Thursday 12 October 2023

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Another Julian Gomes track destined for the Colour & Pitch Sessions mix tracklisting as he's just so consistently good.

You'll recall his earlier singles, the collaboration with Jordan Arts on 'Home (see review HERE) and 'uHambo'.  This time he links up with Kuniyuki Takahashi (piano) and Sio and it's possibly even more dreamy due to the vocals whilst underlying Afro-house beats drives it along: you won't want to let go of this one.

There's an album release in November which we definitely won't be missing out on.

PS. Love the artwork

Artist: Jullian Gomes, Kuniyuki Takahashi & Sio
Title: Let Me Go
Release date: 6th October, 2023
Label: World Without End
Catalog Number: WWE012-S3


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