Monday 29 May 2023

If you want your MPB like a French OST at a 70s disco, you need this new release on Mr Bongo.

The single, 'Baile De Máscaras (Recarnaval)' / 'Lua Comanche' sounds and looks like some long lost classic of the level of excitement of around 10 years ago when Johnny Trunk took on Gilles Peterson at the York Hall, Bethnal Green over the reissue rights to José Prates' album, 'Tam... Tam... Tam...!' from 1958?

But no!  It's not at all "lost".  In fact, it was released last year in Brasil as the band was the result of a meeting of the musical minds in Rio's covid lockdown as a burgeoning supergroup of Julia Mestre, Dora Morelenbaum, Zé Ibarra, and Lucas Nunes.

Much like the compilation that includes 'Lua Comanche', the recenty released 'Hidden Waters: Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio de Janeiro' (see review HERE), these 14 tracks are lush with bossa nova, MPB, Tropicália, psychedelia, samba, funk, sun and sand: no wonder it won a Latin grammy.

You'll be hearing Baile De Máscaras (Recarnaval), Lua Comanche, 'Passarinnha'the reggaefied 'Clama Floresta and the sugary "Radio 2", 'Dourado Dourado' (sounds like a Mendez meets the Carpenters to me) whilst the counterpoint to that are 'Chupeta', 'Lambe Lambe' and the beach cocktails of Muito Só.  
And lets all that in a melting pot for the jazz-funky 'Faixa Técnica' which sounds like a Radio's DJ feature/some festival announcement/60s advert's/phone-in competition for anything from who's your favourite Flamingo team players, lost kids on the beach or where to get your suntan lotion on Copacabana.

If you're going to channel your inner Seu Jorge, Gal Costa, Nara Leão, Sergio Mendez or add to your collection of Brazil45: Mr Bongo x Mike D [Boxset] (see review HERE), this is just perfect as in years to come, there's more than a couple of tracks on the ablum that'll be viewed as "classics" in their own right. 

You could't wish for a better debut album that this.

Artist: Bala Desejo 


Release date : 29th May, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number : MRB269R

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Sunday 28 May 2023

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Valia Calda have had a couple of singles out to promote the new album 'Homeland' but even then. it doesn't prepare you for the jazz-mix power house that they are.

You may recall Valia Calda's last single ‘The Stalker’ was (and still is) "heavy" on the psych-jazz out-there charts; the track is inspired by Andrei Tarkovshy's classic film).

And then there was a bit of a surprise of an instrumental trumpet led ballad, 'But In The End We'll Be Together'; this time inspired by the poetry of Odysseas Elytis (Ed. Who?) 

And from there, to the horn vs. psych guitar ENO/Fripp-ery jazz-dub of 'Crossing The Warm Valley' [my current favourite].

We're told the that the Greek influences are reflections on "timeless struggles of physical and ideological displacement" with "inspiration from the themes of migration and exile. Perhaps none more so than on 'Nostaglgia And Isolaton' and the title track, 'Homeland' (that's got a touch of Mulatu about it - which kinda sums up the displacement/migration concept musically - especially when it rocks out).

Valia Calda are led by London based guitarist Nikos Ziarkas (Theon Cross, Chelsea Carmichael, Moses Boyd) and double bassist Thodoris Ziarkas (Yazz Ahmed, Savina Yannatou, Electric Litany) and it's been picked up by the usual DJs from Jazz FM to BBC 6 Music (including Gilles Peterson) and many more.

It's a bit of a Jazz Chronicle's party this weekend and we'd have definitely played this out when we were DJing Acoustic Ladyland, The Comet Is Coming, Vula Viel, Suns Of Kemet and the like (and Sun Ra of course); yep, it's that good!

Artist: Valia Calda

Title: Homeland

Release date: 26th May, 2023

Label : Deep Mountain Records

Catalog Number : LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Saturday 27 May 2023

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It's all about the drum and master of the Balearic house, Kiko Navarro, gets his mates DJ Pippi and Willie Graff to work their magic on this EP for guaranteed dancefloor madness.

Both 'N' Fumbei' and the even deeper Jungle synthed disco of 'Esanah' are Afro-Latin tracks that you can spin from beach to jazz house.

But the 'bonus' track is even cooler as it's the beat "dub" 'N'Funbeats' that should only be played in a darkened backroom disco with all the other illict grooves: so raw it'll make chafing a pleasure - for serious dancers only; and for you nerds, there's a slightest of references to Yello's 'The Race'.

If you're used to DJ Pippi and Willie Graff's more downtempo grooves you'll need to up the tempo to more like fans of Kiko Navarro's 'You Take Over' with the Osunlade remixes (see review HERE) and the incredible Beatkozina.Abirah Shah 'Nusrat Passion' (see review HERE) you'll going to love this too!

Artist: Kiko Navarro, DJ Pippi, Willie Graff 

Title: Tempistica Mistica 

Release Date : 26th May, 2023

Catalog Number : AFTNE055

Label : Afroterraneo

Format: 12" / Digital

Friday 26 May 2023

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Last year, Bev Lee Harling returned with her first solo recording in almost a decade. She won the hearts and musical minds of DJs across the board with her 2012 debut LP, 'Barefoot In Your Kitchen', which BBC 6Musics Gilles Peterson made his Album of the Week.

The original of this single, 'Beautiful Life' was on that 2022 album 'Little Anchor' and I said at the time it "is a perfect combination of pop, folk, soul with cinematic strings and beautiful lyrics and vocals".  

So it's no surprise to me, when it comes to a remix, globe trotting disco freak Aroop Roy got this as his first pick.

And it's not like his recent releases of 'Brazilian Reworks & Edits', his latest remix on Permanant Vacation (Benjamin Fröhlich x Private Agenda - Soft Power) or his party sets with  Rocksteady Disco's Peter Croce in Detroit or Manchester's Mr. Scruff. In fact, the strings give it a Mathew Herbert/Nonclassical out-there house vibe.

Somewhat different to the label's last single, Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21's 'You Don’t Have To' (see review HERE) but that's how ecelectic it's always been at Wah Wah 45s - get this now for remix, instrumental, dub and radio versions and there's a label Remix Vol. 3 compilation due out later this year that's include remixes by some of our other favourite remixers like Ben Gomori, Dazzle Drums and Dam Swingle.

Artist: Bev Lee Harling
Release: Beautiful Life (Aroop Roy Remixes)
Release Date: 26th May, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

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If you've been keeping up with the Kris Tidjan singles, you'll be anxious to hear the whole album and I can confirm that it's all as good as the 'Lords Of War', 'Little Giants' and 'Eddie'.

In fact, the jazz-funk-beats-soul that Kris has enveloped into this 13 track album  as he 'Incarnated' an "everyone loves the sunshine" vibe and the nearly nine minutes of 'Lords Of War (Extended)' which is so laid back groovy.

So it's as much Al Green (if not more) as it is jazz/afrobeat but all containing that 'rebel' feel that's so evident in his 'tributes' to Bob Marley.

As you can tell, this is a quality album so it's not easy to say that any one track "Stands-out", so it's a bit unfair to say his collaboration with his cousin, Jeremie Omem, on 'KATIOPA' stands out: but it does; and in a very good modern jazz-funk dancer way (and lets hope there's an even longer version).

As Bob and his "small axe" so Kris has surrounded himself with these "small axes" [also as in 'Lords Of War'] to cut down any resistance to this album and his talent; expect to hear much more from this guy. 

Artist: Kris Tidjan  

Title: Small Axes

Release date: 26th May, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE726 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Thursday 25 May 2023

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Annabel (lee) are husband and wife duo Sheila and Richard Ellis and thier lastest release is an 4 track EP of live covers called 'Live Covers' which was recorded 'live' in LA.

The four tracks are well known being 'Blackstar', one of Bowie's most atmospheric and haunting of tracks, 'River Man' (Nick Drake's classic that's equally atmospheric and haunting), 'Windmills' (Michel Legrand's big pop his and the recent passed Wayne Shorter (RIP) most popular, 'Footprints' (with new original lyrics by Sheila).

As any undercover agent will tell you, it's all about the added value and this large band with harp, flute and cello certain add a large amount to this project along with Sheila's words/vocals (she trained in New York with Andy Bey!)

We've recently seen that the electric guitar is much under-used in jazz (see Enrico Le Noci's 'Electric Nuts', review HERE with covers of 'Voodoo Chile' and 'Maiden Voyage') and Eric Klerks rocks out on 'Footprints' with Sheila doing her best ship wrecked ghost siren with the violin in 1930 swing with that harp; what was I saying about " atmospheric and haunting"?

If you haven't heard Annabel (lee) before, there's 'By The Sea... And Other Solitary Places' which came out on Ninja Tune/If..Music. and at the time, I'm not sure that they knew what to do with "abstract classical jazz on the leftfield" which, of course, they are far more familiar with now - check out what Coldcut are upto these days - see review HERE).  

Sheila and Richard are clearly guys are still 'out there' [in LA] or should I say Further Out [Recordings] there (their current label); These four tracks are like windmills in my mind like a 'live' version of the Cinematic vs Mahavishnu Orchestras doing cover versions - bring on the album.  

Sheila Ellis - Vocals, Richard E - Acoustic Guitar, Aniela Perry - Cello, Eric Klerks - Electric Guitar, Sonjia Hubert Harper - Flute & Backing Vocals, Jillian Lopez - Harp Anthony Lopez - Keyboards, Mark Gutierrez - Bass, Chris Parise - Drums

Artist: Annabel (lee)
Title: Live Covers
Release date: 26th May, 2023
Label: Further Out Recordings
Cat. No: FUR016
Format: Bandcamp / Digital.

Saturday 20 May 2023

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That's a strong title, 'Modal Forces / Percussive Forces' but Kirk Degiorgio is definitely a man that can cover both elements when it comes to electronic music.

The former staffer at Reckless Records has decades of being in the know and an abiltiy to get the right sound under many different guises.

On this 16 track release he's typically gone for shorter 'sketches' for the two-sides of this this story with has the added bonus of drummer Chris Whitten (The Beauty Room, The Catch) on drums and Kirk's insistance on using original vintage analog synths.

'Modal Forces' is highlighted by the dancey synth on 'Beersheba' and the jazzy funk of 'Khmunu'.

The library music side of things 'Percussive Forces' is seven tracks of between 1 and 2 minutes long that are dedicated to cities in the US, from 'Cincinnati Sunrise' to 'Baltimore Breakdown'.

What would be really cool is if Kirk did his own remix album of this as longer versions but it's pretty much ready made as it is.

Artist: Kirk Degiorgio 

Title: Modal Forces / Percussive Forces 

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE722 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Friday 19 May 2023

It's been a couple of weeks since we had the original release of 'Gotta Get Over You' (see review HERE) but have the North Street West collective outdown themselves with the remix version?

Well, they bloody well have as Beedle/Morris/Wallace give us vocal, dub and instrumental versions to give you excited for the weekend.

It's hard to believe that it's been 40 years since Lee and Imagination burst upon us (both on radio and Top Of The Pops) or that Robb has been working himself as a singer/songwriter, musician, composer, arranger for nearly as long and has worked with some of the very best in soul/jazz on both sides of the pond.

Whichever way you want to hear this (and I'd suggest both options of original version and the North Street West remix EP), we won't get over you anytime soon.

Artist: Robb Scott and Leee John

Title: Gotta Get Over You (North Street West EP)

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB020

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Nick Warren has been around for a very long time so he knows what's what and with 'Prayer' by Japan's Satoshi Fumi it's a Massive Attack style string assult with classical/Ryuichi Sakamoto(RIP)/club vibe that's from a "Soundgarden". 

So when you run the label The Soundgarden, as Nick does, why not call in your longtime friend and collaborator and mentee, Argentine DJ and producer Nicolás Rada to say, lets have a go at making this awesome track a bit more dancey; and that they have done and it's ideal for the Balearic beach party season.  

Artist: Satoshi Fumi

Title:  Prayer 

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: The Soundgarden

Cat. No: SG086

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp

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Afro sunshine from your main man, Dele Sosimi and this ban The Estuary 21.

Double bubble this month as the single follows the Deluxe Edition reissue of the album 'You No Fit Touch Am' (see review HERE) and follows the new band's 'The Confluence' album (see review HERE).

'You Don't Have To' is definitely summer afrobeat pop in the Osibisa style and you can't argue with that.

And there's news of more Dele / Sam Duckworth session as 'The Confluence Vol. 2' has been marked up for later this year.

As label boss Dom Servini would say, "We’re very proud to present to you a brand new song from our Estuary 21 project - 'You Don’t Have To'. We hope you enjoy!" Not to be missed.

Artist: Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21

Release: The Confluence

Release Date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Wah Wah 45s

Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

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Sababa 5 might have the head start on middle eastern synth psyche funk so prepare yourselves for Southern Greek/Balkan/Balearic Surf rock/instrumental hip hop.Med-shoreline version out on Four Files Records by a band called Psyché; the 'Cumbia Mahàre'/'Ophis' sound is ready for you - are you ready for it?

It might be only eight tracks but that's a enough as one over the eight when they are as mesmeric as this.

If you crossed the compilation 'Middle Eastern Grooves' (Batov Records - see review HERE) with The Incredible Bongo Band's 'Bongo Rock' (Mr Bongo - see review HERE) as there's a high Hank twang factor - could Hank be the 'father' so to speak. (Ed. how did it happen that these three albums are all released on the same day on three different labels?)

There's a film/TV series that's bound to pick up on this vibe, especially 'Angizia' that's fit for a dectective show and 'Kelebek' for the love scenes on the beach (or elsewhere) whilst the title track is more out-there afrobeat-psych funk which is pretty much a constant throughout to be honest; 'Hakate' and ;Manea' are current favourites but they're all so good.

'Psyché' is Greek for "soul" or "mind" (as cleverly depicted in the artwork with the trio) and  you'll want these guys with you to get you in a happy place.

Artist: Psyché

Title: Psyché

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Four Fllies Records 

Cat. No:  FLIES59

Format:  LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

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Those that have recently picked up on Batov Records via the outstanding releases by the mighty Sababa 5 will be more than interested in this new compilation, 'Middle Eastern Grooves' celebrating Batov's history from 2015 - 2023 that's been selected by label co-founder DJ Kobayashi.
This 2xLP set will also appeal to a even wider audience as it features a mix of new and old plus some previously unreleased tracks; like a proper label compilation. 
It's great if you're into your World funk surf rock and it stretches further as there's lots of hip-hoppy/psych going on like the monsters 'Saved From The Jazz' by Eje Eje (can you be post-Bongo Rock? See review of latest re-issue of album that's now 50 years old, HERE) and Baharat's 'Parsley Disco' or the eastern edge, 'Nasnusa' by Sababa 5 featurig Yurika.
There's no Sandman Project (see review HERE) but you get previously released tracks from Kutiman, Sababa 5, Boom Pam (who have just released thier album 'Royal' just in time for Charlie III), Şatellites and the pop-cornesque 'Six' by Romano.
This is the kind of album that can change your summer holiday destination choice and puting your big toe into the sea/pool/waters of the Middle East (it's a big catchment area) or just catch DJ Kobayashi as he's regularly at trend hot beds like Brilliant Corners and Spiritland plus he's got a bi-weekly show on Soho Radio too!

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Middle Eastern Grooves

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR

Format: 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 18 May 2023

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New release on BBE by a band you've never heard off; it must be new then?

Well sort of as in it was orginally from 1974 (almost making it into our new found "50 year old" set) and recorded in 1970, it is part of DJ Amir's dig into seminal Strata East's archives (more on this HERE).

And when I say "live", it is just that on seven original jazz/jazzy fusion tracks at the Detroit Institute of Arts wth John Dana (b), Jimmy Peluso (d), Keith Vreeland (electric piano), Eddie Nuccilli (tr, fh) and leader, Larry Nozero (ts,ss).

It sounds 'free' and very Miles influenced which would the thing at the time for any young self-respecting jazz head in the heart of Detroit; check out that cover photo!

And whilst some of these tracks are long/very long (there's 2 'unknown' bonus tracks, worth getting for the 12 minutes of mostly jazz-dance-speeding of  'Unknown Track 1'), hence the special remastered 2 LP format, there's no particular solo/noodles/puffery here, even with the slower tracks like 'Lonely Girl' and 'Where', there's a sense of energy/purpose. Note: excepting 'Spitfire' that's less than a minute.

Where are these guys now? Well the geeks ampngst us will want to know that Larry played the sax solo on Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' and that'd be enough for most of us but he did work much later with Sergio Mendez and Henri Mancini!

This series will never be able to top, the Mingus, 'Jazz In Detroit / Strat Concert Gallery / 46 Selden' release in 2018 (really, 5 years ago!) but this is definitely up there in obscure jazz finds that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Also, if you like this, you'll also want to get the 'Live' album by Shamek Farrah & Norman Person that was released towards the end of last year (see Review HERE)

Artist: Sphere

Title: Inside Ourselves

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE714 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

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I'm reliably informed that Brooklyn is the place to be, well "we all live in Brooklyn, baby" after all. And if you want so be super trendy, you'll want an address in Williamsburg; which is exactly where Toucan Sounds are and they're currently with Brandon Markell Holmes and producer Toribio to 'Go Ahead'.

Brandon has got a great Chicago soulful voice that's so suited to the deep house scene and he's worked with some big names in his 3 years with Toucan Sounds, like musclecars (as in the big Jazzanova remix from January this year, and recently repressed - see review HERE), Anthony Nicolson, Dee Diggs and most recently, 'legend' Derrick Carter and Rogue Vogue.

The rap on the track is by Fat Tony and it's not an average token 'rap for rap sake' as the label indicates, it has an old skool quality to it.  

The single comes with the original version as as slow grind upbeat soul jazzer; it grooves along for over 6 minutes and then they fade the keys solo: we need a proper full length of this one!

And one of our favourite producers/remixes that crosses the genre identities of deep house and beats, Byron The Aquarius who picks up on the "Back Hand" adds some ping-pong bounce and does a Theo Parrish; but a short version!

There's a bonus track, 'Losing Side' by Brandon and Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue just to show how talented he is.  

There's definitely no losing sides to this game of 2 halves with radio and clean edits. 

Colour & Pitch would have loved to have had this one but it you want to be in the place to be, the release party is in Brooklyn on 25th May at the fabulous, The Sultan Rooms' rooftop with both Brandon and Byron doing live performances; now that's a party.

Artist: Brandon Markell Holmes & Toribio 

Title: Go Ahead with Byron The Aquarious Remix

Release date: 30th May, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW098

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp
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Peter Kruder will be known as half of Kruder and Dorfmeister or even a third of Voom:Voom but these are probably just the best known of many collaboration he's had.

Kruder's latest with Roberto Di Gioia came about as they have previously worked together before, most notably on DJ Hell's 'Teufelswerk' (more on the 'Day' side of things as opposed to 'Night') as they developed their own style of mininimal/ambient mode.

That was back in 2019 so this album has been a while in the making as jazz pianist/multi-instrumentalist Di Gioia is constantly busy as he can flit between record labels such as German institutions ACT and Compost plus the internationals Warner Music and Verve.

The first single, 'Clock Tick Tock' is classical minimalism Kruder-ed. and 'Bella Arp' would be a brilliant alt. version to the theme tune of Randall & Hopkirk (Dec'd)..."can you hear me Jeff?" 

This album does concentrate on the downtempo with tracks like 'Kusine Limusene', 'Rache' (with added sense of foreboding) and 'Sequenz' all have that OST theme of mysterious synth and footstep keys, comparisions have been drawn with the recently passed Ryuichi Sakamoto who excelled in this area.  But even he would have loved 'No Love On The Enterprise' (great title) and 'Meteoriten Schluckauf' for thier miniminal electronic romanticism. 

Kruder's own 'Chordal'/'Law Of Return' (2009) was an indication of where his dancefloor vs. Tchaikovshy would go but don't suppose he'd thought it could take us to „————————„, which kind of makes it even more special in a way.

If you enjoyed LILAMORS' 'Home' at the start of Sumsuch's May mix (see link below), you'll find „————————„ just as mesmorisingly cool; a must for the summer.

Artist: Peter Kruder & Roberto Di Gioia

Title: „————————„

Release date : 19th May, 2023

Label : Peyo Records

Catalog Number :  

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

When folks talk about hip-hop and it's origins and it's roots whether it be Malcolm McClaren "finding" Afika Bambaataa in New York wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt or DJ Kool Herc's parties in the Bronx, it should not be long before Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band's 'Bongo Rock' takes centre of attention.

This incredible album is now 50 years old and considering it was an offshoot project of Mr Viner with session musicians, it's a credit to all involved and bongo lovers everywhere and hip-hop breaks/samples that have keep the album going.

Covers of popular tracks like 'Apache' (yes, it really is The Shadows' track) and the seven tracks are done in an extraordinary Latin, funk, rock, soul psych, surf way as if Santana recorded at Stax with Joe's Meek and Bataan commissioned by Pearl & Dean plus, of course, Hank.

Then any tracklist that could follow 'Duelling Bongos' with 7 minutes of  'In-A-Gadda-D-Vida' (yes, originally from the 1968 album by Iron Butterfly, the album with the psychedelic cover) that puts the drums and bongos in another dimension has to be one of the most bonkers, of the many bonkers, aspects of hip-hop. 

Mr Bongo originally re-issued this in 2014 (I seem to have lost my cover) and whilst it controversially came out as a 7" box set in 2016, I don't think any record collector worth his bongos should not have a proper LP version.

I know some people would have you believe 50 year albums are the "next thing", like Hawkwinds 'Space Ritual' released in May 1973 or Barbara Sipple's 'Barbara Sings For Life' as recently picked by Re:Warm's Micky Brown (#onlylikemusicreleasedon50yearanniversary) but "Bongo Rock" will indeed go on forever in this, or the countless samples used by nearly everyone from the great (Nas, DJ Shadow, Beastie Boys) and the not so great.

Artist: Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band

Title: Bongo Rock

Release date : 19th May, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number: MRBLP11850

Format: LP / Bandcamp

Wednesday 17 May 2023

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Whether you're Clive from Accounts or Ross from Friends or someone from something/somewhere, Bruno From Ibiza is the new name to drop as 'Infinity' gets remixed on Be Adult Music's "offshoot", Be Adult Weapons.  

Bruno's own ambient version is a great mix starter/warm-up weapon.

Friends of Be Adult Music know that Cedric Slander is hot from the track showcased on compilation Nassau Beach Club (Ibiza 2019), 'The Jazz' to the split release of 'Caelum Sidera EP' with Cielo. He's packed lots into his 'Infiinity' remix and I'd be amazed if it wasn't in Colour & Pitch's next mix; just want it to go on forever.

And then there's the Peter Mac remix, which groves with added guitar to get more of a Balearic vibe on the beach.

If you loved the original version these 3 addition weapons will fit really well in your arsenal for the summer.

Artist: Bruno From Ibiza 

Title: Infinity "The Remixes"

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Be Adult Music

Catalog Number: BAM066

Monday 15 May 2023

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Lord Echo has a worldwide cult following as he's a bit of a DJ Shadow-ish genre mixer where his album tracks can be inflenced by Latin, dub, afrobeat, neo-soul, downtempo, jazz-funk, hip-hop and "Mutant Disco"!

The eight tracks cover limited edition vinyl only releases from his Wonderful Noise Productions era so it's cool that now he's on Soundway that they can get these tracks a full release so it's not just a handfull of folks that can enjoy these early works.

You've got the Nyabinghi soul-jazz of 'Woah! There's No Limit' (featuring Mara TK on vocals) and 'In Your Life' featuring Lisa Tomlins that's which is a bit more housey.

Worth getting for the 'Nightclub Daydream' that'll will keep you dancing for 24 hours in it's spaced out Arthur Russell.

This has been packaged like some Record Store Day meets BBE's J-Jazz Series release with deluxe embossed sleeve with OBI strip and liner notes in both English and Japanese; collectors will be hungry for this but it's a great album - don't be slow!

Artist: Lord Echo

Title:  Rarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour singles

Release date: 5th May, 2023

Label : Soundway Records

Catalog Number : 12" / Digital / Bandcamp [distributed in Japan via Wonderful Noise]