Thursday 30 March 2023

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We've got the follow-up to Wearing Shoes' EP, 'Never Pretend' on F*CLR [pronounced F.Star.Clear] and it's shows that as a label have got their finger on more than one pulse with Twelves Caesars' 'California Sleaze'.

It's odd that we've just had the Flying Mojito Bros "Refrito" version of 'Tigers Roar' by James Alexander Bright (review HERE)  and other West Coast soft rock "finds" (with BBE's compilation by Paul Hillery,'Once Again, We Are The Children Of The Sun') (review HERE) which is where 'California Slease' sits in vocal and instrumental versions.

Hardly surprising as the duo that is Twelve Caesars (aka Andrew Pipe and Stephen Ennever) cruise along Pacific Coast highway taking inspiration from Mahalia Jackson’s ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’ and Blind Willie Johnson ‘Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed’ plus a bit of Robert F Kennedy.

Well, there's a bit of a Weatherallisation to this as add to a sunny CS&N just a bit of dobro (I think it's a dobro - with slide?), added organ which just falls short of Ms Smith's, "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" ('Glora'). 

Great artwork (as was their last release, 'Swan Fendered Mercury') but this time we've got to wait for the North Street West remix versions (really looking forward to see if they can match the 'Swan Fendered Mercury' dub with 'California Sleaze' with that organ and some added horns; it'll be brilliant).  Even now, if Charlie Gillett/John Peel were around today this would be high in their charts so I say it should be on yours too!

In the review of 'Never Pretend' I said, "lets have more from F*CLR" and they haven't let us down as this follows George T's 'Automatic Self On Hold' featuring Joseph Malik (review HERE).

Artist: Twelve Caesars 

Title: California Sleaze EP

Release date: 31st March, 2023
Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : Digital / Bandcamp


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