Friday 13 January 2023

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Is that 'Teardrops' you hear in 'Learn To Be Cool' or is it a modern version of the "Pioneering jazz-rock, progressive, psychedelic, funk & pop" group, Ian Carr's Nucleus or an electronic jazz version of Cinematic Orchestra? 

We'll it is hard to try and tie down some bands to a unique/tribal genre and Conic Rose is definitely one of them. 

Love 'Learn To Be Cool' as the 'Teardrops' sounding line is almost like a taped Short Wave radio show with super lovely keys and a funky bassline; quasi 'Baba O'Riley' meets OST. 

This German band have all the background of playing arenas filled with fans of pop stars Clueso, Jan Delay and Samy Deluxe together with supporting jazz bands too. It's German; it's post-Compost/Jazzanova/Sonar Kollektiv/MPS Records and it's great. 

'Goodbye' is similar in a glitchy/bruk/downtempo 'Miles' jazz way which is super cool. 

Album due soon and don't forget last year's release Gleisdreieck / Chopin Rosé / Honeylake but you've got to learn to be cool first.

Artist: Conic Rose 

Title: Learn To Be Cool / Goodbye

Release date: 13 January, 2023

Label: Conic Rose

Cat. No: ConicRoseS04

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  1. Just spotted the playlist on Focus Beats 28.01.23 include Conic Rose and loads of other top beats