Sunday 5 January 2014

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At the forefront of the emerging deep house scene in India, Wind Horse Records has consistently impressed from day one. This latest release features both Vipul & Hamza, the two producers who most represent the label's unique sound.

Vipul's title track 'Evolve' is a typically dreamy, spiritual slice of house music, full of emotional twists and turns.

Ross Couch's remix moves the track toward the dancefloor with a bouncey swagger, however the breakdown takes us into achingly beautiful, cinematic territory.

Label owner Hamza's version retains many elements from the original track, adding low slung beats, basslines and sublime piano chords.

Dutchie Music boss Juan Mejia takes control for the final remix, taking the original into even deeper waters, full of melodic fragments and dreamy arpeggios.

As the label notes say: "Overall, this evocative offering from Vipul shows his transformation isn’t merely ensuring survival as an artist, but rather gaining him higher ground with each new rung on the
hierarchical ladder. "

'Evolve' is available now on Beatport and all other major download stores.


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