Saturday 4 March 2023

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You'll recall from the earlier single and EP releases that we're big fans of Urbs and his 'Geheimland' project that's now being released as an album.

The opening track, ''Levitation' gives you an idea why this guy has been so in demand with film, TV/documentaries and commercial industries. And then the other ten tracks are so definitive of his  is soulfully deep beats of lush nu-jazz instrumentals.

Tracks tracks like, 'Mighty Amethyst' gets his Miles dub up, 'Mandarine Sparrow Song' is Acker Bilk vs. Toots Thielemans (ask your grandparents) and 'Im Geheimland' start the journey in secret land far, far away where OST meets hip-hop beats and synths.

At the other extreme, 'Thasos' is lining up for the Balearic beach party remix with it's 'waves on the beach' sound efx, whispy vocals and flutes in the breeze and is cleverly followed by a even more mellow track, 'She Of Tranquility' (did you see what he did there?) with synths on the shoreline in space and 'Woodwind' brings us back to he flutes vs. twangy guitar PI detective theme' and then 'Cryosol' (the only vocal track) gets even closer to nordic/film noir with the big strings that's close to Cinematic Orchestra.

'The Lizbeth Phraze' slips in some Indo-jazz whilst 'Ever Golden' is another jazzy theme that very TV with beautiful bass a la Ron Carter.

The album ends on a high as 'Light Comes On' manages to capture all of what's gone on before as if, the lights have come on.

If you take out the heavy jazz from Cinephonic's 'Visions' (review HERE) and mixed it up with the beats of Si Tew's 'Quietude (review HERE) and Conic Rose's 'Heller Tag' (review HERE) you can see why this album is getting the response from all you're usual DJ suspects from Gilles, Peterson to Rainer Trüby to Jonny Trunk  
Compost Records are on a winner with this one as 2023 upddate on the Kruder & Dorfmeiser style! 

P.S. Isn't the artwork stunning

Artist: Urbs
Title: Geheimland
Release date: 3rd March, 2023
Label : Compost Records
Catalog Number : CPT603 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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