Friday 21 June 2024

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This EP ain't binary, it's totally ON.

We know from the release of 'Roots' (see review HERE) late last year and 'Feel Me' (featuring Nego True) / 'Law Of Attraction' (featuring OSHUN) (see review HERE) that Feiertag is nothing but prolific, diverse and quality. 

And he's at it again with this 4 track EP, 'ON/OFF' that ranges from the atmospheric opener 'CJ1108' to the bouncey electronic 'Colourball' which will liven up any dancefloor.

'DEKY' harks back to a music box vs. UKG shuffle which features the vocals of Rei Brown in a repetitive "Don't even know ya" phrase: familiar and new all at the same time. And then the best of the lot, the synthed out warp speed title track.

Did someone say prolific?  As well as releasing this EP on Sonar Kollektiv, there's also releases due on the equally iconic and foward thinking R&S Records and Anjunadeep so there's no escaping Feiertag this summer

Title: Feiertag
Title: ON/OFF EP
Release date: 21st June, 2024
Label : Sonar Kollektiv
Catalog Number : SK489D 
Format: Digital / Bandcamp 

Thursday 20 June 2024

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Here's a good 'Habit' to get into courtesy of Mackwood and DdB Records.

The follow-up to the Mackwood and Charlie Stacey release 'Yella!' (see review HERE) drummer/producer/songwriter Mackwood brings together just some of the influences after working with the likes of scene artists, including Col3trane, Nilufer Yanya, Jordan Rakei, Eliza and Blue Lab Beats.

In fact, if you can imagine Blue Lab Beats album, 'Blue Eclipse' in a more proggy synth bruk jazz fusion form, that's the type of habit Mackwood is wearing here with the help of  anaiis (France/Senegal) and Quinn Oulton (S.London).

Coming out of the Tomorrow's Warriors school, expect to see this guy at future WeOutHere Festivals and similar.

Artist: Mackwood ft. anaiis and Quinn Oulton
Title: Habits
Release date: 20th June, 2024
Label: 5dB Records
Cat. No: 5DB24002
Format: Digital
Producer: Harry Ling
Producer: Javier Weyler
Composer: Harry Ling
Lyricist: anaiis
Lyricist: Quinn Oulton

Friday 14 June 2024

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Wah Wah 45s have just release Jamie Finlay's debut album, 'Sun Dogs' that a blend of soul-jazz that's fit for any mad Englishmen at mid-day (men acting foolish from other nations are also available).

If you know Jamie's work from his previous  releases, you've eagerly awaited the debut album for a a long time; if not, you're in for a real treat with 'Sun Dogs'.

All eight tracks are a delightful hybrid of 4-Hero, Heliocentrics, Jimi Tenor (don't forget his latest, 'Is There Love In Outer Space?' - see review HERE) or if you want to go old school, Lonnie Liston Smith, Rotary Connection and Herbie's Headhunters.  And to make sure it's that good, he's got together a 'super group' to support him including some great singers, Bryan 'Corbenova' Corbett and Chris 'Time Capsule' Bowden.

It's all great but check out 'Staring At The Sun', 'Family' and 'Parhelion' in particular.

If you're in the area of the Chilled Cider Fesiival at the end of the month (vinyl only DJ set) I'll be bringing a couple of Jamie's previous 12"ers to play but far better to catch the Jamie Finlay Band's full live show, Grow in Hackney Wick (15th June), The Deaf Institute, Manchester on July 27th, or the big one, We Out Here Festival on August 16th.

Artist: Jamie Finlay 
Release: Sun Dogs
Release Date: 14th June, 2024
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: -
Format: Digital / BANDCAMP

Jamie Finlay - Keyboards, synthesisers, vocals, bass guitar & percussion
Ellen Beth Abdi - Vocals
Kemani Anderson - Vocals
Caitlin LM - Vocals, saxophones & flute
Hannah McGuigan - Vocals
Matt Steele - Fender Rhodes
Errol Rollins - Drums
Bryan Corbett - Trumpets, flute & trombone
Chris Bowden - Saxophones
Dan Carpenter - Flugelhorn
Atholl Ransome - Saxophones
Dan Gresham - Additional keyboards
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For some, there's no way back, be it former Presidents or Prime Ministers (in this heavy election year) but for the label, No Way Back, there's another chance with remixes on the 'Significant Other EP'.

Always Friends have rallied round their six best mates for an EP of half a dozen dancedloor house tunes for the summer months ahead.
You may recall the original release from earlier this year as Always Friends, aka Brad Eller and 50% of Glass Slipper (they of 'Incidental Introspection' - see review HERE) and Duo Electro, but he says this solo project intends to be equally split between deep house, dub techno and euphoric vibes merged into one.

By having remixes by Soledrifter, Demarkus Lewis, Southern Oracle, Col Lawton, Daniel Allen and Cuillere re-inforces the best of these tracks.

Particularly liking Brad's Austin neighbour Cuillere with his stutter dub-house take of 'Little Chant' which takes us into the garden with green-House but you're going to love it all, from the main room of the title track (as remixed by Soledrifter) whilst Demarkus Lewis (who has been involved in hundreds of remix) gives 'Safe Passage' a big bounce beat. 

Another mate from Austin, Southern Oracle (aka Davey Schacheri) is another one who favours a bouncey beat and Glass Slipper has already had a release with Col Lawton this year whilst Col had a track on a Staybad, 'Staybad & Friends' with Daniel Allen a couple of year ago; incestuous significant other, but in a good way.

Allen's 'Moving Foward' has the power and warp speed of a Inter-City on a return ticket - No Way Back has got this dancefloor foward facing.

P.S. Don't forget to vote.

Artist: Always Friends 
Title: Significant Other EP (Remixes)
Release date: 14th June, 2024
Label: No Way Back
Catalog Number: CAT1064720
Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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Mr. Bongo can't be acussed of living in the past as they champion both old and new music equally: but here's a masterstoke with the New Regency Orchestra as they present a dozen hot Latin tracks as their debut album, 'New Regency Orchestra'.


The Guardian (Ed. who?) have apparently got their knickers twisted about the new nostalgia in music (e.g. Northern Soul revivals in Bristol and Deptford, Streaming services and even 80s band superfan cruise ships!).

But this is not a new thing (remember DJ Chris Hill's Glenn Miller Big Band revival in Canvey?) but when there's a new 18-piece Afro-Cuban big band that's re-livng 1950s NYC salsa, mambo and all things Latin, it's time to get ya dance shoes on, hot and sweaty .    

This is not half-baked Kid Creole & The Coconuts tribute but a full on Tito 'The High Preist Of Salsa' Puente BIG band/Fania Allstars comprising some of the London's best jazz musicans envisaged by Lex Blondin (Total Refreshment Centre, Church of Sound) and the mostly instrumental tracks are a proper homage to the period/now and echos the Latin jazzdance scene (Gilles Peterson, Paul Murphy etc) that re-discovered Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker's foresight of hooking up with Machito and Chano Pozo; who were still.colamborating in the 70s.

Whilst there's a heavy dance background to this, it's taken to a modern level with the beautiful feel of 'Scarlet Mambo Hour' and the near modal, 'Sahib & Tito' in contrast to the very busy vocal tracks, 'Papa Boco' and 'Labasta Leigo' and the "Cuban in New York", 'Harlem Jamboree'.

Apparently there are plans for live appearances at festivals this summer which will be totally mad, especially the Blondin re-work of 'Mambo Rama' which reminds me of what Jerry Dammer's was doing with his Spatial AKA Orchestra almost exactly 10 years ago.

Old or new, this is a fantastic album and, for some, a fantastic future journey into some of the best music ever recorded anytime/anywhere.

P.S. In the future, get anything you see by Sahib Shihab - or stream it/him. 

Artist: New Regency Orchestra
Title: New Regency Orchestra
Release date : 14th June, 2024
Label : Mr Bongo
Catalog Number : MRBCDLP307
Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 13 June 2024

I was reminded this week that Fania Records are cellebrating their 60th year and before we hear much more of that, time to dig out a much loved Mr Bongo CD from 2008!

Apart from the CD, I seem to recall that there was some companion 12" to go along with this set: 14 tracks remixed by so of the big names at the time including Aaron Jerome (now better known as Sbtrakt), Quantic, 4 Hero, Bugz In The Attic and some big names then and now, Louie Vega (of course), DJ Andy Smith, Ashley Beadle and Gilles Peterson.

The remix CD seems to have "disappeared" (we used to have so much fun with this back in the day when the Salsa Class from up the road came down to our Wednesday night session in Bournemouth) but CD2 is still with me with 14 tracks of originals featuring legendary music from Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe, Tito Puente, Ray Barretto and Rubén Blades among many others.

Expect to hear Robero Roena's 'Take Five', 'Saona' by Nora Morales and, of course, 'I Like It Like That' by Peter Rodriquez throughout the summer.

This is not currently available on Mr Bongo's Bandcamp site so the campaign starts here for the re-issue; in the meantime, check out the new Mr. Bongo album, 'New Regency Orchestra' that's packed with Fania flavas (see review HERE). 

Happy birthday Fania.

"Kicking off the year-long celebration and available now is a newly remastered reissue for La Gran Fuga (The Big Break), the 1970 masterpiece from the magnificent salsa duo Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe. The Gold-certified sixth collaboration has been newly remastered, featuring (AAA) lacquers cut from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180-gram vinyl, with a classic tip-on jacket and, as an added bonus, an 11” x 22” insert featuring Izzy Sanabria’s famous cover art—an FBI wanted poster with the bandleader’s mugshot—which took inspiration from Colón’s “Malo” alter-ego. La Gran Fuga is also finally available in 192/24 hi-res digital audio on all major music platforms"

Original review 18th July 2008 - FlyGlobalMusic.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

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If you don't know already, this is an incredible record and a truely rare Afro-funk monster with 5 all-killer tracks.

We know that Remi's album, 'Son of Africa' (see review HERE) was fetching over £700 for originals before BBE re-issued it and 'Roots Funkadelia' recorded four years later in 1980 is even more sort after.

Why is that? Because this album had no international deal at the time of its release in Nigeria which is amazing as it was recorded and mixed in LA at Motown with The Commordores brass section!

They certainly give it that Motown/70s/Stevie sharpness with the funk of a brick house Afro-Parliament inspiration.

'Afro Beat' and 'Ikaope' are worth the price of this album alone but you get LKJ walkin' rap on 'Togetherness' in a War-style reggae, 'Festival' is a wah-wah joy and 'Funky Lagos' is the roots that he's sitting on with respect to 'Funky Kingston'.

If you come to hear me DJ at Chilled Cider Festival later this month, you will definitely hear one of these tracks - and none of them are chilled!  Totally hot - no idea why this wasn't a major hit.

Artist: Aderemi Kabaka 
Title: Roots Funkadelia
Release date: 7th June, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE768
Format: Vinyl LP / Digital / Bandcamp  

Friday 7 June 2024

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There's no no weeds growing up to his knees but this is a rare one, a release by Michael Reinboth! 

Fresh from the Anna Schreit 12"/DNLD, 'Duck EP' (see review HERE), he's another waddle on the pond with the head honcho of Compost Records.

Having been such an ever present on the German/European/World scene and releasing so many tracks by so many artists, it's interesting to find that Michael is loving instrumental spacey synth house as he team up with his mate, Jan Krause (also of Beanfield) on 'Let The Spirit'.  

On the flip there's a avant-house mix of percussive goth bells (al la 'Blood Red Hands') in Cosmic and Club versions that's not just for fans of Audi cars or Hamburg's Mojo Club where he's DJ'd at recently. The club version isn't an old banger - it's proper bangin'.

Beanfield were at their zenith 20 years ago with 'Tides' with Ripperton and Carl Craig remixes so it's great to have a 'revival' of sorts and hopefully an album to follow.

Artist: Michael Reinboth

Title: Let The Spirit / RS6 Avant 

Release date: 7th June, 2024

Label: Compost Records

Cat. No: CPT 631-1/-3

Format:Vinyl 12" / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 6 June 2024

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Did you really think Be Adult Music's release following Baron Ashler's 'The End Of Pangea' would be just as good? Well, it is and you'll love it!

You may have spotted David with a couple of tracks on their sister label, Be Adult Weapons, but this is he first 2-track EP release.  

Both tracks are dreamy rollers; 'I Need Your Love' and 'Thinking About' are quite dubby.

The artwork deserves a 12" sleeve and don't  forget to get 'The End Of Pangea' (see review HERE) which is a great companion release too.

I will need your love is Pangea is close to the end.

Artist: David Ol
Title: I Need Your Love
Release date: 6th June, 2024
Label: Be Adult Music
Catalog Number: BAM365
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K.O.G is back with a monster track, 'Odo Sronko' featuring Pat Thomas!

When K.O.G have been on YATM, it's been as a featured artist like La Yegros featuring K.O.G (see review HERE) or David Walters featuring K.O.G (see review HERE) but at last, there's the follow-up to Zone 6 (see review HERE) and this time the featuring artist is Pat Thomas!  

Yes, it's Pat Thomas (aka Kwabena Nyamekye Amoo-Mensah) of Pat Thomas and the Kwashibu Area Band and best mates with Ebo Taylor who between them are the best of Ghanian Highlife and Afrobeat for years.

Produced by Pura Vida's main man Guts and recorded in Ghana and Sheffield, this is a single from the forthcoming album, 'Don't Take My Soul' that's due out in September.

Artist: K.O.G feat. Pat Thomas

Title: Odo Sronko

Release Date : 6th June, 2024

Catalog Number : -

Label : Pura Vida Sounds / Heavenly Sweetness

Format:  Digital