Monday 28 November 2022

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Those of you that wanted more after Tartelet Records released their 'six of the best' series will be estatic that we've now got 'Medusozoa Vol II' coming out.

For a label reknown for finding new talent, this compilation 20 tracks is packed with a mix of old and new material from Glenn Astro, Henry Wu & Tito Wun, Jitwam, , Max Graef & Wayne Snow, Space Ghost and Uffe, and unreleased material by Nelson of the East and new to the label ABUNAI and Armin Tamzarian.

Mostly a "collection of introspective, downtempo and ambient leaning tracks for quiet moments" it ranges from the Glenn  Astro/Ajnascent Thundercat feel of 'Homespun' (you'll want this on repeat) to the nu-Nyabinghi of Uffe's 'Sunrise, Coffee and Cigarettes' and the low-slung funk of Modula's 'Cala Olivera'.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2007, Tartelet Records is run by Emil Margetli Nyholm and Frederik Bille Brahe and they've clearly got an ear for the leftfield which is easily hip and dancefloor influenced.  

In fact, the more you listen to the diverse comp, each track becomes your new favourite; who could resist Nelson Of The East's 'Tribe 92' or the oldest track on the album, 'Andre The Giant vs. Bob Sapp' by Henry Wu & Tito Wun of the 2006 EP, '27 Karat Years'.

Medusozoa Vol I was a mere 13 tracks so these guys have upped their game over the year and I suspect we'll here much more of them in 2023.  

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Medusozoa Vol II 

Release date: 30th November, 2022

Label : Tartelet Records

Catalog Number : Ultra Limited 12" Sampler / Digital / Bandcamp


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