Thursday 19 October 2023

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Well, it'd be 'Impolite' not to! 

Yes, Team Ramrock have done it again with an excellent album of eight tracks inspired by the West Coast wave of 'new' hip-hop/soul/jazzers like Lamar, Glasper and Thundercat (sound like a firm of very suspect firm of Attorneys at Law?)

Leo Pesci's got that jazz heritage to his insightful hip hop a la Tribe Called Quest - if Roy Hargrove was around, he'd appreciate the opener 'Nuffin' Left But Crumbs' and the single, 'Power Clash'.

Jackson Mathod's trumpet on the single/album is a revelation and on an elevating positive outlook, we move onto 'Betta Now' that's more fully into the Dwele end of soul/R&B.

'Soprano's Theme' (Pesci, hey! Any relation?) and 'Evry1's Theory' lyrically point at the depressing world we've created; and then the music brings us hope of peace and love

Whilst this has echoes of the musical past, particularly Dwele / Hargrove/ RH Factor/ MC Solaar(en anglais), there's post-Thundercat / Flying Lotus / Kamasi Washington hints with the space-bruk of 'Dario's Pummarola' - supreme synth work and definitely one you're going to hear a lot of on the radio in the future - and the rally-cry of 'NU-ST8'.

Stay tuned and order the the vinyl; is it 'Impolite'? Take in 'Leo's MSG' and reflect on.

Artist: Leo Pesci

Title: Impolite

Release date: 20th October, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRRLP011


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