Friday 10 March 2023

You can forget those commerical space flighs and spy balloons, here's the Bantu Spaceship that's ready to take off on Nyami Nyami Records.

This has a swing of David Waters Afro-Carib-soul whilst not travelling too far from Zimbabwe's original  sounds only to bounce to the New Order/"Donna" summer disco synth of 'Bantu Cakes'.

Really like the humour 'Mqibelo (A Prayer For The Weekend) featurig the rap of Kwela Sekele and the great artwork as it reflects the sometime ancient roots to the music.
When there's a mix of old and new (most notably on the dubby Misava (The Arrival) and 'Journey to Misava' featurig Thandi Ntuli, you can hear the link tot he spiritual Sun Ra/Coltranes/Sanders etc. 
And you can see why veteran of the South Africa scene, Kid Fonque (who we've most recently seen finding new African music on EMAMKAY 'When The Sun Rises (review HERE) would want to get his hands on a house remix and you get three versions, the remix, club remix and radio edit so that you get your monies worth. 

Expect to hear this on Colour & Pitch's February radio show with Will Sumsuch and Andy Garvey's future shows (which we discussed on the review of another "discovey", Thakzin & Ray T's 'Don't Let Me See' on Foliage (review HERE).

We featured the single, 'Bantu Electro Sungura' back in January but we didn't expect such a varied album as this.  Especially as the 'Bantu Spaceship' has already been dubbed, "New Jit Wave", YATM is saying this Afro-futursm has no boundaries. 

P.S. Great artwork. 

Artist: Bantu Spaceship 

Title: Bantu Spaceship 

Release date: 10th March, 2023

Label : Nyami Nyami Records

Catalog Number : NNR014 / Bandcamp


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