Monday 16 January 2023

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Originally this was going to be a  'PHYSICAL ONLY release!' and 'very limited stock' as esteemed DJ Muro gets into a 'Diggers Dozen'.

So you were warned that you needed to get the vinyl but somebody has had the bright idea to list a digital version on Bandcamp; "PHEW!".

And this is brilliant as Takayoshi Murota, better known as Muro, the DJ, producer, remixer and digger, presents his first compilation on BBE Music.

So he's been getting dusty with the 70's archive of Nippon Columbia for the gems of composer and musicians of Japan's jazz & latin and soundtracks. You've got Kiyoshi Yamaya, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Toshiyuki Miyams, Tadaaki Misago & the Tokyo Cuban Boys and many more.

You can imagine any original vinyl of these releases will cost a few million yen but here you've got sumptuous jazz, funk, beats and OST soundtrack souding tracks that have absorbed the US '70s influences with, at times' the Japanese traditions such as 'Asadoya Yunta' and 'Nanbu Ushiou Uta' (both by Kifu Mitsuhashi on Shakuhachi and band leader Kiyoshi Yamaya).

There's the super Japanese version of 'Superstition' (listed here as 'Souma Nagareyama'), over 9 minutes of Toshiyuki Miyama and His New Herd's 'Seijinshiki (aka Adult's Day)' and four tracks by Tadaaki Misago & the Tokyo Cuban Boys (a "Latin hits covers band" formed in 1949) to complete this set; watch out for the 'Soran Bushi' karate chop and the jazz dance 'hit' 'Sakura Sakura'.

What with the sucess of the J-Jazz compilations and masters series releases, I can't see this being the first and last 'Diggers Dozen' by Muro; he's not known as 'King Of Diggin' for nuthin' and lets hope we can see some DJ sets from him soon.

Artist : DJ Muro

Title : Diggers Dozen

Release Date : 13th January, 2023

Catalog Number : BBE633

Label : BBE Music / Bandcamp


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