Monday 5 December 2022

After our recent interview with Glyn 'Biggabush' Bush - he of Rocker's Hi-fi, Studio Don, Lightning Head, MDO, the black Albumen and half of The Dandelion Set - here's the long awaited follow-up EP to last year's fantastic 'BiggaBush Freevisited' - 'A Different Style'.

Now, you might be thinking that that is odd that there needs a 'different style' for a Biggabush as he's a master of so many styles but as he says, "The thing I love about a good remix is that it references the original track but adds the remixers stamp and style in a respectful way that enhances the song and takes it off in new directions that I would never have thought of".

And we certainly love these styles as it's introduced us to four new 'followers' of the Biggabush set.

Sentinel 793 certainly has a lot of dub/reggae/afrobeat in his bruk and it's quite stripped back but not at all naked.  At the other extreme Robot Riddims has put 'Black Swan Revival' through his 8-bit noise conveyer belt system and it's all pretty minimal .

Then James Hayford makes an appearance as with his 'Shoes' monika for the appropriately entitled 'Sole Sister' track. 

Bigga has been such a Studio Don and Lighting Head of dub for so long, rising to the dub on 'Real & Regal' with his mate Farda P who sounds so deep and resonant; it must be weird having such a great voice as Farda P when he's doing everyday conversations.

And at the furtherest extreme of all, I'd never thought I'd be lucky enough to re-edit the most euphoric track from the album, 'This River' (now with vocals by the incredible Jackie 'sounds like Ella' Walters) as Glyn and I walk along the River Stour's towpath in both our adopted county of Dorset, hand-in-hand (metaphorically of course).

We might think of Glyn as the Dr. Who of dub, instrumental hip-hop, ambient dub, electro, deep house, prog rock as he free-from-ed 'Free' into 'Freevisited' (so clever eh!) and now with another different style, who knows, with all the references to 'God' on the 'This River' track, there's a remote chance that it might be No. 1 at Christmas! 

See full YATM interview HERE.

Artist: Biggabush

Title: A Different Style EP

Release date: 6th December, 2022

Label : Tru-Thoughts

Catalog Number : Digital / JunoDownload / Traxsource / Bandcamp

1The River (Sentinel 679 Runs Deep Version)                                                      7:02
Featuring - Jackie Walters       
2Black Swan Revival (Robot Riddims Hurting A Different Style Remix)                4:56
Featuring - Farda PJackie Walters
3Illegal Rising Dub (Biggabush Remix)                                                                 7:08
Featuring - Farda P

4Sole Sister (James Hayford Shoes Remix)                                                         7:01
5This River (Gerry Hectic’s River Stour Towpath Extension)                              13:56
Featuring - Jackie Walters

6The River (Sentinel 679 Remix Instrumental)                                                     7:02

7Black Swan Revival (Robot Riddims Hurting A Different Style Instrumental)      4:55
8Illegal Rising Dub (Instrumental) (Biggabush Remix)                                          7:08


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