Friday 11 November 2022

If the nearest you've got to the Argentine world/electronica/dance scene is the Gotan Project/Astor Piazzolla Remixed, here's you're chance to explore further and deeper with Chancha Via Circuito (aka Pedro Canale) with the release his fifth full length: 'La Estrella' on Wonderwheel Recordings.

Chancha Via Circuito has made a name for himself as the originator of electronic South American folk meets Cumbia dance and it's really seductive; like an Argentina Tango that's full of expression and warmth.

The eleven tracks are split between instrumentals and vocals tracks featuring Fémina ('Cometa'), Lido Pimienta ('Amor en silencio' that's more summer folk-pop with vibes), Meridian Brothers ('El pavo real') as well as Las Añez ('Ese peso'), Manu Ranks ('Ouh Lord ouh Dios') and María José Montijo.

'Comenta' was released as a single and I said then that it's an "Erotic garden of eathly delighs on a mountain temple" but 'El pavo real' even tops that as it's a proper slow dance in Cumbia-space folk-dub with a touch of vibe and wobble; with the beautiful vocals - who are the  Meridian Brothers? 'Ese peso' is nearly as good and both tracks would be great future singles.

I wouldn't like to give you this impression that this album is non-mainstream, like Manu Ranks's track as a downtempo reggaeton folk-stylee in a damp basement [Ed: that's mainstream?] and the almost Baile jazz-funk of  'El arbol y el hacha' featuring Moninja.

All this instrumentals shine, like opening track 'Dandeleon' (one for WUTMK), the walk in the rainforest 'Vedanta' and the closing track, 'Monolina' that shuffles and glides in dark alleyways. 

Chancha Via Circuito has come a long way since he was included on Daniel Haaksman's Funk Mundial compilation in 2009 with MC Pretinho 'Buçetao' [history update: I'm pretty sure I was at the UK launch of that album when Daniel DJ'd at Camden Stables with Dom 'Wah Wah 45s' Servini!] and even then, he was a bit off the normal 'Funk Mundial' template so this album is futher confirmation that he's forging his own musical path.

This is a great album that's varied and hypnotic all at the same time and it's about time the 'world' scene caught up with him. 

Artist: Chancha Via Circuito 

Title: La Estrella

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : Wonderwheel Recordings

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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