Saturday 4 March 2023

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If you know Kris Tidjan from his 2015 EP, 'Floating Therapy' you must have been thinking, come on Kris, where's the new material! If you've never heard of Kris Tidjan at all, and you hear the near 9 minutes of this new single on BBE Music 'Lords Of War', you'll be thinking why haven't I heard of the guy - it's brilliant! 

When I say "new", the origins of this track go back to 2005 as his response to a speech by U.S. President Geoge Bush’s speech from 1990. There's a soul-jazz-funk-beat to Kris' lyrics/vocals that's reminiscent of Gil Scott-Heron (don't forget, Gil's co-hort Brian Jackson is also on BBE right now) together with a nod to Bob Marley as lots of references to "small axe ready to cut them down".

And the musical break brings some dreamy dreamy jazz flute and sax before it picks up again: There's a shorter radio edit a mid-length version too but I'm hoping that at some stage we'll get a dubby/house version. 

But for now, this is taken from his debut album, 'Small Axes', coming out later this year when this guy is ready to slay the lords of war that's out there today. 

Artist: Kris Tidjan

Album: Lords Of War

Release Date: 3rd March, 2023

Label: BBE Music

Catalog Number BBE726SDG / Digital / Bandcamp


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