Thursday 3 August 2023

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Most people will associate Da Lata as the Brazilian-influenced British group formed in the early 1990s by Chris Franck and DJ Patrick Forge.

But there's also the label that has been releasing tracks by other artists for a while now and they certainly have some very hot contacts when it comes to Afro-Brazilian-Latin music.

And the latest single combines Brazilian singer-songwriter Luiz Gabriel Lopez (aka Luizga) and Portuguese multi-instrumentalist Magupi on this digital single.

'Arqueiro Voador' and 'O Tesão Tá Vivo Em Mim' have a proper mix of influences that part 60s pop, part Goa, part electronic, part UKG, part folk; sort of like a 'variety' of Bala Desejo (see review HERE).

Another post WOMAD(UK) project to keep an eye on and expect  'O Tesão Tá Vivo Em Mim' to be in the set-list at We Out Here Festival.

Artist: Luizga & Magupi 

Title: Arqueiro Voador 

Release date: 4th August, 2023

Label: Da Lata Music

Catalog Number: Digital 


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