Saturday 21 October 2023

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To misquote a well known film, "You had me at, 'Coming on vinyl LP and as limited glow-in-the-dark tapes edition'"!

But what kind of psychadelic madness is this?  Well it's the the kind you get when Jasmine Tutum (aka Jazz'min Tutum and best know in these parts for her collaborations with the best "electronic transmitter" around, Madtone) and OG Jahtari's disrupt and Rootah who call themselves The Other Others.

Jasmin's dub poetry elevates the Afro-futurism deep house that's as much influenced by Lee Scratch Perry and The Pop Group as Anthony Joseph, Roger Robinson, Theo Parrish, ENO or Grace Jones.

For undeground Berlin styled clubs, go straight to 'We Vibrate' that's spooky enough for Halloween and dry ice machines; I wonder if there's going to be a 'Weeds Up To Me Needs' remix?

Talking of which, 'Daze Days' is like a speeded up Jazz'min/Madtone track that's gone a bit Kraftwerk and talking of influences, there a mutation of Yello's 'The Race' for 'The Race', 'Outside Lastnight' (where we get a bit of Jazz'min scatting style) and my current favourite of the 8 tracks, the arcade disco dirty edit that's 'Our Daily Bread Battle'.

Ms. Tutum has got a way with words and a great delivery that's quite unique and as we have recently seen with the recent single from A08, 'Life' / 'Sunset' (just out on Compost Records - see review HERE), the 'electronic dub force' is a strong as ever whether it's at home or in the clubs or anywhere where the other others gather.

Always great to hear Jasmine and worth checking out all her releases.

P.S. Cover artwork by David Farris - could be a scary cushion cover?

Artist: AThe Other Others -
Title: The Other Others -
Release date: 19th October, 2023
Label : Jahtari Records
Catalog Number :  LP / Cassette / Digital / Bandcamp   


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