Friday 4 November 2022

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Fans of Sababa 5 finally get a whole LP of thier take on global jazz-funk Afro-disco reggae beats mixed up with a whole lot of Middle-Eastern grooves.

This approach gives them a wide appeal and what's really cool, is that they can do psych surf west coast as easily as Ethio-reggae. Tracks like the former single, 'Hadebil' has the funk and 'popcorn synths' in full effect that gives it a 70s disco ball feel while and as a mellowed out space psych groove; could these guys get any better?  

Yes, they can with 'Lizarb' (“Brazil” backwards - I'd never have figured) with it's Latin guitar twang and that mid-eastern synth that could be in a prog rock album from the 70s or a funky-disco. 

And what happens when they go to the movies, 'Yurika Walks' is ready for an OST.  And when Joe Meek goes beats crazy(!), they go 'Showroom 180' that puts me in a total 360. 

In fact, talking of doubling up, it's all fantastic and would it be even cooler if the tracks were longer?  (Like the magnificent 'Kumkum 3').

This album isn't a million miles from Will Quantic's latest Favourite People project as it also owes much to the spirit of Daptone, Calibro 35 and/or El Michels Affair. 

Every review I seen about this Sababa 5 says "Brilliant", "Essential" and "can't wait for the album" - well thier self titled forthcoming debut LP is now with us and it doesn't disappoint.

Artist: Sababa 5 

Title: Sababa 5 

Release date: 4th November, 2022

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: -

Format: LP / Digital


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