Monday 27 February 2023

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We were so excited to hear news of this EP by Wearing Shoes, I just had to play the title track 'Never Pretend' on the 'love' edition of Andy Garvey's Delectabeats radio show. 

Not only that, 'Never Pretend' is backed up with two more killer tracks,  'Over The World' is current favourite as it's odd as I'm hearing "Roy Ayers" but no vibes; is that possible?  And 'Daily Stuff' which has a little Theo Parrish (a bit like a smooth version of 

South Beach Recycling's ' Obsessive Compulsive Disco' (reveiw HERE) and is he calling for a "Doctor, Doctor" over that jazzy organ?  I dunno, but it's got me the dancin' pain relief I need from wearing these shoes.

You can tell that this guy loves the house of pioneers like Frankie Knuckles as he's also into it's the same soul-jazz-funk history, in additon to Roy Ayers, you've got Lonnie Liston Smith to TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia), .

When folks casually say, "walk a mile in my shoes", here's the place to start - and I for one say, lets have more from F*CLR [pronounced F.Star.Clear].

Artist: Wearing Shoes

Title: Never Pretend EP

Release date: 27th February, 2023

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number :FCLR019 / Digital / Bandcamp


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