Monday 12 December 2022

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It's always exciting to find a new 12" with Amsterdam's Rush Hour's seal of approval on it and Planet People's 'Terra Firma' is no exception.

If you're a DJ on NTS Radio and claim your label (Lost Control Records) showcases, "the best hydrotrip for the 7th dimension", you can imagine when owner, Black Eyes got together with Reedale Rise to form Planet People, the results on the Liverpool-Berlin expressway where only going to be a blend of Detroit techno dub distilled from Chicago & New York House & 90s UK ambient.

The result is instant classic with 'Hyper Glidin' and 'Portal Funk' leading the way closely followed by 'Reaktor Theory' (this one having a touch of synthed up 'Thousand Fingered Man' to my ears).

 'Subsurface Nature' slips into the basement for some bin biz space synths.

The vinyl is super limited so get your feet off the ground and onto your likely suspect record shops quick before they run out.

Artist:  Planet People

Title: Terra Firma EP

Release date: 16th December, 2022

Label : Planet People / Rush Hour

Catalog Number : PP-001 [12” - Limited Edition of 300 ]


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