Friday 20 October 2023

If you'd mention Utrecht to me a couple of weeks ago I'd immediately associated it with the forthcoming 'Biggest Record Fair in the World' but now, I'll correct that with the knowledge that producer/drummer Joris Feiertag is from the Dutch city.

It also happens that the Record Fair is 30 miles from Utrecht but that's a mere detail as 'Roots' is his second album on Sonar Kollektiv and a change from his first as he's got a hoard of vocalist to help out to produce this 14 track album of soulful electronica with loads of different influences from world, to BRUK to jazz to ... anything Jazzanova would be into.

The single, 'Feel Me' featuring Nego True with 'Law Of Attraction' featuring OSHUN (see review HERE) is a good introduction; Nego True's clever lyrics are also a feature of the other track he's on, the jazzer 'Love Hills' that has a bit of a TY (RIP) vibe to it.  So totally different to the opener 'Nostalgia' (that features label mates WAAN, they of 'Echo Echo' - see review HERE) that's got the addition of some spiritual harp - also check 'Waiting For Tomorrow' featuring Leonard Luka

The most radio friendly track in the funkee soul of 'Keep Your Head Up' (featuring the vocals of Noah Slee) and 'Don't Know Why (You Lost Your Soul)' along with the Afro-bass of 'Ballon Sogni' featuring Falle Nioke, the trip-hoppy 'Re:soloution' and the housey 'Come Back' you get the idea how varied this album is.

For fans of Rhi (Tru-thoughts) she makes an appearance on 'Queen & King' in the mode of 'The Pale Queen' (although this would have made a great single too) and by concidence, there's a track of the same name as Rhi's debut album, 'Reverie' here (but unconnected) featuring Robin Kester.

The flute squad are covered by 'Violet (You & Me)' featuring Oli Hannaford and the 14 track set ends on a soulful high note of Pete Josef 'Give A Little'.

Well, it's more than a little you need to give this labour of love as there's so much to take in but if you're a fan of Jazzanova (and who isn't) you've got a head start and your all set to find a new favourite album and producer in Feiertag's (many), 'Roots'.

And just in case your in the area: The 57th Mega Record & CD Fair
November 11 & 12, 2023 Brabanthallen in ’s-Hertogenbosch

Title: Feiertag
Title: Roots
Release date: 20th October, 2023
Label : Sonar Kolletiv
Catalog Number : SK460D Digital / Bandcamp 


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