Thursday 30 November 2023

The musical Madrid / London divide is more than fused as one with this deep soul challenge to 'Give Me The Strength To Be Me' featuring the vocals of Chalibrann.

You'll recall the album on Lovemonk by Gecko Turner, 'Somebody From Badajoz' (see review HERE) from earlier this year, but the strength of Soulnaturals' latest 7" featuring the incredible vocals of Chalibrann are worth waiting for.

Beautiful strings surround the funky-soul with added synth-shots (which are more evident on the b-side instrumental) and big horns make this a party season head turner; and I can guarantee it's the type of track that folks at next years' festivals, particualary thinking WeOutHere (Ed. nominated for festival of the year and we know you DJ'd there Hectic) will be eager to know what this knock-out track is.

Very much an update on 70s soul classic productions of the likes of Norman Whitfield, Curtis Mayfield et al with the feeling of a Michael Kiwanuka - yep! it's that good.

Artist: Soulnaturals

Title:  Give Me The Strength To Be Me ft Chalibrann 

Release date: 1st December, 2023

Label: Lovemonk Records 

Cat. No: LMNKV112

Format:  7" / Digital / Bandcamp

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Judging a release by it's cover artwork is a risky buisness but it's clear to see that Maya Blandy's 'B.I.B' is it's very classy act indeed.

Working with 50% of The Herbaliser (that's the Jake Wherry half and not the Ollie Teeba), this 'B.I.B' is trade mark Herbaliser "jazzy hip-hop" that's gone big band with a capital 'B' with the addition of the sultry vocals of Maya  who's definitely a young star at the start of her career (abeit, this is already her third single). 

'B.I.B' is the 'clean' version as it stands for 'Bitch In Black' and has more of a Amy Winehouse vibe that the more poppy previous single 'Stardust' just to show-off how versatile she is.

I like a full blown jazz big band as much as Mr. Wherry by the sounds of these tracks and it's good to see the arrangements were by trombonist, Trevor Mires who's been part of some hugely influence jazz combos like Examples Of Twelves, The Heritage Ochestra, Ben Lamdin's Nostalgia 77 Octet, The Rhythmagic Orchestra and Incognitio to name just a few.

I'm sure there's potentially a re-visit to a 'Something Wicked' (an old Herbaliser track) haunted house dub (well, it is that time of year) but the original here is close to perfect as it - very recommended!  

P.S. 'Stardust' the album is due early in 2024.

Artist: Maya Blandy 

Title: B.I.B

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label: JMJ Recordings

Cat. No: JMJ00004

Format: Digital / Bandcamp / Kudos

Tuesday 28 November 2023

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Getting ready for party season? We'll here's some Supa colours of the world on Besides Records.

Based in a record shop in Lille in the north of France, Besides Records have produced this six track mini album by Supa is a right mix-up of dupa dancefloor.

Skipping through a Bollywood tinged 'Marigold' and Punjab/Morrocan dub-funk house), there's heavy touches of UKG ('Blue Sky') on the big tunes,'Red Brick' (central Mancunian meets Laurent Garnier) along with 'Green Tea' laced with the massive synth-bounce NYC of 'Brown Sugar'.

Really cool selections that's spans early rave to Gilles Peterston 'golden era' and it's great for the party mix. 

Looks like the shop is as cool as the record label that seems to sell out all the vinyl it releases (Hint: get your order in now before it's too late!)

Artist: Supa

Title: Colours

Release date: 1st December, 2023

Label: Besides Records

Cat. No: - BRLP016

Format: LP / Digital

Friday 24 November 2023

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Lately, there's been repeated remarks about 'cover artwork' and here's another, this is not a cassette but Ramrock Red Records' latest on vinyl by DB Cohen.

So you think you know Ramrock Red with their heavy influences from the US (like Twelve Caesars modern classic, 'Ride The American Wave' - see review HERE) and now, this album is actually a re-issue of a 2013 lost gem.

Ok, there's a strong Dylan influence at times with the 'Hurricane'/'Just Like A Woman' period harmonica, organ and lyrically cleverness but equally, the music seems to owe just as much to the UK with The Kinks, 2-Tone (more Dexy's soul and Specials dips into reggae), a touch of 70s Stones, throw in some Blur, the peak-swing of the Libertines and angst of Essex Bragg; quite a gig! 

In fact, Essex 'everpresent' Snowboy is on here (he of the 'New York Afternoon' LP and more recently seen on Dele Sosimi & Estuary 21 - see review HERE) as he produced the album and it's not surprising the influence spread as the London scene he gathered here have played with many head-liner acts like Faithless, Gorillaz, Adele, JTQ, Steve Hooker, Roger Daltry et al (oh! and Adele). In fact, I'm sure people were thinking the DB was all ready to be on all the top festival billings/chart success.  

But now's the time to give this album the love it deserves.  The past 10 years have done nothing to lessen the relevance of the songs.  Kicking off with a song about being a teacher, 'Shit Jobs' (of course, you don't have to be in Education industry to have one of those) and if you've got, 'Tim Smart on 'bone from the Specials' at your service doing his best "Rico", what more do you need?, 

Cohen's troubadour lifestyle has helping him with the subject matter of the songs with 'The Dealer' (remember: sometimes words have more than one meaning), 'Bus 142' (is that Fulham?) and the title track, 'Scratchcards'.

Unllike scratchcards, this collection has matured with age [like wine] and is sure to be 'Album Of The Week' on all good radio stations - putting my money on BBC 6 Music, Radio Essex and Colne FM for first a trifector/patent winner!  Bigger odds that a sratchcard.

A new album is planned for next year 'On Targe' (sounds a bit mod?) and I hope Snowboy can get involved as he did such a brilliant job here; roll on 2024.

Artist: DB Cohen 

Title: Scratchcards & Wine

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRRLP012 / Digital / Bandcamp

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Even old hacks occasionally wake up at the sound of something special and drop their electronic shcedules and dance - and that's what 'I Wish You A World Of Happiness' will do to you whether it's the originnal Shirley Turner or this cover by Berlin's The KBCS (instrumental) or vocal featuring the fantastic Nora Becker.

Just love the original version as you really do expect a 'Wigan style' round of appaulse at the end of it as it's just one of those tracks that raises spirits along with the lyrics where we believe that everybody is wishing everyone elese a world of happiness to live in; timely you might say.

So whilst current Northern Soul hotspots Manchester, Bristol and Deptford (it's true!) will be spinning their talc power to this one, can you believe the deep soul of the cover version?  Of a quality of a Daptone but too slow for Northern Soul with a great vocal with 'sharper' modern day production; the instrumental version could have funked up to a Curtis Mayfield given half a chance.

If you see the vinyl, get two copies as you will get greedy; if not three (well it is coming up to Xmas prezzie time) and I wish you a world of happiness now.

Title: Shirley Turner / The KBCS feat. Nora Becker 
Title: I Wish You A World Of Happiness
Release date: 24th November, 2023
Label : Sonar Kolletiv
Catalog Number : SK454 7" / Digital / Bandcamp 

Who would believe that Joy Denalane has released her best album to date?  I guess that's the strength of 'WILLPOWER'.

One of the reasons I have been taken a-back by 'WILLPOWER' is that Joy's previous best album was as a featured vocalist with [re:jazz] back in 2003 with the classic jazzdance-dub hybrid, 'Torch Of Freedom'. On the back of that, I always would keep an eye opend for her name and then, out of the blue, she released 'Born & Raised' on the Four Music sub-label that she ran with husband Max Herre.

So all these years on her voice is just as soulful and she's written an album that's deeply personal and emotional; that's often the cue to run to the hills but don't.  Teaming up with now ex-husband Max Herre (as recently seen on top form with jazz group Web Web and Carlos Niño making a guest appearance - see review HERE) and mates with everyone, Roberto Di Gioia (see review HERE), these are a dozen tracks that covers the loss of her father and her children leaving home; i.e. growing up.

Luckily, it sounds reflective and up all at the same time, like 'Happy' (in two versions, one featuring Ghostface Killah - yes, he of Wu-Tang) and one not that captures the gospel feel.  If 'Happy' has passed you by as a single, don't let is pass you on this album with the ten b-sides (so to speak).

'Can't We Cry' and 'Revolutions' sounds a bit cheesy on first listen but will definitinly grows on you and sets you up for 'True (Soweto)', 'Good Times Better' and the title track, 'WILLPOWER'. 

Goes without saying tht this seems a very grown up album but I'd like to think that the love and touching lyrics here will reach an all-age fanbase.  Lets hope that Joy brings so much Joy into lots of people's hearts with this release.

Artist: Joe Denalane 


Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label: Four Music

Cat. No: Limited Edition vinyl - 19658842501 CD 19658842502

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

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Are you already feeling tired of the Christmas Channel and re-runs of 'White Christmas'?  Try this new release by Sandra-Mae Lux as she asks, 'Where Is Christmas Now'?

What with everything that's going on in the world right now (from macro to micro), I don't suppose any of us really know where is Christmas now but it's worth the time to pause, think and that in this ballad 'n' piano jazz that's nostalgic to it's roots - Vince Guaraldi, The Carpenters and Canadian, Michael Bublé.

Ms. Lux is very accomplished and has already appeared at the Ottawa Jazz Festival and performed with legends Robert Glasper, Herbie Hancock and opened for Dave Brubeck(!) so we'll be looking out for her sophomore album coming out next year.

I don't suppose Oliver Heldon, David Guetta or Tiesto will be playing this out but they don't love Christmas like we do.

Artist: Sandra-Mae Lux 

Title: Where Is Christmas Now?

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : Independent

Catalog Number :  
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Well, you might have thought you knew everything about Fred Everything you needed to know only to find out that he's 'All Is Well' too and 'A Break In Time' is just the musical album refresher we all need.

I was somewhat surprised to find out that, Fred Everyting (aka Frédéric Blais, DJ,producer and remixer for over 25 years from Quebec, Canada and best mates with Martin 'Atjazz' Iverson and many more on the cool side of deep house) was also known as just 'Everything' in his early career and was a big fan of all things ambient.  And it proved that lockdown was 'A Break In Time' that he used to re-address this area to affirm, 'All Is Well'.

Luckily, this album of ten tracks have found a home at Compost Records and it draws inspiration from all electronic and non-electronic ground breakers, Reich, Terry Riley, Eno (both of them), Tangerine Dream/Krautrock, System 7 and many more, even Carl Craig.

Thankfully, we're not drawn into 20 minute chill-out drones but beautiful pre-Balearic 'intros' as the titles allude to; 'Day One', 'Day Two', 'Tranquillity' and 'Risqué.  'Forever And A Year' is most Reich like but any of this tracks could get picked up for Film/TV/Advert as they are captivating.  The dreamy 'Towards' and 'Phillippe' are another two and it's easy to see why German electronic stars like Dixon and Âme are fans; getting back to Berlin-Canadian links, time for a Wagon Repair revival?

'Cosmic Winter' is the most 'upbeat of the set whilst 'At Well' starts a bit too 'Big Brother' for my liking but that's a small gripe as mostly it's warm and lush. 

Apparently Fred has also been working under the moniker Incognito and teaming up with an old Beats In Space favorite, Lauer and Atjazz as a trio so lets hope we don't have to have another 'lockdown' period for the All Is Well follow up album.

P.S. And check out Will Sumsuch's interview on 5 Magazine HERE.

Artist: All Is Well

Title: A Break In Time

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : Compost Records

Catalog Number :  CPT 624 LP / Digital / Bandcamp [The album is also available in Dolby Atmos, as well as vinyl and digital formats]
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What! Wah Wah 45s find the new Sade?  Naaaw, this is far more promising than that!

A single recorded live in North London that's soul, jazz and bossa nova driven will find love at the heights and lows of love.

Léa, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then Manchester and now London based is backed by the band of Jasmine Burton (bass), Alex Karakurt (drums), Mousa Dembele (percussions), Allexa Neva (sax & flute), Max Rodriguez (rhythm guitar) and Léa on vocals, guitar, lyrics, arrangements and co-producing the track with producer Louis Auneau. 

There's a full 12" jazzdance mix in here (when Dom Servini has the time to find it) but there's lots more to come from Ms Mondo is guaranteed.

P.S. Crazy to release this on a Black Friday and so soon after Espen Horne's brilliant album, 'The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence' (see review HERE); just saying?

Artist: Léa Mondo 
Release: Heights Of Love
Release Date: 24th November, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

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Whether you know drummer / producer Teppo Mäkynen as Teddy Rock or as his other solo alias The Stance Brothers, you don't want to mis out on his brand new album, 'Duktus'.

It's great that Finland's We Jazz Records is the home to his first new album in over 10 years as The Stance Brothers after teasing us with a long series of 7" singles and appearances on compilations like Jazz Don, Paul Murphy's 'The Jazz Room (see review HERE).

Tracks like 'Sao Paulo' and 'Deeper Tones' put him in that super cool nu-jazz hip-hop Madlib vs. Mizell Brother of the north. 

If you're missing the early Dublab/Thundercat/CDr vibes, this is a huge album that's ready for you to get.

Love 'Further East' which reminds a little of Daedelus' forays and the dub beats of 'Futuristic Earth'.

This is a great percussion/dance forward collection al a mixtape with equal room for head noddin' and jazz beard strokin'.

Full props to We Jazz Records as this is such a difference album to their most recents,  Kenneth Jimenez' 'Sonnet To Silence' (see reveiw HERE) or Mike Reed's 'The Separatist Party' (see review HERE) - or is it?

Artist: The Stance Brothers

Title: Durkus

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : We Jazz Records

Catalog Number : WJLP57

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

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Is this a re-issue from 1977? Is it a disco sample project? Is it something now? Well, it's all three and "the story of my Dad" says TTeo on the track 'Love Circus' from the brand new album, 'Lovexpress77'.

We know how good the single from a few months ago, '42H' (see review HERE), but TTeo's strange timewarp concept starts in 1970 when Fernando Antonio Capreoli, his Dad, left southern Italy to make his fortune; which took the first steps with being a drummer in the disco-funk-rock band 'Lovexpress' which led to tours of Scandanavia (1974-1979) as the the band was a mix of Italians and Scandinavians.

But this is no 'beyond the grave' story as his Dad found some tape recordings of these gigs and the quality was excellent so TTeo (aka Mattei Caoreli) was so inspired by this find, by sampling and reworking the original 'Lovexpress' he's produced a 12 track album for Sonar Kollektiv.

So with the back story to 'Lovexpress77' being almost as mad as Larry Levan's Joubert Singers’ “Stand On The Word" Remix, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by the gospel-funk-house dance quality of 'Follow Me'; and then you've got that salsa boogie of 'Troppo Sexy' and the disco thrust of the title track - 3 great reasons to get the album in itself.

It's hard to believe that the band wasn't a huge group nearly 50 years ago if they were making tracks like 'Figli Delle Stelle' and 'Mi Fa Sofrire' as versions in English would have likely have made UK charts; actually, they'd probably been too good for that; thankfully the nu-disco/70s  revival means we're able to dance to this music today: 'Mi Fa Sofrire' is just great lounge-pop-boogie.

'Sometimes' features the vocals of Dalila Cabalera and is more in a off-Latin-house groove (bit of a grower as Slim Shady might say) and then again, there's an undercurrent throughout the album of DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing......; that comes to the fore with the jazzy beats on 'Pantera'  and the closing track, 'A Bronx Tale' sounds like something Pink Floyd could have closed one of their albums with.

Of course, the cyncs with cynical eye might be thinking this is just a rouse to "get the band back together"/Sugarman bio-pic a la Sixto Rodriquez (RIP 8th August 2023) but that's because it's what cynics would think.  I'm more that convinced this is a young musician that was inspired by his Dad's musical past and wanted to celebrate it by using it as the inspiration to produce the best he could; and it's a ticket you'll want to get to jump onboard the Lovexpress77; next stop, the turntable? DJ booth?

Title: TTeo

Title: Lovexpress77

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK477D Digital / Bandcamp 
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When you're deep in the 'Mire', David Hopperman reached out to Deep In Your Soul to save him, from the leopard?

Well, perhaps not the leopard in the photo of the cover artwork but 'Mire', in original version with Aytiwan and Diamond Dealer remixes is something high on the list of "like it" - I hope that's the vocal?

If you're after Afro-house with Italo-Latin jazzdance influences, the original version is the one for you.

The Aytiwan is more of a stripped version with added synth swirl-bang and the 8 minute Diamond Dealer synthy bounce makes this an EP you can't ignore. 

Following on from the 'Kalaga EP' by PA NGU featuring Lhue Ntuza (another one with an Aytiwan remix, see review HERE) you can pick any version of 'Mire' to keep the dancefloor moving this fall.

Artist: David Hopperman
Title: Mire (incl. Aytiwan, Diamond Dealer Remixes) 
Release date: 24th November, 2023
Label : Deep In Your Soul
Catalog Number : DIYS014 Digital / Bandcamp 

Thursday 23 November 2023

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From Serbia via Italy, pianist/composer/arranger Irina Pavlovic debut's her album 'The Soulful Heritage' [and don't be put off by the cover]. 

The soul heritage she bases this album of soul-jazz a la 60s French new wave/jazz quartet post-bop swing; don't be misled by the soft focus of the album cover.

Led by Irina (piano), the nine tracks mostly revolve around her and Ivan Radivojevic (trumpet,flugelhorn) Rastko Obradovic (tenor saxophone), Milan Nikolic (bass) and Dusan Novakov (drums)/Luka Jovicic (drums on track 1 and 5).

The title track features U.S. vocalist Dean Bowman (with some Dwight Trible style exercises; big fans of Dwight - see review HERE) and also the 'bone work of Corey Wilcox (and again, Cory turns up couple more tracks to feature) for a spell-binding 6 minutes that's equally at home with the swingin' Latin-bop of 'Arriba, Arriba' (love this one).

We said with the recent A.MA release by Two Pots Of Gold (see review of 'Two Pots Of Gold' HERE) that they are on a departure from previous "straight jazz" and this album does seem to edge to some of the previous releases by the Schema label.

And it's not just Schema, but let's just pick on their 'house' trombonist, Gianluca Petrella as he set a tone in Italy and now Mr. Wilcox, who might only appear on 3 tracks, is definitely a star of this show with 'Podednik (The Victor Of Belgrade)' and the bangin' avant-blues march of 'Reviving Blast'.

There's big respect to Blue Note/Pretege/Riverside et al especially as Novalov's drums can swing-bop-simmer; there's a couple of slower tracks, like the rive gauche of 'My Return' that Irina plays the electric piano and Obradovic and Radivojevic get a chance to have a workout.

Nikolic's bass also gets to feature on the tender duet with Irena 'My Tree' and featured on 'Look Above' and then there's Irina's soft to heavy hands on the piano for the powerful 'Dawn In The Warfield'.

Back on the album cover; it's a shame that they couldn't do a Yusef Lateef syled 'Jazz For The Thinker' cover as the Podednik is a war monument statue in Belgrade; and as that's such a great track.

But that'll be my minute gripe as this album is much more than a soul-jazz tribute and whilst Irena is the leader, I hope that the core of this group is able to keep together as they clearly work so well together and support each other.

Many thanks again to DJ Bob Hill of the Return Of The Illicit Groove for keeping us up to date with all things jazzy/acid jazz.  

PS. Yusef Lateef's album, 'Jazz For The Thinker' is the hard bop/modal classic from 1957 featuring  Lateef on tenor and flute, Curtis Fuller on trombone, Hugh Lawson piano, Ernie Farrow bass, and Louis Hayes drums.

Artist: Irena Pavlović

Title: The Soulful Heritage

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : A.MA Records

Catalog Number : CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Tuesday 21 November 2023

You'll have noticed from SM postings that Wah Wah 45s head honcho has been smoching around various northern European locations with Norway's finest, Espen Horne.

Little wonder as these two go back a long way and the label is releasing Horne's first solo album for yonks.

As you might guess from the cover, it's very much in the northern folky landscape of his roots together with the soul-jazz-Latin-hip-hop influences that he's lived with for decades.

We loved the single that came out, 'Bergen Sunrays' featuring Selim Mutic (see review HERE) but you're not going to get stuck in a genre groove here.

Not sure that you can put a track like 'Belle Époque' into any one 'bag' but I'm thinking 
mark the bag up as 'brilliant'.

And then 'Den Franske Gitaren' (featuring Aich) is in English on a jazzy post-dn'b jazz tip that's
followed by 'Don't Fall Asleep' as a soul-reggae track as it features Faye Houston (of 
Resonators fame who have released no less than 3 stunning albums on Wah Wah 45s).

But if there is a stand out track(s), it's the tracks that feature Olav Wöllo's 'tropicallia' that's kinda 60s Jazzanova but totally intoxicating atmospheric jazz-folk?

Long time fans like Gilles Peterson, Craig Charles and Robbie Vincent as now joined by the 
next generation of influencers like Cerys Matthews, Deb Grant/Tom Ravenscroft as it's 
definitely, the best time to investigate 'The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence'; don't fall asleep on this one! 

Artist: Espen Horne
Release: The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence
Release Date: 17th November, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP

Monday 20 November 2023

F*CLR 30th release makes you want to be transported to Chicago house loft roots, so much so, you'll need to 'Hold Me Back'.

Kid Enigma's last couple of releases have been on Tech House label, Sink or Swim; 'Run It Back' and 'Out Of My Mind' but this new release is very him but back in the day with Chip E.

'Hold Me Back', in all it's five versions, is in ya face, no holds barred jackin' 'n' a-rockin' hip-house.  Any rap with the line, "smell the coffee, push that cup of tea aside" has my vote.

Long enough for a long a speedy turbo trainer workout (Ed. could do with 20 minute version?) but I really like the heavy organ on the original mix.

Chip E has been an influence for a very long time ago being at the start of house and jack with Joe Smooth and Frankie Knuckles; 5 years ago, his Xmas party was supporting Marshall Jefferson!  Kid Enigma has been a kid since he was DJing at 15 years old and his peace and love message on this track is infectious, especially as we've got remixes the team of DJ Paul Funk and Quinten De Rozario going above and beyond.  Love the DJ Paul Funk 'Dubstrumental' and  'Voacuda Mix' (I do hope that there's a full on instrumental take me to Rio batucada coming our way) and Quinten's mix is as bouncey as any old skool classic.

Hot on the heels of the label's Andrew Sant/Kameelah Waheed monster, 'Love Honor Respect' there's a huge positive vibe at F*CLR that we all need right now; so don't get on your bike, don't hole back, DANCE!

Artist: Chip E ft Kid Enigma 

Title:  Hold Me Back (DJ Paul Funk and Quinten De Rozario Remix) EP 

Release date: 17th November, 2023

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR030

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp

Saturday 18 November 2023

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We've had some heavy jazz of the site recently so it seems a good time to celebrate 25 years of the underground Manchester club night 'Aficionado' run by Jason Boardman & Moonboots.

Killer tunes by rock god (well, Focus) guitarist Jan Akkerman with his dreamy Axelrod-esque verson of 'Ode To Billy Joe', top jazz-funk bassist Stanley Clark's 'Desert Song' that's so  cool along with Alain Debray's 'Concierto de Aranjuez' (you'll know the tune if not the name) make you think, what sort of club was this in Madchester!

Well, it seems like a cross of lounge meets Peterson and Trunk expecially with a digital 'exclusive' of 'Cool Bright Northern Morning', 'Mudd's 'Summer In The Wood' and The Superimposers' jangley 'Seeing Is Believing'.

The more you listen to this, you want to get that time machine set to late 90s and do the loungin' house coat vibe before your time (Ed. and open toed sandals?)  You'd definitely want to spend time on the beach with the Lissvik remix of 'Honey Mine' by Korallreven and the exceptional Laetitia Sadier (she of Stereolab fame) on Girogio Tuma's post-Baleraric-dub 'Through Your Hands Love Can Shine'; reggae-synth on the beach you might say.

When you need some high class downtempo, ambient, soul, disco, jazzy, soft-rock reggae Balearic's, you need the affection of '25 Years Of Aficonado' to get together and do it again.

But you said, "Peterson", OK so you've got the jazzy trip hop of Teacher, vibrazone-ish 'Shine' by Kalimba and First Word orginals, The Haggis Horns'. 

Warm have just celebrated their 24th Birthday party themselves (with LTJ Bukem of all people) and have released Paul 'Sun Child' Hillery's 'Folk, Funk & Trippy Troubadours' Vol. 2 and an X-PRESS2 remix set of David Kitt's 'Till The End' (see album review HERE) so it's anybodies guess what'll be coming next?

Aritst: Various Artists

Title: 25 Years Of Aficionado 

Release date: 17th November, 2023

Label: RE:WARM 

Cat. No: RE:WARM 017

Format: 2xLP / CD / Digital

Friday 17 November 2023

The weekend starts here under the seachlight with a host of dancefloor wizards.

If you're keeping up with Fallen Tree 1Hundred, they really champion post-d'n'b modern soul UKG and Searchlight (aka Zero T and Beta 2) have picked three top producers/remixes to re-work tracks from their debut album.

Must say, the agility of the Atjazz remix on 'Can We Go Back' with nu-jazz bruk shuffle is more than stunning and worthy of any DJ set.

Talking BRUK, Afroforce (aka Mark Force and Orin Afronaut - did you see what they did there), re-live BITA on a deep 'Breath'

The opener 'We Could Be More' featuring [ K S R ] (soul singer from Manchester not a YouTuber) get another BRUK student, Lee Gomez (aka Wipe The Needle) that sounds even more BITA than the Bugz themselves: especially on the instrumental which sounds so good.

This definitely could be more, say if they all team up with label mates Natalie Duncan (see review HERE) or Degrees Of Freedom (see review HERE) for what would be one hell of a Gilles Peterson 'Worldwide' re-union.

Artist: Searchlight ft Tolü Makay

Title:  Can We Go Back/Breath/We Could Be More Remixes ft. Atjazz / Wipe the Needle / Afroforce EP

Release date: 17th November, 2023

Label: Fallen Tree 1 Hundred

Cat. No: FT1H023

Format: Digital / Bandcamp