Thursday 23 March 2023

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The cover might look like The Soul Motivators got lost on their way sarf of the river but don't let that put you off them or their vocal funk and soul 'tress, Shahi.

The 7", 'It Is What It Is' indidcated what was to come with the LP but in all honesty, it so(u)l(e)d the other seven tracks a little short. 

Shahi vocals have a blended range  somewhere between Chaka and Janis Joplin which is pretty special in our books.

If you like a long 'bone in ya funk, the title track and opener, 'Raise A Glass' will keep you more than happy. 

There's a big 60s influence like 'Power!' as an apocalyptic warning with a massive drum break at the end, then a flip to 70s space funk disco instrumental of 'Jim Nasty' and the fantastic, funk-psych/almost dub of 'One For The Heads' [Ed. I can see why it's called that]

This is the band's fouth album (the first was mixed by Pierre Chrétien who was recentlly seen HERE with his 'Visions' project) and Shahi Teruko's second with them.  It seems that she's taking more of a role with each album and you'll see why immediately when you hear 'Try (Just A Little Bit More)'.

Not so sure about the '"crowd pleaser", 'Everything's Going To Be Alright' but I'd bet these guys are great live and if you're missing the best of Daptone, this are the band for you.

Artist: The Soul Motivators feat. Shahi

Title: Do It Together 

Release date: 23rd March, 2023

Label : Do Right! Music

Catalog Number : LP / CD / Digital


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