Thursday 4 December 2014

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Colour & Pitch has quickly established itself as a go-to label for deep, melodic and, let’s be honest here, intelligent music,  of which  their latest release – Aiby & The Noise “Dangerous Liaisons / Dream Suite” - is a perfect example. 

Barcelona based producers Garcy Noise and Vanessa Aiby’s first appearance on the label came with their storming remix of Teysel’s “”Continuous”,  to be quickly followed by this excellent two tracker  under their  own name.  

Lead track “Dangerous Liasons” is a warm and welcoming deep dancer that captivates from the first note – and of not from then, from the first “Yeah” which follows 20 odd seconds later. With a vocal top line of “Who needs enemies with a friend like you?” dancing across it’s wonderfully analogue depths and a perfectly old school skipping hi-hat pattern providing an irresistible drive, it’s destined to become a major favourite in next to no time.
Companion piece “Dream Suite” is an equally deep affair, but one that’s more of a grower  - musically and emotionally.  Starting from a drum pattern, other elements – including a distinctly enigmatic spoken vocal and a nicely growling bass - are added gradually until roughly the 3 minute mark,  when it breaks into sparser reverb drenched territory;  by then you’re on so much of a journey  you might get lost, where it not for the percussion coming back to show you the way home. Lovely stuff.

Aiby & The Noise “Dangerous Liasons” / “Dream Suite” , Colour & Pitch (CAP006) is available as a Beatport exclusive until December 9th, when it hits iTunes and all other online stores. Buy it.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Sena "Senadee" Verdi returns with what could be one of his biggest tracks to date - and this is clearly the thoughts of one of the most prolific independent labels out there. Black Hole Recordings have this week released a superbly remixed version of his latest production"Robot Love". Founded in 1997 by Tiesto and Arny Bink, the label has been home to some of the biggest names in dance music over the years. Artists past and present include music royalty such as Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andain, BT and Deadmaus to name just a few.

Identifying pure talent seems to be an ongoing trait for a label who's mission statement is "Captivate, Communicate and Celebrate" and this is no exception to the rule. Senadee has been prolific as a singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist over the last ten years, which has seen him collaborate with the likes of John Askew, BT and Chicane. And it's not hard to see why. His lyrics are absorbing and endlessly threaten to open the doors to his inner most feelings. His voice is filled with raw emotion, and is more reminiscent of his indie/rock routes than the normal clear tones that are more often associated with dance music.

The Original Mix is an upbeat dance floor filler, permeated with catchy beats and a heavy 80's influenced, top line synth melody, which is offset by the huskiness of the vocals. This is further expertly padded out for the extended mix.

Swedish Grammy and Brit nominated producer Zoo Brazil's take on Robot Love, is a deeper, more haunting vision, fusing together woodblock, pipes and bass guitar undertones. The addition of echo and loops adds further mystique, while the distortion creates a feeling of foreboding.

Picking up the pace is Discover Records A&R Man, Lostly - who's production skills and remix expertise are gaining him Worldwide recognition from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Aly and Fila and Indecent Noise. South Africa's premier dance music producer gives the track a 140 bpm facelift, using his signature synth accents - injecting an energy which will undoubtedly get this track airplay on the likes of ASOT and FSOE.

A further remix from Discover Records Peter Hulsmans, aptly entitled "Android Excursion" adds simple piano riffs and drifting synths, which enhance Sena's mode of expression, resulting in a beautifully uplifting trance classic.

With a World Premier of the video scheduled to air on VEVO on Thursday 30th October, and full release on Monday 10th November, this track will leave you in no doubt as to the calibre of the artists debut album, which is due out in 2015.

Tracklist:01: Senadee – Robot Love (Original Mix)02: Senadee – Robot Love (Extended Mix)03: Senadee – Robot Love (Zoo Brazil Remix)04: Senadee – Robot Love (Lostly Remix)05: Senadee – Robot Love (Peter Hulsmans Android Excursion)

Robot Love - Zoo Brazil Remix out now on Beatport
Robot Love  - Zoo Brazil Remix Video

Saturday 25 October 2014

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Austin, USA. Capital of Texas. Home to SXSW, Willie Nelson, Google, Ebay and Harmonious Discord - a label that has "been the purveyors of offbeat melodies" for the last eleven years.  Created to provide a musical outlet for artists that defy convention, their latest release comes to us via Onium - also known as Stephen Moon. Onium first featured on the Discordian Dreaming Series. This however is his debut full length EP.

Well known for "pushing the edge", Onium flirts heavily with dub techno in this EP. Track One entitled - "He Breathes" feels dreamy and serene in the build up, with drifty synths that make way for a deep progressive baseline. Track two takes the baton and builds on to an edgy electronic euphony. Entitled "Opslo" and with three additional remixes, you certainly dont feel short changed! Up first, Echo Conscious brings us something a little more uplifting, with the introduction of cowbells, lighter melody and minimal distortion. This is offset by mucher darker, but equally stunning remixes from Bleupulp - which at times fools you into thinking that two tracks have been badly blended and Hemiptera - whose mix has a strong progressive feel to it.  "Sharing Light" demonstrates a much stronger techno influence as does the final track "Piped". The synths have a more sinister edge, with heavy echo and persistent bass lines, as in Breathe.

With a motto like "Cacophony at it's finest", this EP embraces it with both arms, although any harshness is quickly offset with a beauty that washes over you. It has cutting edge, creative production and I cant wait to hear more in the future from this forward thinking artist.

Immix is out now via Beatport and all good download stores.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

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There are producers that feel the need to throw the kitchen sink at their tracks, smothering them in every effect and process imaginable. Karizma is not one of them. The latest in his Beats & Bobs series on R2 Records is remarkable for its infectious simplicity and stripped back grooves.

The opener “Klearkut” features a steady, bumpy afro-tech build overlaid with multi-textured percussive and melodic stabs and flows. A tough kick steers the track away from noodling territory and drive the simple melodies to a place where a subtle bass line and some unobtrusive squelches somehow add up to much more than the sum of this track’s parts.

The 10 minute “Earth These Beats” opens with a naggingly familiar old skool breakbeat and hypnotic, catchy stabs, rolling bumpily along through a series of nicely constructed breakdowns that will keep any dance floor on its toes.

All too often chefs ruin perfectly good ingredients by simply trying too hard. It takes skill and bravery to present a dish with a few simple ingredients, perfectly handled. But that’s exactly what Karizma has done with this release, and it’s refreshing to hear.

Beats & Bobs Vol.2 is out on October 27th.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

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Barcelona based DJ and producer Teysel takes centre stage for C&P’s 5th release. Inspired by underground Chicago and West Coast US house music, Teysel’s traditional, precise approach to DJing is reflected in his compositions. With an EP and several remixes released on German label EUN, he is now also finding his feet as a producer. Title track ‘Continuous’ represents a slice of simple, Berlin influenced, stripped down tech house, full of dark and brooding atmospheres.

Ahead of their forthcoming debut single on Colour and Pitch, Spanish production duo Aiby & The Noise make their entrance (and live up to the second half of their name) with a truly raucous remix of ‘Continuous’. Replaying the bass-line and adding some classic breaks, they transform the track into a growling behemoth; to be handled with caution!

Hailing from Czech Republic, residing in Brighton UK, A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo have released on countless labels both separately and together as The Lazyboys. Their remix of Continuous completes our package with a deep and mournful deep house journey, adding haunting spoken word and bleak, atmospheric synths.

Continuous is out now, exclusively via Beatport

Wednesday 21 May 2014

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Self confessed boutique label, Lucid Dreaming Records are this month celebrating their two year anniversary. And what better way to do it, than with the talented SIS. The German born artist - better known as Burak Sar, is well known on the house scene, with releases on Cross Town Rebels and Get Physical to name just a few.

 LDR's primary goal is to "evoke certain emotions and feelings inside of you. We want you to dream big and lose yourself in the music" and this is exactly where I found myself. Lost amongst an eclectic mix of percussions, deep tones and atmospheric melody.

The first track on the EP is entitled "Clash" and has a haunting yet uplifting melody, with pan pipes slicing through the smoothness to create an individuality to this stunning tune. Track two "Hang" keeps you totally uplifted, and adds an oriental feel to the whole vibe.

The EP as a whole is a beautiful work of art, and although it conjures up visions of beaches on far away shores and beautiful sunsets, it keeps a consistency to the beat throughout, giving versatility, and ensuring that this will be equally at home in the darker reaches of the clubland.

'Clash' is out on June 8th; until then you can enjoy some previews here:

Monday 19 May 2014

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This week Slovakian born Kepikei returns with a killer techno EP - Back to School which gets released on the 14th May. Top Billin Records are quoted as saying “We don’t often drop deep music on the label, so when we do you should expect it to be something out of the box, as is the case this time” and they weren't kidding! This EP smashes it! Kepikei - now a resident of sunny LA, has produced something that would be more at home in the darkest depths of Berlin!

Track one “Dawn” gives you a sinister but exciting insight as to where this EP might be going, with track two – “In so many Ways” upping the anti, with the female vocal loop cutting through the heavy electronic backdrop. Track three entitled “Nancee Kelly”, may sound like a Disney heroine, but think Maleficent, more than Sleeping Beauty! The final track on the EP is aptly named “Spun” and keeps the energy levels up until the bitter end.

Individually, the tracks are creative, innovative and fast paced. As a whole the EP demonstrates why Kepikei is attracting attention from DJs and industry media, solidifying his reputation as one of the most interesting DJs in the warehouse techno scene at the moment.

"Back To School" is available now on all major download stores, or buy directly via the Top Billin' Bandcamp

Wednesday 14 May 2014

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RiCHARD.GEAR steps up for the bodytalk label's second release with his new offering, "Strange Magick". Founder of the excellent Whiskey Pickle imprint, Mr Gear is a regular fixture on the after-dark scene in his native Austin, Texas.

The title track combines some classic house sounds with insistent, discordant vocal samples to create palpable tension. This is proper after-hours material, with the added bonus of a lovely bouncing groove.

George Horn (Acryl Music, DeepWit) smooths out proceedings with his laid back, rolling remix. A warm bassline joins up to some subtle stabs, keeping the energy levels just right throughout.

The second track, "Be Free," has a much more stripped-down approach, featuring slow-building chords and a life-affirming vocal sample. A M.I.J.A.S. remix completes the package, upping the intensity with classic 808 drums, plus filtered chords and bass.

Overall this is a great release, with a mix for (almost) all occasions. Check it out right here:

Monday 12 May 2014

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Sotiris Rinou, the talent behind Liquid Light is back with his latest EP Human Condition, which is being released on May 15th on his own label Blue Bass Records. With a discography that stretches back nearly a decade, he has caught attention from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela and Anthony Pappa. 

The first track on the EP “Rephlex” has a minimal feel, pulling together the sound of the piano, male vocal samples and off beats. The synths quickly help change the direction, giving a much more upbeat funkiness. Track two, named “Come Together” is heavier, with some subtle yet effective beat changes that lead you down a different path without you realising how you got there. 

The third track named “Shake that thing” is my personal favourite and has incredible energy, with techno undertones, and the unmistakable sound of the bongo, that leaves you under no illusion that summer is nearly here and you should be appreciating this track whilst dancing on a Barcelona roof terrace. 

Finally “Until we meet again” is beautifully Euphoric, and reminds me slightly of the “Streets” classic Blinded by the light, but with less talking and more soul. I am looking forward to hearing the full EP on its release date, and know that one or all of these tracks will be grabbing the attention of many DJ’s throughout the next few months.

"Liquid Light" is out on May 15th on all major download stores.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

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Out on May 19th, this EP comes from the "first post-Soviet vinyl label", KDB. With some of the quirkiest artwork we've seen this year (a figure skating Putin anyone?!), the title track is a fun slice of techy house from Ukranian producers Warma. There's also a remix from South African producer Philip Jo, part of Dubai's seminal Audiotonic crew.

The Seth Schwarz version is truly the star of the show here though, featuring no less than 30 layered violin parts, all played live by the Berlin producer.

If you like your dance music emotionally charged, epic and containing lyrics about rabbits, you'll want to snap this one up!

Wednesday 19 February 2014

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Tokyo Dawn's incredible compilation series 'The Boogie' shows no signs of running out of steam with this, its 4th installment.

Somehow treading the fine line between nostalgic and futuristic, this lovingly chosen selection of tracks hangs together beautifully as an album. Highlights include an incredible opener featuring Omar and deftly remixed by in-demand producer Opolopo, as well as a truly modern soul ballad from Chacho Brodas.

"Connecting the dots between early electro, hip hop and house, this compilation redefines boogie based on neon synths, soul chords and a decent portion of robot funk."

 The LP is out on February 23rd on CD as well as digital. Until then, you can grab a preview right here:

The Boogie Volume 4 by Tokyo Dawn Records

Tuesday 21 January 2014

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The brilliant Onethirty Recordings are off to a flying start in this, their 10th year in existence, with a rather lovely release from Istanbul native Onur Özman.

As label boss Jevne puts it:

"Onur has been a sold player in Onethirty family since his first release "Not Enough" back in 2010, followed by "Hold On" in 2011 and "Broken Dreams" in 2012. His music has helped shape the Onethirty sound for years now! "Room To Dance" does not disappoint in staying true to both Onur's & Onethity's vibe! We are very excited to have this EP kick off the ten year anniversary, these are truly amazing tracks."

The package comprises three typically clean, bright slices of bouncy house music, plus a very pleasant moody remix of "Never Can Say Good Bye" from Fil Lavin.

The Room To Dance EP is out today exclusively on Beatport, and across all other stores on February 2nd.

Grab a preview here:

Wednesday 8 January 2014

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2013 was a bittersweet year for dance music lovers, scarred deeply by the tragic passing of Romanthony, as well as a true unsung hero of the scene by the name of Scott Hardkiss.

Not only was Scott an incredible producer in his own right, but back in 1997 he also created (in my opinion) the greatest Essential Mix of all time for Pete Tong's legendary Radio 1 show. The mix was a seminal moment for me as a teenager, acting as a beacon which drew me towards a lifelong love of the more spiritual side of dance music. You can listen to that mix and be transported (and transformed) right HERE.

Fast forward to 2014 and I'm delighted to hear that the remaining Hardkiss founders Gavin & Robbie have a new album in the pipeline. This is the second single from the forthcoming LP '1991', jammed full of retro flavours and fun(k).

"A slick slab of electro-boogie rhythms, the single features vocoded vox and a nasty bass that'll take listeners on an interstellar voyage from Cybotron to Planet Rock."

Remixers James Curd & Q-Burns Abstract Message are both on incredible form here, delivering tour de force versions, filled with inventive touches and positive energy.

Gavin Hardkiss himself completes the package under his Hawke moniker, creating one of the most unusual and original remixes I've heard in a very long time.

Release Date: February 10, 2013

Grab a preview here:

Label and Artist Links:

Sunday 5 January 2014

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At the forefront of the emerging deep house scene in India, Wind Horse Records has consistently impressed from day one. This latest release features both Vipul & Hamza, the two producers who most represent the label's unique sound.

Vipul's title track 'Evolve' is a typically dreamy, spiritual slice of house music, full of emotional twists and turns.

Ross Couch's remix moves the track toward the dancefloor with a bouncey swagger, however the breakdown takes us into achingly beautiful, cinematic territory.

Label owner Hamza's version retains many elements from the original track, adding low slung beats, basslines and sublime piano chords.

Dutchie Music boss Juan Mejia takes control for the final remix, taking the original into even deeper waters, full of melodic fragments and dreamy arpeggios.

As the label notes say: "Overall, this evocative offering from Vipul shows his transformation isn’t merely ensuring survival as an artist, but rather gaining him higher ground with each new rung on the
hierarchical ladder. "

'Evolve' is available now on Beatport and all other major download stores.