Friday 24 February 2023

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If you've recently seen Natalie Duncan at any of her recent live gigs (and no doubt, gigs in the future) you'll recognise 'Silver Gun' as one of her stand out tracks that showcase her vocal talents; having been compared to Nina Simone and Alicia Keys in the past.  

In truth, on 'Silver Gun' she sounds more like Natalie Duncan with a production that's like a tight Cinematic Orchestra. And on that subject, many readers with a good memory will recall the name of drummer Richard Spaven who has worked with Incognito, Robert Mitchell 3iO, Tom Mason, Deborah Jordan, Phil France (Cinematic Orchestra) and loads more.  Apparently it was his drum styling that focused Natalie on her inner "Radiohead" to produce 'Silver Gun!  

And on the subject of drums, the single comes with the Lenzman d'n'b remix (vocal and instrumental versons); it is Goldie's label after all.  Based in the Netherlands, he's said to specializes in the soulful end of the D'n'B genre and Natalie's voice and piano remain prominent in the mix.  

Getting back to the original version, must also mention the rest of the band, being Alan Mian (bass), Laurence Jepson (synths/programming), Rashaan Brown (guitar) together with producer/engineer, Chris Hewitt.

Last year we had the single 'Found Myself' with a remix by Tru-Thoughts' WheelUP so this keeps up the momentum for a new album.

Artist: Natalie Duncan

Title: Silver Gun (w/ Lenzman Remix)  EP

Release date: 24th February, 2023

Label: Fallen Tree 1 Hundred

Cat. No: FT1H020

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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