Friday 20 January 2023

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So you think you know South African/Zimbabwean music and then the Bantu Spacehip lands and you're dancing like a King Sunny Ade meets Ladysmith Black Mambazo's lovechild. 

Joshua Chiundiza is the pilot on this ship and what really tweaks this track, or should I say, plugs-in, is Sam Mabukwa - lead guitarist of Ngosimbi Crew would released a couple of albums/cassettes in Zimbabwe with Admire Kasenga (who passed away in 2004). 

Only complaint, too short - Nyami Nyami Records promise an album in March so lets hope the 'flights' are a longer and watch out for the new Jit Wave to take off! 

Album release: March 10th 2023 on vinyl and digital formats.

Artist: Bantu Spaceship 

Title: Bantu Electro Sungura

Release date: 20th January, 2023

Label : Nyami Nyami Records

Catalog Number : NNR014 / Bandcamp


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