Thursday 7 April 2016

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Once in a while a tune turns into a classic; even more rarely you know a tune has classic status from the very first play.  This is one of those occasions.

Make no mistake Mr Bird and Greg Blackman – with the aid of two genuine masters of the remix, Tom Moulton and Ashley Beedle – have crafted something very special indeed. “Over Again” is simply beautiful, a gentle masterpiece that oozes soul and Summer; if it was any more honeyed the bees would have claimed it back by now...

The original “Lo-fi Classics” version, previously available on digital from BBE, is genuinely great in itself (and always has been) but the Tom Moulton and Ashley Beedle reworks take it to an even higher level. It’s a matter of personal taste which one works the best for you (I love ‘em both!), but if it’s the Tom Moulton version you’re after, you’d best be quick – it’s vinyl only, and there are only 200 of them out there.

So – terrific song, great production / vocals and top notch reworks from the man who invented the art of the remix, and the man who’s done as much as anyone to redefine it. Sounds like an absolute monster to me.

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