Thursday 31 August 2023

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This is Paul Hillery's third 'sun child' inspired compilation and arguably the best as fans and diggers alike will be thinking, where does he find these guys?

And indeed, he finds them all over the globe from a far a field as London, Florida, Atlanta, California, Germany, Holland, India, Switzerland and even more as mere flickers of a butterflies wings of jobbing/aspiring musicians whose songs find just a brief moment in the sun before being swallowed by the sands of time: that's is, until Paul digs them up again.

And with that in mind, how come this makes such a comtempory co-ordinated album?  Even then, there's a strong 60s Greenwich Village/Haight-Ashbury about it all; the opening track by Graeme Gash [not to be read as 'Graham Nash'] sets the CSN tone.

That's the skill of Paul as a curator, like "a man we a thousand faces", he's a DJ that many will follow in their dreams.  It's hard to say that there's stand-out tracks as there's such a beautiful oneness to it all; 'Wet Dreams' [not that type], 'She Misses You' (Children Of The Sun Version)' and 'Playin' Your Game' are different but not outsiders to the spirit - the jazz-guitar frenzy of Christine Schaller does skat-funk it up and they're some Electric Avenue going on with Ya-Ya! 

This album is just as essential as the eclectic collections on 'Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun' (see review HEREand 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' together with his RE:WARM work as 'Folk, Funk & Trippy Troubadours', as a mix of blue-eyed soul, jazz, folk, soft rock, AOR fusion that somehow sounds really cool; even 'The Light by Reggio!

And a finally word to Paul to sum it up, "An album to remind us that we are all made of stardust with more to connect than drive us apart, for . . . We Are The Children of the Setting Sun."

Lets hope this is not the end of this series and the Sun with rise again.

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Paul Hillery presents We Are The Children of the Setting Sun

Release date: 1st September, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE734 3xLP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Friday 25 August 2023

If you're lucky enough to find 'Trouble With A Capital T', in life, the chances are that you're likely to find double trouble with capital 'T's, "TT" you might say.  Well, the good folks at F*CLR Music have found their 'TT' in the form of a NKK.  

And it is in those Lothian streets you'll find a Natasha Kitty Katt remix. I didn't hear this at last week's We Out Here Festival (Ed. that was last week so please stop going on about that now) but if I had, I know that the tent/field would have erupted in post-The Communards NRG synth disco 80s pop boogie frenzy.

You may know Natasha by reputation from disco/house residencies at high profile gigs such as Glitterbox, Soul Heaven, Southport and more; so when you add that talent to some additional production work by the North Street West crew, we're talking some serious disco fun even with a longer 'club vocal' and 'club instrumental' versions plus "two left feet".

But don't forget the original version (see review HERE) and, talking of which, if you're still around Edinburgh after the Festival in September, check out the Voodoo Rooms as this is where Mr Malik's new album, 'Proxima Ebony'  is going to have a launch party (check the details HERE) along with the magnificent Jo Wallace (Ramrock in all its forms), Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive and WeOutHere) plus Natasha Kitty Kat and no doubt members Ramrock's Scottish contingent of The Jennifer Ewan Band (see review HERE and HERE) will show up to have a great time.

Artist: Joseph Malik 

Title: Trouble with a Capital T - The Natasha Kitty Katt Remix Ep [Additional Productions by North Street West]

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label: F*CLR Music

Cat. No: FCLR026

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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Twenty years ago you'd probably find Jean-Cluade Thompson in this shop in Soho, If Music..., thinking about what to put on his compilation 'You Need This'

As well known then as 50% of The Amalgamation Of Soundz, who'd have thought a couple of decades on that they'd be a double LP (180g heavy vinyl at 45rpm) and digital release of a retrospecitive celebrating why we need 'You Need This'.

As the ninth in the series, regular fans will not be surprised that the 9 selections are a varied and eclectic mix.

There's some old favourites like Emanative (with Liz Elensky) and Tenderlonious (22a) ironically each with exclusive tracks for this compilation plus Emanative's mate, Tamar Osborn (from this Rocketnumbernine release,  coincidently 20 years ago, in 2013) and Sarathy Korwar; 'Speed Of Light' being one of the highlights of the album.

So you might be thinking this all sounds very progressive Cafe Oto, JC is known as someone who can dig out a vinyl - and boy! has he found one with the jazzy Christine Schaller's 'Fidji' from 1980 [what a tune that is for all WeOutHere type festivals] and you won't be surprised that a track called 'Turkish Showbiz' could have appeared on Batov's 'Middle Eastern Grooves' compilation.

It really is a odd that including tracks by French sax player Sylvain Kassap, Greetje Bijma Kwintet (really cool world track, 'big Kalimba' fit in with something so simply beautiful as Ola Szmidt's minimal 'We Are Not Invisible'.

As you can tell, we this that 'You Need This' and all the others in the series.

Artist: Various Artists

Title: You Need This: If Music Is 20 compiled by Jean-Claude 

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE711 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp 


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Bearfunk have been a bit quiet of late but when you need "the soundtrack to a fictional long-lost 1970s  TV sci-fi series", they know where to go to find the 'Available Forms'; that's right! it's the Tobor Experiment!

If you've not got it yet, think Gabrielle Drake in UFO with Barbarella catsuits and wigs at the space synth disco and you'll nearly be there (as per the fantastic artwork).

Hard to believe it's has been 12 years since the last album, the 'Tobor Experiment Disco Experience' ['Tobor Experiment' being synth-geek Giorgio Sancristoforo] but it's definitely been worth the wait for any Italian OST fans at a time when 'Tomorrow's World' were confidently predicting the future of space/time/travel/disco it's eventually arrived in the shape of this album that will make you wanna get the reel-to-reel hi-fi systems out on the wooden sideboards whilst you put on your velvet jazz smoking jacket.

The opener, 'Lowpass Risotto' owes more to the jazz standard 'Take Five' than Delia Derbyshire but the title track really gets the pulse racing with the sax/jazz guitar/synths.
'Moonscape Dust' is more mambo lounge jazz club but there's so much cool about this as the titles indicate, 'Venue Modularistic Riff', 'Halgatron' and 'Up!' (these last two sound a bit more 60s synth-mod to me, if there is such a thing)

So whilst this might sound overly retro; Jimpster has just done a remix of something similarly jazzy so, like the track 'Tave Five' itself, it's all very now (Ed. DJ Paul Murphy would definely agree) and anyway, all the tracks are soaked in groovey space disco like ''Signal From Planet Meta' and 'That Synth Of Yours'.

Even if you're not lost in the re-occuring revolving worlds of 1970s Jonny Trunk, The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan), Richard E's Saturn Radio, Jean Jaques Perry's 'EVA'  and/or The Simonsound, this is an album for you; now, where's my space helmet and gold lame catsuit?

Artist: Tobor Experiment

Title: Available Forms

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label : Bearfunk

Catalog Number : BFKLP036 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 24 August 2023

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Boddhi Satva is not only a workaholic, he does love a collaboration and on this new release, he's teamed up with the beautiful vocals of Dino D'Santiago who is from the Republic of Cabo Verde (that's Cape Verde to me).

As a tropical island off the coast of Africa, Cape Verde is known for as a holiday destination and home of their annual Jazz Festival.  'Moda Boddhi', is originally on the album 'Manifestation', certainly has a holiday vibe in the form of the new low slung 'Ancestral Neo Soul Mix' and the 'Ancestral Kindred Soul Mix'.

If you're just recovering from WOMAD(UK) Festival, the original 'world' mix with the traditonal sounds of the kora to Congolese Rumba, West African and Afro-Cuban beats is a pure joy: and there's an equally beautify instrumental version.

An absolute 100% contrast to Boddhi's last single, 'Girls' with dancehall's, Busy Signal and whilst I don't think I'm turning into 'Mr Snowflake', listen out for 'Moda Boddhi' to melt your/girls hearts.

Artist : Boddhi Satva & Dino D'Santiago 

Title : Moda Boddhi

Release Date : 25th August, 2023

Catalog Number : BAT006SDG5

Label : BBE Music / Digial / Bandcamp

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So the artwork looks like it's out of The Simpsons, and the story of TTeo's next album has a hint of a storyline that could have been in The Simspons if their was a father and son collab based on a found cassette form the 70s of his father's disco-funk band's live gigs in Scandinavia!

It does sound quite far fetched and in all honesty, not very promising but it's incredible if you've the creative talents of TTeo (known to his dad as Matteo Capreoli).

The album is called 'Lovepress77' and the single, '42H' is a bit in the style of a mix of something like, Felix Laband's The Soft White Hand (see review HERE) and Bright & Findlay's 'NY Disco (Smile)' (see review HERE) in a dream of love song.

Definitely got potential to catch on with radio plays (like 'Follow Me' on the Colour & Pitch August mix - see below, first track Sumsuch plays) and enlightened back room discos.

Title: TTeo

Title: 42H

Release date: 24th August, 2023

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK473D Digital / Bandcamp 

Wednesday 23 August 2023

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Fans of Atjazz will know that there's never going to be a moment when a new release from him or Atjazz Record Company isn't going to be of the highest quality; but even then, new EPs like Mr OFFBeat show's that he/they can excel themselves.

So, you're going say, who's Mr OFFBeat? Well, it's brand new sound of Xabier 'Javi' Garayalde who previously has been known as 50% of Kyodai and 50% of Wagon Cookin' (along with his brother).

Luckily for us, it's no just his brother that he collaborated with as not only can he count on own skills as a multi-instrumentalist talents for the jazz-funk side of this project, there's his Dad on sax ready to help out.

And, dare I say it, I suspect it's Dad's input that make these four tracks, 'Zezen', 'SPXParticle', 'Synthony' and 'Synthony (alt. version) full of 70s funk-disco without sounding old or dated; even the full synthed versions of 'Synthony' (did you see what they did there?) are ready for the dancefloor and remind me of the Bear Funk collective as they had the happy knack of being able to combine disco, funk, jazz, house and more.

Particular enjoy the title track as it's got a OST/Latin vibe to it but it's all great as 'SPXParticle' will have the flute gang more than excited in a post-broken way; remember Javi has form in this area, remember Wagon Cookin's 'Passion Flute'?  Or even 'Lua' on the Compost compilation Glücklich V (co-incidence that Glücklich VI has only just been released? (see review HERE).

I prefer the instrumental Zezen style that the Garayalde family have now got going at Atjazz and I recommend it's all good for your dancing zen.

Artist: Mr OFFBeat

Title: ZEZEN

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label : Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number : ARC228SD Digital / Bandcamp

Friday 18 August 2023

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When you think of Jalapeno Records, top of your list of soul/funk/hip-hop artists are Dr Rubberfunk, Kraak & Smaak, Soopasoul and one of many of Craig Charles favourites are Smoove & Turrell.

Smoove & Turrell are a funk, soul hip-hop, jazzBand from North East England who have been active since 2007.

On the new double A side single, 'The Light' definitely has that North East, The Animals soul-rock-mod heavy sound with the always fantastic vocals of John Turrell.  So, it also features label mate Izo FitzRoy on vocal "let love, shine in" introductions and Ronnie Foste! What! 'THE' Blue Note Ronnie Foser on organ!  Yeah, it's that funky one that had the massive albums 'Love Satellite', 'Live At Montreau' and 'On The Avenue' amongst many more.

There's a long and radio edit but where's the instrumetal/12" version? One for the label to work on as it would be for the equally positive and upbeat 'Joy!' that takes a more gospel-soul spirit. 

I remember Smoove in his pre-S&T days when he was more Northern acid jazz ('The Revolution Will Be Televised', 'Coming Back') but it's prooved to be the smart move to team up with John who's got an a great voice and this deserves to be a track that puts them even more in the spotlight. 

Artist: Smoove & Turrell

Title: The Light feat. Ronnie Foster / Joy! 

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label: Jalapeno Records

Cat. No: JAL428

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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It's fair to say that we're always impressed with tracks released on Foliage, but 'Don't Look Down' on this new release as it's going to be as big as a rollercoaster.

Monica Blaire has recently appeared on Foliage with Risk Assessment's 'It’s Not Right But It’s Okay' (see review HERE) and you don't have to have too much foresight to guess that the singer from Detroit will be asked by some cool kids to be on their next release; lets say, Turbojazz (aka Tommy Garofalo) and Sean McCabe who are definitely cool as they did the Technoir 'Techtube' Remixes (see review HERE).

'Don't Look Down' is very soul-jazz house with some deep keys and Monica on jazz skat duty.  It's one to keep you moving as a vocal, instrumental (love the bass on this one) and radio edit.

At this rate, the end of year charts at YATM will have a very high Foliage presence as inn additon to the previously mentioned tracks already, they've not long released Muzari & GugupashIngwe's 'Ingwe' (see review HERE) and the  brilliant Thakzin & Ray T track 'Don’t Let Me See' (see review HERE). I'm guessing this run of form is bound to continue.

Artist: Turbojazz & Sean McCabe 

Title:  Don't Look Down feat. Monica Blaire 

Release date: 18th August, 2023 

Label: Foliage Records

Cat. No: FN096

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

A few years ago, it was 'I Never Knew A Hell Like You' by the Soulnaturals but this summer, it's a big change as 'I Found Love In A Discotheque' featuring CeCi Munette is rocking the house.

The DJs out there will probably prefer the sparcer Hotmood Remix whilst the original version is ready for radio plays as well as the dancefloor.

For a new track, it's impressive that it's so 70s (when did anyone last go to a Disco ever lone a Discoteque?) and it's clearly the Soulnaturals happy place as the forthcoming album is called, 'Parlo Discoteca?'

And whilst this is being released on the British Soul Standard label, Ms. Munette is a soul/gospel singer from San Diego which is a long way from The Royalty, Southgate which is where you'd have likely to have found "love" and some of Soulnaturals current fans like DJs Peter Young, Andy Peebles and Craig Charles.

But you don't hae to be old to love this and the nu-disco folks will be hammering the Hotmood remix.

Title: Soulnaturals Ft. CeCi Munette

Title: I Found Love In A Discotheque inc. Hotmood Remix

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label : British Soul Standard

Catalog Number : BSS0022 Digital / Bandcamp 

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You may recall that quite a few years ago, Ross "Magic Number" Hillard was releasing his music on labels like the Derby based Mantis Recordings and Stereo Deluxe (the European home of our favourites like Glyn "Bigga" Bush and Sascha "Megablast" Weisz).

So you're thinking, Derby, that must mean Martin "Atjazz" Iveson and you'd be right as his label have got all their horns in a row for a a big summer hit that's full of uplifting 'new day' positive promise with 'Good Morning Sunshine' fronted with the vocals of Sophia Marshall 

So poppy and bouncey it could be a breakfast cereal anthem or the most commerical of morning radio/TV broadcasts.

Very different to the label's last release, Abel's 'Can't Let You Go' featuring Rona Ray (see review HERE) but this is going to be a huge in all over and you just know at some stage that they'll be an Atjazz remix.

Apparently there's a animated video to follow this and there's a Magic Number album coming soon; I'm ready for 'Day Of The Dead'/Mardi Gras now - GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!

Artist: Magic Number

Title: Good Morning Sunshine

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label : Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number : ARC240ADS1 Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 17 August 2023

The Dept. of Corrections Board on Lothian Road have been kept busy for a number of years by these two; Ewan, Jennifer (5'9") and Tebble, Kim (6'1") as they continue to convert innocent music fans to the sound of Cajun and Zydeco that's now the craze on the streets as "Celtic Cajun".

And it's very potent stuff as it's captured the hearts and minds of Ramrock Red Records way, way south of their Edinburgh base 
[in fact, Jo Wallace 'discovered' them]

This 3 track EP is somewhat of a taster as the band consist of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jennifer, Cajun vet Kim Tebble (accordion/flute), Jamie Hogg (bass) and Paul Dennington (percussion).

What gives these guys the edge is that there is a Scottish undertone to their sound, I wouldn't go as far as what loveable rogues Frankie Miller or Alex Harvey added to their rock sound but Jennifer knows what a single end and a wee heavy are as her unmisstakable vocals attest.

And is it a coincidence, many years ago, Mr Ramrock (Ashley Beedle) did a remix of Edwyn Collins' 'You'll Never Know (My Love)' so don't be surpised if 'Falling' is high on his target list.  But if you're into more traditional Scottish Folk dancing with the Cajuns, you'll be ready for 'Are You Ready For The Swamp'.  'The Swamp'! is it the new dance sensation in Louisianna?

For those that long for a revival of French creole punk swing jazz of Les Negresse Vert, you'll know that there's more than something right about 'Something Ain't Right'; lets get 'em at the playing live on tour very soon.

Really hope that they make it onto the bill for the Gloucester Cajun & Zydeco 30th Anniversary Festival (26-28 January) next year as the band will have 'em dancing in the swamp and could they add haggis and 80/- to the menu?  

Artist: The Jennifer Ewan Band 

Title: Something Ain’t Right EP

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR049

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

Friday 11 August 2023

Reel People love Mothers Favorite Child and 'Tonight' is with 'the' Robin S and it's remixed by 'the' Opolopo: sounds like tonight's the night.

Robin S (aka Robin Stone) has been a vocalist on numerous hits since her debut back in 1992 and Opolopo who's been remixing and editing for over 20 years including last years' 'Sunshine' featuring Angela Johnson on the same label as this one (the Atjazz remix as featured on the compilation, Soulful, Deep & Dope Ibiza 2023 - see review HERE).

And whilst we love an instrumental at YATM, when you're instrument is as good as Ms. Stone's, we say, you should keep it in ('house', you could even add)

There no suprise that Opolopo prides himself with the quantity and quality of his productions and be prepared for his next album with is coming out as a joint project with the previouslly mentioned Angela Johnson.

P.S. by coincidence, Defective Records are showing the video of Robin S on Top Of The Pops "30 years ago... Unbelievable performance"; 'Show Me Now' [1973] 

Artist: Mothers Favorite Child & Robin S 

Title: Tonight (Opolopo Remixes)

Release date: 11th August, 2023

Label : Reel People Music

Catalog Number : RPM119 / Digital / Bandcamp 
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Dele Sosimi's "eparapo” with Eparapo means you've got a direct link between the Afrobeat supergroup, Tony Allen and Fela Kuti which gives this album a big power when it comes to tracks (the titles almost speaking for themselves being) 'Follow The Money'. 'Who Invented Black & White', 'From London To Lagos' and 'Black Lives Matter' (which all feature Dele); so much so, it's the closest you'll get to The Shrine this side of Abuja .  

Not forgetting Afla Sackey on the more chilled, 'My Beautiful City' and the band's instrumental 'Take To The Streets', (Nearly 12 minutes of Afro-Centric Sons Of Kemet?) this is going to be so good on the limited vinyl release; if not, the digital release is equally essential. 

Artist: Eparapo feat. Dele Sosimi & Afla Sackey

Release: Take To The Streets
Release Date: 11th August, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s

Catalog Number: Vinyl / Digital / BANDCAMP

Thursday 10 August 2023

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Talk about street level, 'Pavement Soul' is definitely something built from the ground up and in this case, from Mancunian musical roots.

Chris Massey's Thief Of Time project is a look back at some of his electronic inspirations with deeply spaced out beats and some synth-pop dub. 

The track 'Pavement Soul' is a strong mix of trip-hop and post-punk disco funk that benefits from A Certain Ratio's Donald Johnson on bass (ACR being hip again of late) along with another Manchester based artist, NIIX on ethereal vocals and gentle rap.

Those with long memories may recall Hybrid worked with Peter Hook (he of New Order, etc) [blimey, 'True To Form' was 2003] so who knows where this project will lead in terms of guests?  

But on a more immediate note, The Mayor’s Charity will benefit from a donation from initial sales (three versions as in original, instrumental and radio edit) so it's all in a good cause and one to support.

Artist: The Thief Of Time feat. NIIX
Release: Pavement Soul
Release Date: 10th August, 2023
Label: Sprechen Music
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

Tuesday 8 August 2023

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Lucky Sun (aka Tom Lown) is "best known for his super deep productions" and 'Falling Fool' is definitely "super" and "deep" for a lucky sun drenched summer sound.

As we know from the 'Balance Remixed' album that came out at the very end of last year (see review HERE), Tom's soulful house is a bit special and he's leden 'Falling Fool' with a Sade-eaque Jaidene that gets you looking up at the palm trees.

And, as if to hammer home the point, the original comes with a dubstrumental version and a 'Veda Naked Vocal' mix which is like a very stripped down rhodes/dub but not quite Jane Birkin (RIP).

Very sexy, very sunny and no foolin' that it's a summer hit.

Bound to be on Colour &  Pitch sessions this month?!?!

Artist: Lucky Sun

Title: Falling Fool ft. Jaidene Veda

Release date: 11th August, 2023

Label : Lucky Sun Recordings

Catalog Number : LSR034

Format: Digital / Bandcamp

Monday 7 August 2023

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Regular readers will recognise the name Julian Gomes as the South African producer who has released tracks on Reel People Music, Foliage and Atjazz Records.

He's now found a home on World Without End and this new single with Jordan Arts on vocals has the beat of a train to get these guys home with whispy synth 'n'- go-faster stripes it's got pop and Baleraic running through it all at the same time.

I'm thinking day and nightime plays for this one and it gets the pulse racing for Gomes' forthcoming album 'Bruno & The Birds'.

Artist: Julian Gomes & Jordan Arts

Title: Home

Release date: 4th August, 2023

Label; World Without End

Catalog Number: WWE012-S1

Friday 4 August 2023

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In typical eceletic Wah Wah 45s fashion, their connection with Norway is a bit of a strange northern hemisphere circle to square but it's easy to see why it exists as their latest release is Espen Horne's 'Bergen Sunrays' featuring Selim Mutic.

Clearly, Bergen's reputation of the Manchester of the North has been transposed into a slow burn soul-jazz Gil Scott-Heron weatherman vibe and that's got to be cool.

And it comes with a heavier-synth, Session Victim remix for a Bandcamp Friday Bonus!

This is apparently Espen's first solo project in his own name since 1999 so it seems appropriate his old mates at Wah Wah 45s will be releasing the album, 'Anatomy of Serene Eloquence' later this year.

Artist: Espen Horne feat. Selim Mutic

Release: Bergen Sunrays
Release Date: 4th August, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

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Here's another in the limited edition 7" series on Batov Records and this time label favourites Sababa 5 are joined by Canay Doğan on the mesmerizing a-side, 'Bigâne'.  

'Bigâne' sounds like a Turish version of Sterolab on Top Of The Pops; somewhat usual you might think for Canay is a staff member at Istanbul University's Jazz Department. 

'Namdar' is slightly funkier than the a-side but both tracks are so good I, fully expect them to appear on the next edition of Middle Eastern Grooves (see review HERE of the latest verson also on Batov Records).

And if you can't get your hands on the vinyl, there's always the digital downloads as you don't want to miss out on either track.

Artist:  Sababa 5 & Canay Doğan

Title: Bigâne / Namdar

Release date: 4th August, 2023

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR080

Format: 7" / Digital / Bandcamp