Friday 18 November 2022

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Where do they find them? I mean where do you start looking for an obsure album that sounds, according to the label, "like a long-lost Frankie Knuckles LP or something like The Pasadenas"? Very good Re: Warm!

Well, unbelieveably South Africa is you're starting point and you're looking for a vocalist called Small along with the worst album cover you can think of for 'Don't Leave Me In The Rain'.

And that's probably the reason that it's so unknown as it's proto soul-house-boogie-pop.

The eight tracks have the drum programming of the time [recorded 1991] and it sounds like a hybrid of Odyssey's 'Going Back To My Roots'/Fleetwood Mac/Hall & Oats/Van Halen and let's throw in Shalamar all in South African pot that's absorbing hip-hop, Peech Boys NYC and Italo house. Is that's why Small sound so good?

It really is hard to think why 'Make My Life' and 'Let's Stop The Fire' were not international hits whilst 'It Takes Two To Tango' sounds like it should be cheese, "what's the matter with you" takes over the track and this climax of 'Without You'.  

Obviously, there's a pop hit with 'Make My Life' but mostly this is of its period and 30 years ahead of its time like the other finds on this label like Lucky Mereki and Bibbi (but they were mainstream house/disco by comparison), so don't snooze and get ahead of the game with this re-heated goodness; 'Keep On Trying' should be their motto and you'll be jumping for joy when you get this.

And doesn't everyone need a 'Happy Song' – let's think Christmas No. 1!

PS. Sad to hear of the passing at the start of November of Noel McKoy (RIP) "U.K.-based soul singer who performed with several U.K. acts including Nu Colours, The Pasadenas, the James Taylor Quartet, Snowboy, Sounds of Blackness, Steve Williamson and Linton 'Kwesi' Johnson"

Artist: Small

Title: Don't Leave Me In The Rain

Release date: 18th November, 2022

Label: RE:WARM 

Cat. No: RE:WARM 010

Format: LP / Digital


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