Friday 4 November 2022

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Don't be fooled by the cover as this isn't the 'blue' version of Ghetto Priest x D​.​Foe's recent Snapshot Of Reality EP but a brand new 4-track EP with original version vs. The North Street West team.

There still the strings, the dubness, soul, jazzy-funk keys and a wicked trombone reminiscent of Rico in the echo chamber with an overiding funk groove so that there's some Herbie (lots of buzz about the 50th aniversary of 'Headhunters') and Cymande (lots of buzz about the Sol Power All-Stars 'Nyah-Rock' being Cymande cover versions and the Cymande film that's recently been released).

I think it's fair to say that the The North Street West's approach to a remix trio is pretty hard to the dancefloor.  You get 'Who You Gonna Run To (North Street West Vocal Remix), 'Who You Gonna Run To (North Street West Vocal Dub Remix)' which sees more of that echo chamber for fun disco-dub and 'Who You Gonna Run To (North Street West Instumental)' which is so good, I'd put it in any OST set is the funky 70s or Daniel Wang's DJ box. 

This is yet more fantastic goodness from Ramrock Records and we're so lucky to have them in these (mostly) dark times. 

P.S. Just to let you know, the cover artwork is from fellow Ramrock artist, Greg Blackman (yes, he of Mr Bird ft Greg Blackman - Over Again (Ramrock Records)

Artist: Ghetto Priest x D​.​Foe 

Title: Who You Gonna Run To EP

Release date: 4th November, 2022

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR033

Format: Digital


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