Friday 24 March 2023

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Are you ready for more 'Telling Lies'?

You will be when I tell you that 'The Remixes EP' not only has the North Street West team (better known to their friends and family as Ashley BeedleDarren Morris and Jo Wallace) but also a Dan Tenor-City and Laroye version as a NYC Dub!

For those that recall Dan Tenor City's 12" on BBE, 'Oba' it will come as no surprise this  remix partnership with Laroye (Freerange, Local Talk, If It Ain't Jazz and more) is deep house, jazz-funk, disco-boogie dub and "we can see what they've done to me".  The big strings, the atmospheric semi-Italo piano, hot organ and the vocals with that element of echo makes it just mesmersizing.

Fans of Ramrock Records and F*CLR will know that the North Street West remix pose can match that and they've done a vocal, a 'Step Up' Dub and included an instrumental version.  I defy you not to love 'em all but the instrumental really gets those strings in a Detroit position ready for the organ, synth and horn stabs. Brilliant!

I don't think that we went overboard with out review of the original release of this one (see review HERE) but the only way to get full satisfaction is to get both the original and the remix packages: they'll drive you crazy with love for all the tracks and you definitely won't be able to take 'em away from me.

Did someone say, "Hectic Extension"?

Artist: The Descendants ft. Mazen Bedwei 

Title: Telling Lies Remixes EP

Release date: 24th March, 2023
Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR Digital / Bandcamp


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