Friday 20 October 2023

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Looks like 2023 just gets better for Afroterraneo with every release as we now get a rather loud 'El Silencio' from Buika and Kiko Navarro.

Following on from the Kiko Navarro/DJ Pippi/ Willie Graff EP, ;Tempistica Mistica' (see review HERE), 'El Silencio' is anything but in long and short versions with club and original edits.  More Latin/Flamenco-ish than Afro-House these guys know how to mix house and beach.

The Latin flava is of no surprise as Buika has won a Latin Grammy Award and has been described as having a "gritty" "voice of freedom" which suits the swirling synths on the club edit; the original version being more jazz-fun ky but just as club friendly.

Somewhat different to the other release this year, Beatkozina's 'Nusrat Passion' featuring Abirah Shah (with Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Remix - see review HERE) but I'm guessing, like 'Nusrat Passon', 'El Silencio' will make the Sumsuch Colour & Pitch Session for this month and that recommendation is more than enough in my book!

Artist: Buika & Kiko Navarro
Title: El Silencio 
Release Date : 20th October, 2023
Catalog Number : AFTNE058
Label : Afroterraneo Music
Format: Digital

Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch with another live mix, stacked with gorgeous new soulful electronic sounds from across the planet and beyond...

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