Monday 30 October 2023

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As regular readers know, we love our jazz (in many forms) so when we get a quartet album led by a jazz guitarist that's celebrates the source of a river in Wales, let's dive in.

Will Barnes, he of said electric guitar and the rest of Will Barnes Quartet; James Batten (drums), Jack Gonsalez (piano) and Clovis Phillips (bass), have found their own swing on this nine track album that has it's own jazz bubbling spring vibe that's reflected in the titles, 'The Mad March Hare', 'Lie Mae Trefaldwyn' (that echoes a little of 'Greensleeves' in an upbeat Coltrane Quartet way) and the title track of course.

When you say "jazz guitar", if you don't get a blank look, there's usually just a handfull of "known" names such as Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Gábor Szabó and if you're really old, Charlie Christian, Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell.  But there's loads more from the more rock orientated John McLaughlin to Philip Catherine to Larry Coryell and the classical Paco de Lucía.

What's so cool about this album is that the band can cut a jazz-blues like 'The Dragon's Tail' (Ed. how Welsh) and the listener can almost touch the fun that band are having playing this (they must be great live - see gig dates below).  The same can be said of 'Passing Time' (at some speed) and, best of all, is their near stripped down Mulau Astatke-esque 'Marchia Wallia'.

Tom Misch (popular with the kids these days) is a fan (he of 'What Kinda Music', the album released on Blue Note with the equally fantastic Yussef Dayes a couple of years ago) and if you liked the album's by other axe exponents, Enrico Bracco (see review HERE) and Enrico Le Noci (see review HERE) you'll love this even more!

PS. the great cover artwork is by landscape artist Erin Hughes. 

Artist: Will Barnes Quartet

Title: Source Of The Severn

Release date: 3rd November, 2023

Label : AAB Records

Catalog Number : AAB-232-LP / Digital / Bandcamp

LIVE DATES 2023/24



06 & 07.10 Oriel Davies, Newtown

03.11 SpArC Theatre, Bishops Castle

04.11 Hermon Arts, Oswestry

18.11 Clarence Hall, Crickhowell

24.11 Aberystwyth Arts Centre

25.11 Hanging Gardens, Llanidloes

12.01 STOP Café Bar, Shrewsbury

13.01 Mid Border Arts, Presteigne

26.01 Elysium Gallery, Swansea

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With a cover that's 'Afikaman' dressed as a "James Bond" just off to the Monte Carlo Casino, will this new re-issue produce any big bank breaking winnings?

We'll the title track sure is as it's a full band of big horns backing Nana's vocals and featuring Abdul Tee-Jay on Lead and Rhythm guitar.

It's a shame that these tracks are not longer [Ed. just play 'em again] and particularly, 'Asamando' and 'Adasama' with the groovy organ.

There's two versions of 'Ohia', original and jungle mix, but don't expect any 'junglist movement' here as it the album was originally released in 1988.

Producd by Anthony R. Frempong (for more of which, check out Sam Yeboah's 'Meba Fie - I'll Be Back Home, see review HERE), there's a real sound of 'Nostalgie Ya Mboka' joy to these six tracks.   And like on Sam's album, there's a super cool Afro-reggae track, 'Asobrachie' - perhaps BBE could sort out Asona 'Reggae' compilation album with Wrongtom doing a dub version?

An original of this album was marked up for collectors as "CLEAN LABELS!!!... SUPER RARE SO DON'T SLEEP!!!" and even now I'd recommend you not to don't hang about as these re-issues will no doubt it'll be collectors items too!

Artist: Nana Budjei
Title: Afrikaman 
Release date: 27th October, 2023
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE749 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Like a London Bus, before you know it, there's three 'Gotta Get Over You's all at once!

So it's been a little while since we had the original release of 'Gotta Get Over You' (see review HERE) that was followed by what we thought were the definitive North Street West collective remixes: but just as the fireworks are warming up, here's the double joy of a Wade Teo double version?

The excellence of the Beedle/Morris/Wallace trio give us vocal, dub and instrumental versions (see review HERE) have been surpassed by Wade Teo as he imaginatively disco-funks up this track, that was heavily pure Leee in the first place, as a vocal and instrumental.

And we know who Robb and Leee versons, so what about Wade Teo?  He's got some big housey names on a palmarès having worked with Byron Stingly, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, Joe Smooth and more recently Kenny Dope has remixed a track that's featured Kameelah Waheed (taking a break from Colour & Pitch - see review HERE and sister label's 'Proxima Ebony' (Joseph Malik's massive summer album on Ramrock Red Records - see review HERE)

It's hard to believe that it's been 40 years since Lee and Imagination burst upon us (both on radio and Top Of The Pops) or that Robb has been working himself as a singer/songwriter, musician, composer, arranger for nearly as long and has worked with some of the very best in soul/jazz on both sides of the pond.

We won't get over you anytime soon now there's 3 variants of this; check them all out on Bandcamp below:

Artist: Robb Scott and Leee John

Title: Gotta Get Over You (The Wade Teo Remixes)

Release date: 30th October, 2023

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB027

Friday 27 October 2023

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I'm far too cool to 'Monster Mash' in late October but I can certainly 'Batt Danse' with the devil; errr.. I mean Natasha Kitty Katt and Billy Wirth. 

It's one of those times of years that you either love or hate tricks or treats and it's clear that Ms. Natasha Kitty Katt (she of Joesph Malik's 'Trouble with a Capital T' remix - see review HERE) has gone full on DJ Hell/Rusty Egan 80s synth vs. Bauhaus's 'Bela Logoshi's Dead' with a touch of Mark Stewart on 'Batt Danse'.

Inspired by Halloween and the 36th Anniversary of the film, 'Lost Boys', there's a 'The Lost Boys Vocal Mix' (the one with Billy Wirth who played 'Dwayne' in the original film!) and the original instrumental version which'll keep your Goth spirits satisfied for more than a weekend.

As ever, there's a voice on one shoulder saying, "where's the dub version?" and the other, a voice is saying, "stay tuned for the video" - I'll keep you posted on all future happenings [Hectic laughs maniacally]

PS. If the video is as good as the cover artwork....! And see below link to this weeks' the 'making of' Jibber-Jabber postcast 

Artist:Natasha Kitty Katt ft. Billy Wirth 

Title: Batt Danse EP

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label: F*CLR Music

Cat. No: FCLR028

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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Thomas Frempong was already a star of the Ghanaian Hi-Life/Dance Band scene  when he recorded Anansi 'Shuttle' in 'new' style of Electric Hi-Life but was he first on the bus? 

Well, if he wasn't first, he clearly on board with the 'new' sounds of the 70s when the likes of Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett and Carlos Santana were invited to Acca for a concert with local musicans.  

By the time this album was released in the mid 80s on Anthony Roberts-Frempong's London label Asona, (any releation?), the influence absorsian had the more electric elements of the european studios and on here, a strong dub presence that LSP/Peech Boys NYC would be proud of; there's 'Okesi' original version and an 'Okesi (Real Dutch Mix) and the opener 'Wobre' gets a Real Dutch mix to close he album.

'Ama' is more of a fusion with some great wandering sax and even more dub with some 80s Paul 'South Africa" Simon/Shalamar going on too.  That sax comes back on 'Kweku Anansi' but these days, the sound of the Linndrum sounds as new as it did in 80s on this track and 'Ajojoo'.

The cover artwork looks a bit like a "Hallmark" card of the time but the music is the star here; recommend you listen to 'Me Nyame' again.   All tracks were recorded in Wardour Street (London, W1) of all places and we're endebted to the wife of Anthony Roberts-Frempong's son (Ed. that's a 'daughter in law' then!) who found a stack of Asona album in a bad when they were clearing out a shed at the bottom of garden!  Roberts-Frempong passed away in 2011 but his DJ son Jerry knew that BBE would know what to do with this treasure trove and this is one of the re-issue series that so far has included Sam Yeboah's 'Meba Fie - I'll Be Back Home' (see review HERE) and Nana Budjei's 'Afrikaman' (see review HERE) Jewel Ackrah's ;Electric Hi-Life' (see review HERE).

Long may these re-issues keep coming as each one is excellent in it's own right; love to know what the local reaction is in Accra club is when Pete BBE is out DJing at the moment.

Artist: Thomas Frempong 

Title:  Anansi Shuttle 

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE752 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

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Double 'web' and a 'Web Max II' sounds like the long awaited follow up to 'Web Max' is finally with us and it's definitely been worth the wait.

Whilst YATM were 'off-blog' (Ed. the equivalent of radio's "off-air"), Compost Records released the 'Web Max' in the summer of 2001: a collaboration of jazz group Web Web (that includes Roberto Di Gioia - see review of his album with Peter Kruder HERE) and songwriter and producer Max Herre.  It was 'modern modal' with original tracks and guests  like Yusef Latef (wow!), Mulatu Astatke (wow!!) and New York harpist, Brandee Younger. 

It might have gone under a few radars as it's in such compilation stronghold competition like Jazzman's Spiritual Jazz series so it comes as no surprise that Herre and the band have upped their game on this all new/no covers 10 track album; plus one very special guest. 

Paying tribute to the predessors ('Perennial Journey') that they absorb might a more than healthy not to Sun Ra Arkestra's (in all forms) to Cinematic Orchestra (OST/Library) to Afro-jazz/gospel and more; like bass clarinet, bassoon and the original sampler from the 70s, the mellotron! 

This sounds like something that internationally renown artist Carlos Niño would be proud to be a part of I hear you say.  And he is!  Mr. Niño you will recall from startig out in Hip-hop to collaborations with Dwight Trible and then orchestral projects celebrating Dilla with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to open-water swim swimming (well, that's what he was into 14 years ago when I interview him).  Of late, he's been more of an abient percussion frame of mind but he's not far from those original L.A.spaceways on both 'La Planète Fantastique' and 'Ólobo'. 

It's a shame 'Artist Unknown' is a little short as it's got that 'out-there' Art Ensemble of Chicago horn element (let's have an Afro-disco 12" extension edit with the quiet bit as the introduction I say) but 'Zutuma' (very Astatke) and the closing track, 'Look Beyond The Sun' (very 60s psych-LA hippy Niño) more than make up for it.

'The 6th Dimension' is the modal jazzdance killer track (the longest on the album) and worth the price of the album alone, which I'm convinced is going to be a "collectors item" (even the black one; there's a limited edition red one), so I'd get two copies if I were you.

Gerry Hectic's Interview 09.11.2009 "CARLOS NIÑO - BUILDS AN ARK IN LONDON"(see.HERE)



Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label : Compost Records

Catalog Number :  CPT 623 LP / Digital / Bandcamp  

Mike Reed ("not that one", if you're in the UK) has collected 'The Sdeparatist Party' together like a modern day James Blood Ulmer meets The Pop Group/Pere Ubu sans David Thomas/Art Ensemble of Chicago (better mention Sun Ra too!) and it's fantastic!

Still coming to terms with Darius Jones's'fLuXkit Vancouver (i̶t̶s̶ suite but sacred)' album (see review HERE)? Try this as an alternative "free-jazz" that's free not free.

We've recently featured the Asona/BBE re-issue series of Ghanaian Hi-Life/80s burger albums (see review HERE) and there's definitely some strong Afro-fusion influences here, like 'Rahsaan In the Serngeti' and 'We Came To Dance'.  

Like Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Hertage Ensemble (that's featured the AEOC's Joseph Bowie, son of legend Don, David Ornette Cherry - who passed away November, 2022 and "my mate", Dwight Trible) and indeed AEoC affiliation with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), this Mike Reed is well known as a "community-builder" of music and presenting it; especially in the Chicago area.

The Separatist Party consists of six musicians that worked these nine tracks in just a week which is testament to their talents. Ben LaMar Gay (cornetist) is pretty evangelical whilst poet/spoken word artist, Marvin Tate (who have a great "battle" on 'Hold Me, Hold Me') are joined by Rob Frys, Cooper Crain and Dan Quinlivan (these three being members of Bitchin Bajas who had an album out last year, 'Switched On Ra' (see what they did there?) and these guys love a spacey synth.

The last track 'Eric's Theme' is a dreamy jazz/prog/Balearic instrumental that's arguably the most instant but it's all deep and a bit angular like the cover artwork; no surprise that they already have champions like Gilles Peterson (BBC 6 Music), Soho Radio, NTS, 1BTN and more voting for this party.

Reed has appeared on many Astral Spirits albums and this is thier first joint release with We Jazz and they are well suited as a partnership.

Artist: Mike Reed
Title: The Separatist Party
Release date: 27th October, 2023
Label :  We Jazz Records / Astral Spirits Records
Catalog Number : WJLP056 / AS 231 CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Richard E has travelled about a bit but this time he's taking us to the moon with the new single, 'To The Moon'!

Long time followers of Further Out Recordings will know that the origins were inspired by Sun Ra via Solar Apple Quarktette and Neptune Alpha Base Massive; any wonder then that this track is called 'To The Moon'?

Well it was inspired by the cyprto boom and equally seems relevant now with the mini-space race in times of a mini-planet crisis - sounds a bit 70s?  And so does 'To The Moon' with the ex-London based Yorkshireman now US citizen, LA resident with wife Annabel (lee) (when she's not engrossed with Edgar Allan Poe, there's 'Live Covers' also on Further Out Recordings (see review HERE).

This is almost 100% on vocals and instruments and feels nicely West Coast Baleraic Bowie that'd fit in a Paul Hillery 'We Are The Children Of The Sun (see review HERE) or his equally compelling compilaton series, ' Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours' (Vol. 2 came out earlier this month on RE:WARM).

The dreamy vocals, flute and guitars take a back seat on the Robert Burbidge remix but there's instrument and accapella versions too to make this the full package.

A new album, 'Opening Scene', is promised for release early next year so in the meantime, let's take it 'To The Moon' and back.

Artist: Rihard E with Robert Burbidge Remix
Title: To The Moon
Release date: 27th October, 2023
Label: Further Out Recordings
Cat. No: FUR017
Format: Bandcamp / Digital.

Michael Gray seems to be really busy at the moment with his DJing. radio shows, his own productions and remixes but he's found time to go back, way back to re-work 'Can't Stop', Reel People's anthem featuring Angela Johnson; it's like he can't wait for the weekend to begin.

And it's going to be a long weekend as there's five remix versions; even the radio edit is 4 minutes long!  In addition to the original remix and radio edits, there's a reprise, dub and instrumental versions.

The original was released 20 years ago with remixes by Dennis Ferrer and the next year, Kenny Dope's 4 track remix 12" was released so Mr. Gray is in exalted company with his own remix release.

A Gilles Peterson favourite back in the day for its house-nu-jazz-funk vibe, Gray's still in that area but with his Defected/Glitterbox leanings to the fore.

Whether it's the original or this remix, we're No. 1 dancefloor/boat party 'Can't Stop' excited as together we can fly!

PS. Don't forget Reel People's latest album from early this year, 'Love2' (see review HERE)

Artist:Reel People feat. Angela Johnson 

Title: Can’t Stop (Michael Gray Remixes) 

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label : Reel People Music

Catalog Number : RPM117 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 26 October 2023

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Smoove & Turrell  and Jalapeno Records are on a winner with this new album; their seventh (wonder)!

You might recall our surprise/delight that Ronnie Foster (Blue Note legend) was on the single 'The Light' (see review HERE) and there was 'Violet Hour' / 'Echoes' (see review HERE) and your thinking, can they keep this up for a whole album? Well, they bloody well can.

'IGOTCHA' is in the 80s disco/funk/soul style that superfan Craig Charles loves so much and proves you can have a clever lyric in a dance tune.  And then they excel themselves with 'Mary's Song' and 'Empty Bottle Serenade'.

This 'deeper' element is no doubt due to inspiration for the title of the album; Northern eastern heritage of Labour politician Ellen 'Red' Wilkinson who was an important element of the Jarrow March and post-war 'new world' thinking - something we'll be needing again soon as current events we're not envisaged when the wrote the album and title track; as the old saying goes, the only thing we learn from history is .... nothing.

On a brighter note, the other thing that we know for sure is that "Music is the healing force of the Universe" and I'm up for their explosion of summer love in 'Joy!', 'Waiting For Your Call' and 'Geno's Discotheque'.  

It must be said the John Turrell's vocals are a focal point but this is very much a collaboration and the musicianship is superb.

Artist: Smoove & Turrell

Title: Red Ellen

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label: Jalapeno Records

Cat. No: JAL431

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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Jewel Ackrah was already a star of the Hi-Life when he recorded this album, 'Electric Hi-Life' in the 'new' style of Electric Hi-Life but this guys is band wagon jumper. 

Release on Asona in London, this is another in BBE's re-issue series that have so far included Sam Yeboah's 'Meba Fie - I'll Be Back Home' (see review HERE) and Nana Budjei's 'Afrikaman' and this joins them in a celebration of Ghanain Hi-Life.

And perhaps it was recorded in Accra (the capital and largest city in Ghana) perhaps Jewel thought it was more 'electric' than his previous recordings as they had some synth keyboards in the studio (paricular 'Maame') which were particularly hard to come by at the time due to the import duties imposed by a near finanially backrupt regime being in power.

Jewel has a great voice and there's some great electric guitar here (perhaps, the effects peddels were in short supply too?), particularly on the openers 'Onipa Dasa Ni' and 'Eko Awar A Bisa' with some US. cop show theme sounding horns; "Rev" Jewel certianly had a 80s Hip-Hop/James Brown dress sense judging by the cover photo.  But is that a bit of Joe Walsh in the guitar on 'Awar So' and Kenny G on sax as they slip in a few chords of the wedding march theme? One for Saturday morning radio that one I thinks.

'Maame' is the longest of the five tracks on the album but it's a fitting climax to yet another joyful release in this series.  Even though there's no 'reggae' track on this album, it's the most electric for me and a must have to prolong this late summer / welcome Halloween season.

Artist: Jewel Ackrah 

Title:  Electric Hi-Life 

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE751 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

We'll, you might say, "Hello, here's two things of gold" when it comes to the lastest release by Antonio Trichera on A.MA Records.

But don't confuse the current 'Most Popular' review of the label's album by Two Things Of Gold (see review HERE) which this re-visit to one of the most popular tracks on Trinchera's 'Fauves' album that came out in just over a year ago.

Chicago's Elbert certainly has his finger on the jazz-funk dancefloor as 'Bug Night' has a Lonnie Liston Liston Smith/Deodato-esque groove infused into it with additonal percussion (Tom Laroye), synth and bass boogie (Terrence 'Slim' Holmes) to go the extra "Tryppy" space princess mile; just compare it with the equally jazz-funky orginal that's included with the release.

Don't you just love the artwork and don't forget, this is the second of Elbert's remixes from the album following the superb 'The Tractor And The Child' (see review HERE). 

Many thanks to once more to DJ Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, ReddSugarBlack Creative) for championing these releases.

Artist: Antonio Trinchera
Title: Bug Night (Elbert Phillips "Tryppy Tribute Remix") 
Release date: 26th October, 2023
Label : A.MA Reforged / A.MA Records
Catalog Number : A.MA Reforged 003 / Digital / Bandcamp 

Tuesday 24 October 2023

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Footie fans will recognise the name Yeboah (especially, in Leeds) as the Ghanian international striker Tony who has his own Hi-Life Sensation!

No, this is Sam Yeboah with BBE's re-issue of his 1980s "Burger" / "Electric Higlife" (kinda the Hi-Life equivalent of reggae to dancehall).

BBE are no strangers to this kind of re-issue but this series came to light after DJ Jerry Frempong's wife found some records in the  shed, Anthony Roberts-Frempong (who passed in 2011) having run Asona Records in the mid-80s to 90s.

Kicking off with 'Maame' bearing in mind this is around the time of Paul Simon's ' Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes' Afro-pop-rock and the Ghanian dispora of Hamburg / London and further afield.  And looking at commercial success, lets have some Ghanian 'Marley' reggae with 'Mempa Aba' which is a winner.

'Daben Da' sounds out as it's sweet guitar and vocals evoke Ebo Taylor whilst 'Odo Mewu' is more urgent and pre-Afro-bruk and then 'Biribi Aye Me' sounds like "double" Burger to me.

With this album, BBE's catalogue no. has reached 750 and there's many more to come as 'Meba Fie - I'll Be Back Home' is the first in a series of re-issues of Asona recordings; if they're all as good as this, we'll have to make some room on the vinyl shelvs back home.

Artist: Sam Yeboah

Title: Meba Fie - I'll Be Back Home

Release date: 27th October, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE750 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Saturday 21 October 2023

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A08 (formerly known as AFRICAINE 808) have a new album coming out on Compost Records later in the year and to get you excited, here's a double A-side single.

As mentioned in the review of the sinlge (see HERE),  Their previous album/12"s were on everyone's favourite white label outta New York (well, in my part of London anyway) Golf Channel with artists like Heroes Of The Galleon Trade, Justin Vandervolgen and DJ Nature to name just three: well, me and Tim Goldsworthy at least were fans (for more on me and Tim - see HERE

That was about 10 years ago and A08 seem to have stepped sideways from the previous African/House/Nu-Disco styling to a more of a  Afro-tech-Carrib-dancehall-dub - their album is called 'Waiting For Zion' which gives us a clue and it features artists from Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Trinidad as well as Germany.

As it's a double album it's likely to have many a focus; 'Life' feature African percussion and 'Sunset' is more reggae dub that reminds me of Paul Fox/Dubheart and it's great to hear that they perform live either as a Soundsystem as Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad or as a live act with live percussion. (Ed. lets get 'em to Wilkswood/Hastings/Falmouth Reggae Festivals next year) 

Artist: A08
Title: Life / Sunset
Release date: 20th October, 2023
Label : Compost Records
Catalog Number :  CPT 620-5 LP / Digital / Bandcamp   
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To misquote a well known film, "You had me at, 'Coming on vinyl LP and as limited glow-in-the-dark tapes edition'"!

But what kind of psychadelic madness is this?  Well it's the the kind you get when Jasmine Tutum (aka Jazz'min Tutum and best know in these parts for her collaborations with the best "electronic transmitter" around, Madtone) and OG Jahtari's disrupt and Rootah who call themselves The Other Others.

Jasmin's dub poetry elevates the Afro-futurism deep house that's as much influenced by Lee Scratch Perry and The Pop Group as Anthony Joseph, Roger Robinson, Theo Parrish, ENO or Grace Jones.

For undeground Berlin styled clubs, go straight to 'We Vibrate' that's spooky enough for Halloween and dry ice machines; I wonder if there's going to be a 'Weeds Up To Me Needs' remix?

Talking of which, 'Daze Days' is like a speeded up Jazz'min/Madtone track that's gone a bit Kraftwerk and talking of influences, there a mutation of Yello's 'The Race' for 'The Race', 'Outside Lastnight' (where we get a bit of Jazz'min scatting style) and my current favourite of the 8 tracks, the arcade disco dirty edit that's 'Our Daily Bread Battle'.

Ms. Tutum has got a way with words and a great delivery that's quite unique and as we have recently seen with the recent single from A08, 'Life' / 'Sunset' (just out on Compost Records - see review HERE), the 'electronic dub force' is a strong as ever whether it's at home or in the clubs or anywhere where the other others gather.

Always great to hear Jasmine and worth checking out all her releases.

P.S. Cover artwork by David Farris - could be a scary cushion cover?

Artist: AThe Other Others -
Title: The Other Others -
Release date: 19th October, 2023
Label : Jahtari Records
Catalog Number :  LP / Cassette / Digital / Bandcamp   

Friday 20 October 2023

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Here is the new British Standard for Soul and us naturals are fluent in the native language of Discoteca, turn it up Soulnaturals!

If you were a regular Friday and Saturday nite cluber in the 70s at the like of  Maison Royale, Bumbles, The Outlook or many thousands of other shady dancing establishments with an extended drinks licence 50 odd years ago, here's the modern equivalent of what would have been "the hottest sounds around"!

In the main room we'd have had the massive hit, 'I Found Love In A Discoteque' (see reveiw HERE) but all of the other seven tracks here would have either made the the main or backrooms as Soulnaturals parlo discoteca with ultimate fluency.

'I Found Love In A Discoteque' features the vocals of Ceci Munette as well as 'Rise Sister Rise' which is a bit funkier al la Donna Summer/Sister Sledge etc along with some big strings.  Tony Cannam sings on two 'modern' gems 'Baby I Got Your Back' which has some 70s Blackpool funk-mod-ish touches and a strong organ whilst 'Ain't Nobody Free (Until Eerybody's Free)' closes the album on a high class arrangement with celestial harp and gospel vocals; stand on the word vs. Soul II Soul.

Rosa Levv gets the title track and the reggae-ish 'I Chose Me' with huge backing vocals whilst Emma May Osei-Lah get vocally high on 'My Love Is Stronger' (one for the ladies) and a funky tale for Chalibrann who says, 'I Signed A Contract (With My Higher Self)' - a bit Edwin Starr vs James Brown - love it.

Rumours a foot about who is fighting to do remixes of this album already: let 'em fight I say as this is already brilliant throughout whether you remember the 70s or 70 minutes ago but never say lo non parlo discoteca!

Artist: Soulnaturals 

Title: Parlo Discoteca? 

Release date: 20th October, 2023

Label : British Soul Standard

Catalog Number : BSS0024

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

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Looks like 2023 just gets better for Afroterraneo with every release as we now get a rather loud 'El Silencio' from Buika and Kiko Navarro.

Following on from the Kiko Navarro/DJ Pippi/ Willie Graff EP, ;Tempistica Mistica' (see review HERE), 'El Silencio' is anything but in long and short versions with club and original edits.  More Latin/Flamenco-ish than Afro-House these guys know how to mix house and beach.

The Latin flava is of no surprise as Buika has won a Latin Grammy Award and has been described as having a "gritty" "voice of freedom" which suits the swirling synths on the club edit; the original version being more jazz-fun ky but just as club friendly.

Somewhat different to the other release this year, Beatkozina's 'Nusrat Passion' featuring Abirah Shah (with Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Remix - see review HERE) but I'm guessing, like 'Nusrat Passon', 'El Silencio' will make the Sumsuch Colour & Pitch Session for this month and that recommendation is more than enough in my book!

Artist: Buika & Kiko Navarro
Title: El Silencio 
Release Date : 20th October, 2023
Catalog Number : AFTNE058
Label : Afroterraneo Music
Format: Digital

Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch with another live mix, stacked with gorgeous new soulful electronic sounds from across the planet and beyond...

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1. Late Man - No Alarm - Be Adult Music
2. Sound Quelle - Lastecostra - Monstercat Silk
3. At One & Atjazz - I Get Down - Atjazz Record Company
4. Electric Dada & Da Luka - Cadmium (Freedo Mosho & Marway Remix) - Electronic Groove
5. Sanoi - Zero Gravity - Loop
6. Sio X Atmos Blaq - Land Of The Dreamers - Stay True Sounds
7. Buika & Kiko Navarro - El Silencio (Club Version) - Afroterraneo
8. RCTL - The Condition - My Techno Weighs A Ton
9. Bensy - City Of Gold (Alex Twin Remix) - COYA MUSIC
10. Sumsuch & Will Brock - Free Born Man - Colour and Pitch
11. Sister Pearl - The Calling (Mannix House Remix) - Dafia Records