Friday 4 November 2022

If you're looking for an event in London next week, look no further (well, look below to be precise) as London Jazz Festival is hosting Surya Botofasina & Carlos Niño. 

If you know your Carlos Niño, you'll know that that's he's a deeply spiritual man that will love a student of the teachings of Alice Coltrane and her Ashram in California, which is by coincidence, where Surya Botofasina grew up.  

So whilst they prepare for the upcoming live gigs, the album 'Everyone's Children ' is being released by Spiritmuse Records.

This is the definitive ambient spiritual jazz album as the nine tracks are soaked in sunsine and joy, love and peace eminating from keyboards of Surya and, at times, all the delicate percussion by Carlos.

All the tracks titles allude to the gentle, reflective and meditative strength within the music and  'Beloved California Temple' has the addition of Dwight Trible sailing throught the gulf streams and swimming with the dolphins and whales.  It's all just a beatiful sound to give you new breath and rejuvinate. The other track to feature vocals is the title track which see Mia Doi Todd (who we last saw/heard 'Walking With Trees' with Bobby Lee) and she sounds great here too!

I met Niño many years ago in London opposite Rough Trade East and he mostly talked about his love of swimming in the Pacific (he was living in San Diego at the time) and being close to nature and his time with his son, with whom his was DJing with on his radio show, as he was going through his "60's period" of rediscovering The Beatles.

This would have been around 2011 at same the time of Niño's Build An Ark project was in full flow with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson when Niño first suggested Surya lead his own project.  I think we could safely say that 'Everyone's Children' is a long awaited album and it's definitely something all concerned should be very proud of as it's even "bigger than The Beatles!"

Artist: Surya Botofasina 

Title: Everyone's Children

Release date: 4th November, 2022

Label : Spiritmuse Records

Catalog Number : 2xLP vinyl Gatefold w/ obi / CD / Cassette / Digital

Tour Dates

Nov. 10th: London / Brilliant Corners listening event of the new album by Surya Botofasina, 'Everyone's Children'. 

Nov. 11th: London / UK - London Jazz Fest - Surya Botofasina & Carlos Niño

Nov. 12th: Utrecht / NL - Le Guess Who? - Surya Botofasina, Nate Mercereau, Carlos Niño with Special Guests 

Dec. 9th: Brooklyn, New York - Public Records with Carlos Niño, Surya Botofasina, Laraaji, Photay, William Alexander Logan


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