Friday 31 March 2023

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You got me at "Brazilian reggae from rural Finland". What! 

This is such a fantastic find by We Jazz records as we've got a 7" with the Gilberto Gil's 'Extra (Brazilian Reggae)', the chill out tent/quiet lounge folk of 'Tonto Luar' and the 'traditional', 'Baiao Da Luna'.  

All far too short but if you are after so very rare Musica Popular Brasileira/Bossa a la Joyce/Nina Miranda/Gal Costa/Nara Leão,
Rosanna & Zelia is for you.

And, just too much to think these two were Finish  as they are, of course, from Brazil.

Playlisting and perfect to add to Mr Bongo's recent Rubinho E Mauro Assumpção release,  'Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei' (see review HERE)


Rosanna & Zélia

Title: Baiao Da Luna

Release date: 21st April, 2023

Label : We Jazz Records

Catalog Number : WJLP53 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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