Thursday 10 November 2022

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First things first, don't be put off by the name 'Rat Child' as it's no indication that this is a tribute to The Stranglers or the drummer of The Damned.  

Indeed, it comes as a great surprise that the opening track is more like a modern Billie Holiday meets Jill Scott ('Introduction' featuring the spoken word ode to the world of Zimbabwean-Australian post Tariro Mavondo) before the theme continues to cry for 'Changes'.

This message is the heart of Naarm (Melbourne) based, singer/songwriter as the neo-soul can get beatifully downtempo/down south(ern) soul as in 'Joy' (so easy to visualize this as a live performance on Jools Holland's show) along with the suggestive 'Love Facilitator' that's got a touch of Rickie Lee Jones to it. 

'Love Interlude' featuring Cazeaux O.S.L.O is a short skit to LOVE which introduces the stunning 'Hard' that's anything but as the 'church' choir accompanies Gambian Kora master Amadou Suso (who is also based in Naarm) as a lament to suicide.  The sad love song 'So It Goes' (very Amy Winehouse with such an cool trumpet solo) closes this eight track set.

This release is full-on for social and ecological justice (a la Nina Simone) in a rather ugly world that done is a angelic way where you get a wide range of modern soul influences from along with R&B, pop, gospel, world and jazz all going on. 

It's a lot to take in but definitely a sound or a name you won't forget.

And great cover art too!

Artist: Rat Child

Title: My Morning and Afternoon's Work

Release date: 10th November, 2022

Label : Independent

Catalog Number : 12" LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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