rodriguez's 'Seranades' label, talented Finnish producer pothOles is back on Oh! Records with a pair of brand new tracks.

We've been fans of the mysterious Finn since day one, so it's fantastic to hear his sound developing in leaps and bounds. Title track 'Hooni' is a typically restrained, chilled slice of Suomi deep house, while 'Hatari' introduces a more insistent bassline and hypnotic groove.

With rumours of his own label launching soon, as well as tales of him recently being voted Helsinki's second sexiest man, one thing is for sure: watch out for pothOles!

The release is available now, exclusively on Beatport. Grab it HERE

Sunday, 6 October 2013

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We return from a long break between posts with a label who have had rather a long break between releases. Denmark's Deepwit Recordings are a favourite of ours here at You and The Music, so we are extremely excited to see them releasing new music again.

We're happy to report that their upcoming release by Lithuanian newcomer Mesake is completely and utterly true to form. Full of sublime atmospheric touches, sweet chords and delicate vocals from Indre Ju, the original version sounds like sunset on another planet...

Of the remixes, the ever reliable tONKPROJECT's version stands out a mile for us, jammed full of musical invention and emotion as per usual.

The release is out now on all major download stores- grab your copy here

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

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In a post major world, labels are launched so often that there's probably a profitable business out there for anyone with the ability to think up arresting and attractive names for them. On the other hand you *could* always make your label stand out from the ever-growing crowd by releasing stunning and innovative music. 

And luckily for us, that's what producer/DJ and now (once again) label owner Sumsuch has chosen to do.

"Simpatico" the debut release on his Colour and Pitch label (great name btw) is a frankly brilliant collaboration with Philadelphia vocalist Will Brock that moves the soul as well as it moves the feet - and trust me, this one is going to be a dancefloor filling stalwart in the days and months to come.... I've only heard the original mix so far, but tbh I'd be as happy as a pig on one of Brighton's rubbish strewn streets if it was the only mix that existed. Not least because it would lift me out of the mire and into the sunlight. Uplifting deep house? You'd better believe it. And you'd better buy it too...

'Simpatico' is out now, exclusively on Beatport. Grab your copy HERE

Sunday, 19 May 2013

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Producer and musician Monsieur Minimal has been creating his unique brand of accessible indie dance for around five years now, but is still relatively unknown outside his native Greece.

Hopefully this is all about to change, with this fantastic selection of remixes of his emotive and haunting new single 'Candy Face'. The original version can be found on his 2012 LP titled 'Minimal To Maximal', which is also well worth a listen.

Containing a massive number of remixes (9 in total), there is truly something for everyone in this package, with many shades of electronica and house represented, as well as something called ‘chill-wave’ (I'm getting out of touch in my old age it seems)...

Highly recommended: the sublime, sunkissed version by E Major a.k.a. Elias Tzikas, as well as the more club-oriented, powerfully emotional rework by Dimi Phaze.

The package is out to buy now via Beatport and all major download stores.

Check out the original version (and stunning video) here:

Saturday, 13 April 2013

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This stunning package features three chunky, moody, atmospheric house tracks from Barcelona stalwart, Ludowick. If, like us, you shudder at the very thought of a Marvin Gaye vocal in house music these days, you might be very pleasantly surprised by the title track 'Let's Get It Off'. Somehow Ludowick has managed to sample of one of Marvin's best known tracks, intelligently and with originality, without in any way cheapening the mood. Dark, brooding and intensely rhythmic, this is sure to work on the floor.

Manchester based production powerhouse Moodymanc supplies a remix so uplifting that it borders on the euphoric, whilst still managing to remain both credible and deep. As the label notes say: Moodymanc's music "makes you stick your hands in the air and carefully stroke your beard at the same time."

Of the other two original tracks, 'Signs From Heaven' is the clear standout. With clear influences from breakbeat and another cheeky vocal sample (this time from Seal), this is another brilliantly evocative track.

The EP is released on 20th May 2013. Until then, you can listen to a preview here:

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Dance:Revolt impressed us hugely last summer with their debut release from label boss Atnarko. Flash forward to April 8th 2013, and they're back with their second offering. We are delighted to announce that our minds have once again been truly blown by the music contained here. Quality over quantity is clearly going to be the watchword for this label, and with only two releases in the bag, it's already paying off.

The original track is a lovingly produced, retro-tinged, smooth and sultry number, with an irresistibly plaintive vocal hook.

From even the most cursory first listen, it's obvious that each remix has been carefully chosen by the label, making this one of the most balanced musical packages we've received in a very long time. There's truly a version for every occasion here, and all the artists have clearly been inspired to do their best work.

Standouts for us are the fragile and beautiful yet powerful Space Coast remix, as well as the driving yet deep Subtron version.

Love Wanted is released on April 8th - we suggest you go and buy it!

In the meantime, you can grab a sneak preview here:

Label and Artist Links:

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

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A brand new treat, coming soon on Reverberations' newly- rebranded incarnation, RvS. No frills here, just a proper emotive slice of deep house goodness from Barcelona- based producer Shade. The track is getting a well deserved vinyl release, alongside a trio of excellent remixes from Asadinho, Joshua Iz & Silver Team. The Joshua Iz mix is particularly outstanding to our ears, full of energy and invention. Get a preview of the release below. and be sure to grab this record as soon as it drops!

Formats / release dates:
Vinyl             18/02/2013
Digital             18/03/2013

RvS002 - Shade - All I Need To Know (inc. remixes by Asadinho / Jek K & Alex Murak / Joshua Iz) by RvS Music

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

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Here's a brand new mix from Sumsuch for your delectation. An hour of reflective and emotive deep house joy, free to download. The mix was compiled exclusively for Israeli electronic music website 2B Continued.

1. Horizon Variations Intro - Max Richter - Mute
2. Stole My Soul (South West Seven Remix) - Seven Music
3. We Have Wings ft. Lophius (Seraphine Remix) - Jonas Afonso - Apollo
4. Invisible Man (Hernan Cerbello Remix) - Peluca - Apollo
5. This Old Town feat. Matty Eeles - Sumsuch - Apollo
6. House Music Soldiers (Sebastian Davidson Remix) - Hamza + Vipul - Wind Horse
7. Ser Mi Dama (Martijn Remix) - Hohle - Deep Edition Recordings
8. Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix) - Solange - CDR
9. Give It All Away (Original Mix) - Mirage Man - Nightrunners
10. Looking For The Real Thing (Harris Robotis Remix) - Kurt & Russell - Mr Kim's Records
11. These Times ft. Jinadu (Dixon Refix) - Jimpster - Freerange
12. Like Now (Andreas Saag Remix) - Jevne featuring Robert Owens - OneThirty Recordings

Listen / Download here:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

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For our first pick of 2013, we'd like to introduce you to the enigmatic (and delightfully insane) Mr Kim. Five time shaolin kung fu karaoke champion, Mr Kim himself is peddling his own brand of 'Double Happiness Disco', and we are loving it!

Kurt & Russell's original track simply cannot fail to bring a smile to your face. Expertly treading the invisible line between dance and pop music, this is an incredibly catchy record, but somehow it manages to stay on the right side of cheese. If Crazy P and Daft Punk smoked a couple of joints and had a jam session, it might sound a little something like this. Sublime!

On remix duty, James Curd from Greenskeepers links up with Sidwho? (who also happens to play bass for the wonderful Empire of The Sun), with predictably brilliant results. Quirky club music is the best way we can sum it up, it's a proper winter warmer...

Australian Harris Robotis serves up a much deeper, late night version full up of atmosphere which is also tickling all the right spots. Finally Space Coast close out the package with a floaty, stripped down take on the original.

The EP is released on 22nd Jan 2013, and until then you can get a sneak preview right here: