Thursday 2 March 2023

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Fans of the earlier single have been looking foward to his album and 'Quietude' by Si Tew does not disappoint. 

Atjazz Record Company knew that they were on a winner after the reactions to the release of 'UIHIA (feat. Georgia Copeland)' and 'Logos' [see HERE].

And there's another track that's a potential single with 'Lean on My Frequency' that features the vocals of Sarai Jazz and pecussion of Greg Rawson and this could genuinely cross over to radio hit playlists. 

The rest of the album's ten tracks are largely instrumental in a cinematic trip hoppy beats way ('Dudz') which can flip into downtempo dance/dreamscape house ('Turbine', 'Bouricau' - is that a Glockenspiel/Bell Lyre from a marching band in there?)

Not surprisingly for an album on Atjazz Records, there's some deep/leftield house like 'Droplets', the already massive 'Logos' (summer party sessions ready this one) and whilst on the beach, there's the funky Balearic 'An Apology'.

If you think you can hear a touch of South America influences, most notably on 'Roshinaya', 'Droplets', 'Particle' and another big tune, 'Trurbine', you'd be right as Si composed most of the album whilst he was on "tabletop mountains, deep within [the] jungles" of Venezuela (great artwork too!).

Atjazz are on a bit of a roll at the moment after the release of South Beach Recycling's 'Obsessive Compulsive Disco' (review HERE) that are both essential for 2023.

Artist: Si Tew

Title: Quietude

Release date: 2nd March, 2023

Label : Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number : ARC200AD Digital / Bandcamp


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