Friday 27 January 2023

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When the album came out last September, not only did we have "beautiful beats/Bruk/Nu-soul/funk from two artists that have excelled in the past and looks like that they're never going to stop" we were told that they'll be a remix release with stunning remixes by Moodymann, Potatohead, Moodorama.

As the original album sounds like a combination of Clinton/Bootsy/Amp Fiddler rolled up as one it's not difficult to imagine how cool the Moodymann remix of 'Hold On 2 It' is - just, super Kenny Dixon Jr on the dancefloor  knobs with a touch of dub.

Potatohead People might be out there in Vancouver but they're very much at the heart of underground hip-hop (notably New York's Bastard Jazz) and their vocal and instrumental takes on 'Make Me Crazy' funks up the slinky orginal version.

You may know Moodorama better as Martin Sennebogen who was on Stereo Deluxe (as was BiggaBush's original album 'Free') in the 90s and part of Knowtoryus (also Compost) and his two versions of 'Cruel Mistake' take us into that drama of orchestral dub 'Wierd Mistake' and a minimal soul 'Deep Rise' remix.

As with the original album, it wouldn't be right to focus on these remix versions as the power of Inkswel and Colonel Red as it's all quality throughout that kinda sounds like a BBE release so it's doublely cool that Compost have faith in this beautiful existance; and so should you.

Artist: Inkswel & Colonel Red

Title: Holders Of The Sun Remix EP

Release date: 27th January, 2023

Label : Compost Records

Catalog Number : CPT602-1/-3 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp  


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