Tuesday 11 April 2023

Here's some hot nu-soul/R&B,dubby/bruk double A side tracks; 'Don't Let Go' features. Liam Bailey and 'You Go Down Smooth' features Georgia Blackwell.

Fybe:one is the South London based multi-talented Greg Haynes and he's linked up with Liam Bailey (the singer/songwriter from Nottingham not Leon Bailey, who has worked with El Michels Affair and Chase & Status and not the Aston Villa winger as someone tried to convince me).

And 'Don't Let Go', the instrumental version is like a spiritually hypnotic drunk fest; something that doesn't come over with the great vocal version that tells of the fear of lonliness and longing.

'You Go Down Smooth' is more upbeat and another track about the pain of love and the vocals work so well with the strings and the dubby bits.

Tru-Thoughts are known for being a little bit/a lot "different" - this is a long way from Palm Skin Productions' 'Trickle Up EP' (see review HERE) or Biggabush's 'A Different Style EP' (see Review HERE) but equally essential. 

Artist: Fybe:one

Title:  Don't Let Go - You Go Down Smooth EP

Release date: 11th April, 2023

Label : Tru-Thoughts

Catalog Number : Digital / Bandcamp


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