Monday 21 November 2022

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Last year Linkwood released the LP ‘Mono' on  Athens Of The North so what do they do in 2022?  Yep, you've guessed it, the follow-up/companion release, ‘Stereo’.

And by odd co-incidence, Linkwood (aka Nick Moore) has got form working as a pair remembering Linkwood & Other Lands album 'Face The Facts' of a couple of years ago and the Linkwood & Foat album of the same name (all on Athens of the North).

He's taken 'Stereo' on a search to find deep house/techno islands on a lost synth pop 80s archipelago.

Some of the 12 tracks are very Detroit, some are reminisent of Tubeway Army and some are a bit of both (so you'll love to love, 'Love', 'Ping' and 'DipDab' that swoons like a space craft synth in a underpass) and you can't go far without a TransEuropeExpress ('Clusters' and 'Look-up') or a trip into space ('Flightpath').

The tracks on 'Mono' were sharp, punchy and generally shorter than 'Stereo' so whilst there's no extra extended "Ricardo Villalobos" length tracks, they do have space to breathe like the mournful 'Glow' and the post-ESG-tech-disco, 'We Had A Love'

If Linkwood is ever doing a live/DJ gig nearby, you'd be best advised to get your tickets early as 'Stereo' must sound even more incredible on a mega club sound system - definitely Funktion-One quality but in the meantime, give you ears a real treat with this new album. 

PS. I'd like to hear what Ricardo Villalobos could do with 'Look-Up', 'Love' or 'We Had A Love' as they would be even better as a longer versions; for that matter, where's Linkwood's extended 12" mix?


Artist: Linkwood

Title: Stereo

Release date: 25th November, 2022

Label : Athens Of The North

Catalog Number :  AOTNLP061

Format:  LP / Digital / Bandcamp

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