Friday 18 August 2023

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It's fair to say that we're always impressed with tracks released on Foliage, but 'Don't Look Down' on this new release as it's going to be as big as a rollercoaster.

Monica Blaire has recently appeared on Foliage with Risk Assessment's 'It’s Not Right But It’s Okay' (see review HERE) and you don't have to have too much foresight to guess that the singer from Detroit will be asked by some cool kids to be on their next release; lets say, Turbojazz (aka Tommy Garofalo) and Sean McCabe who are definitely cool as they did the Technoir 'Techtube' Remixes (see review HERE).

'Don't Look Down' is very soul-jazz house with some deep keys and Monica on jazz skat duty.  It's one to keep you moving as a vocal, instrumental (love the bass on this one) and radio edit.

At this rate, the end of year charts at YATM will have a very high Foliage presence as inn additon to the previously mentioned tracks already, they've not long released Muzari & GugupashIngwe's 'Ingwe' (see review HERE) and the  brilliant Thakzin & Ray T track 'Don’t Let Me See' (see review HERE). I'm guessing this run of form is bound to continue.

Artist: Turbojazz & Sean McCabe 

Title:  Don't Look Down feat. Monica Blaire 

Release date: 18th August, 2023 

Label: Foliage Records

Cat. No: FN096

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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