Friday 28 April 2023

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We're all a little bit nuts and this trio are electric!

A bit different for A. MA Records of late as it's an album by a jazz trio of Enrico Le Noci (guitar),  Matthijs Geerts (keybords/electric piano) and Egidio Gentile (drums)

The eight track album includes covers of classic 60s tunes 'Maiden Voyage' (Herbie Hancock) and 'Voodoo Child' (Jimi Hendrix Experience) with Freddie Hubbard's 'Sky Dive' (1972).

The original of 'Sky Dive' had an all-star CTI line up with George Benson on electric guitar before he achieved his international star status but it's easy to see where Enrico got some of his style from.

All the other tracks are Le Noci compositions with 'Eyes To See' (Geets being very Herbie) and the uptempo jazz dance shuffler, 'In The House' that's more Larry Coreyell fusion.

And in that classic US Pat Metheny downtempo groove, you'll find 'Nuts' (Ed. is that half a title track?) with guitar followed by synth noodling with modern "Hoxton" drumming and you're expecting/waiting for a Mahavisnu Orchestra explosion (which would have been a great Part 2) which doesn't arrive. But then it really works on 'Fantasia' in a growling Herbie-McLauglin way but why in two short parts and not too long tracks in their own rights?

With that said and you might says this is 'old school', they definitely find their own feet with 'CYSTE (Can You See The End)' (has someone been influenced by Thundercat?) and 'In The House', talking of feet, this one will move feet and turn heads.

The album ends with the three previously mentioned cover versions which are clearly much loved and revered by the band even though you've not heard any of these tracks like this before; 'Maiden Voyage' and 'Sky Dive' are going huge at the 'One O'clock Club' with the jazzheads.

Why Hendrix's track is 'Voodoo Chile' on all the label's is one for your own Google searches but getting back to 'Electric Nuts', that's an experience you won't want to miss.

Artist: Enrico Le Noci

Title: Electric Nuts

Release date: 28th April, 2023

Label : A.MA Reforged / A.MA Records

Catalog Number : CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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