Thursday 17 November 2022

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You'll recognise the label Música Macondo from it's recent album 'Brasil Novo' that many will have down as their compilation album of the year; so who this guy Amane?  

Well he's based in fashionable East London for starters and this is his debut EP, 'Moments Of Solace' so don't expect any Brazilian dance fever.

What you can expect is beautiful Japanese water garden electronica with monstrous Godzilla marching band synths ('Drop') that are fit for any Dublab/Flying Lotus/CDr disco.

'Cover Me' Parts I & II tones it down a little so the ambient comes through; might be an idea to flip it for you mixtape types to get in and out of that solace.

Amane is a member of Maisha (Brownswood Recordings) so he's "in" on the London Jazz scene (that's in the middle of London Jazz Festival at the moment) so expect to hear deeper dance electronica like 'Drop', 'Another Time' and 'Ex4 Mk3' [Ed. was that a Ford Escort?] at all the best after parties

The set ends on a Eno ambient-styled 'I Never Noticed Before' which is ideal meditation music for airports (and elsewhere); Amanea is definately a name to watch out for.

Artist: Amane

Title: Moments Of Solace EP

Release date: 18th November, 2022

Label: Música Macondo

Cat. No: -

Format: 12" EP / Digital


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