Friday 2 December 2022

There's many things we've learnt this year but one of the best is that there's a vibrant new jazz scene in Italy that's represented by A.MA Records (see Ennrico Bracco's 'Flying In A Box' album and 'The Blue Zone' by the Davide Peluso Quartet). 

And here's another one as guitarist Antonio Trinchera musically explores his love of Fauvism art movement on an album called 'Fauves' with a band of Camillo Pace (double bass), Alessio Santoro and Leo Consoli (both drums/percussion) with co-writer of five of the nine tracks, Dony Valentino on piano/electric piano and violin.

Electric violin! Lost to jazz if it's not Jean-Luc Ponty in the 70s and there's certainly lots of fusion influence in this as you might tell from the title of the first track, '1976'.

But hang on a minute, what's this about an Elebert Phillips Remix? Well, like the Re:Warm label or BiggaBush's 'Free-visited' the label has a Reforged arm and has already had a huge house hit with Elbert (producer, remixer, label owner and contributor to 5 Magazine - that's just like our own Will Sumsuch I hear you say) with Elbert's remix of Antonio's 'Joy Drops' last year.

And he's back this week with an extended remix of 'The Tractor And The Child' with more keys, the violin and added 'bone (could there be a connection with Gianluca Petrella?) and lots of 'Chicago' (Elbert's past credits includes being Frankie Knuckles warm-up DJ!)

The eight minute 'Done Deal Remix' comes with the orginal album version and I'd be most surprised if this doesn't make the Colour & Pitch end of year mix.

Many thanks to once more to DJ Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, ReddSugarBlack Creative) for championing their releases with a this and his compilations.

Artist: Antonio Trinchera  

Title: The Tractor And The Child (Elbert Phillips Remix)

Release date: 2nd December, 2022

Label : A.MA Reforged / A.MA Records

Catalog Number : A.MA Reforged 002 / Digital / Bandcamp 


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