Tuesday 4 December 2012

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We can't get enough of this incredibly emotional and moving piece of music from French super-producer Rocco.

We've been fans of his for many years now, but this track really is something special.


Wednesday 14 November 2012

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A super-heavyweight collab for you all- enjoy!

Get Up Recordings unveils "Spring Affair," the upcoming single from the legendary Heller & Farley featuring a quartet of great remixes from David Harness, Brodanse, The Connection, and MATRiXXMAN.

"When Pete Met Terry? Probably at the legendary London party, Shoom, in the late 80s, where host, Danny Rampling made Peter Heller and Terry Farley residents. In addition to deejaying, Pete had an 808 drum machine, so they hooked up to create some ‘indie dance’ remixes, including a dub of Happy Mondays’ “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”, which Junior Vasquez got hold of and made into a Sound Factory classic. From that moment, they were off and running. In addition to their own formidable discography as a duo, Heller & Farley recorded as Roach Motel, an outlet for their more underground projects; they also joined producer Gary Wilkinson in the lush garage techno trio, Fire Island, as well as teaming with Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson in Bocca Juniors. Pete had solo success with the anthem, “Big Love”, as well as many other club hits and solo remixes, while Farley helped form Faith, a London crew that has thrown some legendary parties and published the essential fanzine of the same name."

We are particularly feeling 'The Connection' remix here, but all versions are very nice indeed!

Release Date: 3rd Dec 2012

Buy on Beatport

Heller & Farley - Spring Affair (Get Up Recordings) by 8DPromo

Tuesday 14 August 2012

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Here at YATM Towers, things have been a little quiet of late. You might assume that we've all been lazing on the beach for the last couple of months, and you would be partly right, but we've also been waiting to find the kind of incredible, exclusive new music which inspires us to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards). We will never review substandard material just for the sake of it, so you'll forgive us for the odd gap between posts.

Thankfully, our musical drought is at an end, thanks to this incredible release from Atnarko. We received this package from the lovely folks at 8D, who supplied us with the following introduction to the folks behind the music:

"Introducing Dance:Revolt Recordings, a new label formed by a collection of scene veterans that is sure to make immediate waves on the international house music scene. Dance:Revolt is the brainchild of renowned Florida-based DJ/producer Atnarko in cahoots with Dub Creative Group, an industry-established marketing and media team as well as hosts of internationally renown house music events. The label is intended as "a celebration of music and lifestyle," working within a variety of formats, including vinyl 12" issues of Dance:Revolt's releases."

The original is an undeniably sexy chunk of low slung deep house music, which simply oozes class. Three Piece Suit's rework takes the original into darker territory, with shades of 80's electro. Rey Aguilar's remix ups the tempo, creating an insistent, groove laden dancefloor bomb. Finally Lomez's take on the track twists and turns expertly, resulting in an engaging and unique version.

We love all the mixes, there truly is something for everyone in this package. But enough from us, listen for yourself:

Atnarko - Violent Sky (Dance:Revolt Recordings) by 8DPromo

Release Date: August 27, 2012  


Monday 21 May 2012

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Harold Heath and our very own blogger in chief Sumsuch are proud to present their new project- Lifers. The first of many collaborations, this EP contains one original, plus solo remixes from each artist. To top it off, Avangardia boss Ricky Ryan has roped in top Indian producer Hamza (boss of Wind Horse Records), as well as Latin American stars Dee Keepers to add their own special magic...

Here's what the label have to say:

"AVANGARDIA all bright eyed and bushy tailed in 2012 introduce themagical world of Harold Heath & Sumsuch. Presenting - Lifers debut single 'Finders Keepers'., , Hazma opens the evenings proceedings with a lovely-lounge-locked driven groove with mountains of melody and Detroit 'Strings of Life' accents to illuminate you., , Harold Heath and Sumsuch 'Dub' it to the bone and re-jack the underbelly exposing the inner workings of the power station that drives Finders Keepers., , Sumsuch by his own admission roughs it up with robotic commands and bass-end acrobatic misbehaviour to leave you in no doubt who's the captain of this ship., , Dee Keepers make it clear from the very start that there is no hurry. The Melodic chords are stretched out as far as your eyes can see giving your ears plenty of time to ingest every last morsel., , Harold & Sumsuch's original version is stealthily and thoughtful. The momentum never allows you to leave the comfort of this well crafted Deep House exploration."

'Finders Keepers' will be available on all major download stores from June 2012.


Thursday 12 April 2012

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One of the greatest joys as a DJ is discovering a new track which you immediately know will slot right into your sets, like a missing piece of the puzzle. For me, Irishman Gavin Boyce has supplied just such a track with his sublime new single 'Divine In You'. Deep house in the purest sense of the phrase; the groove is restrained, the bassline effortlessly cool yet utterly compulsive, and the vocal anthemic. It's rare that I end up listening to a track over and over again, but this is probably most the addictive record I've heard so far this year. The 'Alternate Mix' strips down the groove, letting the sublime vocal and piano create a truly uplifting atmosphere. Fellow Irishmen Fish Go Deep are real stalwarts of the scene, and their remix definitely does the job, though for me it loses some of the emotional impact and restraint which I love so much about the original.

Release dates:
17th April 2012 (Traxsource Exclusive)
8th May 2012 (General Release)

NT071 GAVIN BOYCE - Divine In You by Nordic Trax

Tuesday 27 March 2012

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Joshua Iz should certainly not require any introduction from me, having appeared on many of the greatest house labels on earth over the years, both in his solo guise and as one half of Iz & Diz. He enjoys a game of tennis and claims to make a mean salsa, although YATM have yet to be invited to a tasting, so unfortunately we can't comment. We are, however able to comment on his brand new brace of tracks on Dream In Audio; and if his salsa is anywhere near as good as his latest EP, I for one want to go round to his place for lunch. Vintage, vibey, fun and full of energy, 'The Figure' is a surefire dancefloor weapon. The B Side, 'What You Like', is a rather more restrained and deeper affair with all the atmosphere and groove we've come to expect from mister Iz. Just brilliant house music. Emerging producers take note- this is how it's done.

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Seattle's Uniting Souls Music have impressed me greatly with their last few releases. It's a label which doesn't fall into the trap of releasing safe, generic tracks like so many others these days, and this policy really makes it stand out from the crowd. The latest release is certainly no exception, featuring a spiritual call to the dancefloor from veteran DJ and producer Adnan Sharif, as well as remixes by Pezzner & Michael Manahan. Musically, the package is perfectly balanced. The original version is a completely unique tune; dark, delicate and soulful in equal measure, with a gorgeous vocal drop from Light Searcher. Pezzner's remix meanwhile is nothing less than a deep house dancefloor behemoth, with all the darkness, twists, turns and squelches we've come to expect from him. Finally, Michael Manahan's version takes on a much lighter mood and a real hypnotic sense of musicality, making it ideal for the terrace. A fantastic EP overall, highly recommended.

WeR1 is released on April 3rd 2012 on all major download stores.

Adnan Sharif - WeR1 (Uniting Souls Music) by 8DPromo

Wednesday 21 March 2012

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Baker Street is one of those labels which consistently delivers musically without ever creating much fuss or hype. Based in Leeds and run by Paul Hardy, Baker Street has spent half a decade popping out dancefloor gems tailored to the more discerning DJ.

Moodymanc, Sei A, Sasse, Lee Mortimer, Demarkus Lewis and many more stalwarts of the scene have appeared on the label, and to celebrate their birthday they are releasing a full length LP featuring brand new remixes of their finest tracks.

I was sent a 6 track sampler of the release, which is available from April 9th in all major download stores, and I'm happy to report that all of the mixes are very good indeed. In particular, look out for Paul Hardy & McKai's remix of Paul Hardy's 'Ninja Slipper', and Jay Shepheard's sublime remix of 'Dust' (also composed by Hardy).

I believe it's no coincidence that my two picks on the anniversary sampler are produced by the label boss himself. Freerange & Lost My Dog are just two examples of many great labels whose owners have created much of their most memorable output, and Baker Street fits into the same mold. There's something special about a small label run by a great producer; creativity happens more easily, artistic respect is mutual, and a unique style is naturally achieved.

So here's to Baker Street, and another five years of fine house music bearing the image of a certain fictional pipe-smoking gentleman.

Paul Hardy & McKai have produced a mix to accompany the album release, which is available to stream or download here:

5th Anniversary Mixed by Paul Hardy & McKai by Baker Street Recordings


Sunday 26 February 2012

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As some very welcome spring sunshine flooded through the windows of our Brighton HQ, we found this rather special EP lurking in our inbox, which provides the perfect soundtrack to our Sunday.

If you're not familiar with Andre Bonsor by name, you may well know his music from his sterling work with Nottingham production outfit Schmoov! throughout the late nineties. Believe it or not, this is his first solo effort using his real name, and a rather lovely offering it is too.

The release contains all the musicality and positive vibes we have come to expect from Schmoov!, but with a real sense of individuality. Disco influenced, feel good deep house we call it, and it really makes us long for those summer beach parties. The release is dropping just in time for Miami, and we can certainly see this record working well by the pool.

Release Date: 6th March 2012 (Traxsource) / 9th April 2012 (Full Release)


Saturday 25 February 2012

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Already a firm favourite with lovers of atmospheric underground music everywhere, the excellent Apollo label continues its prolific assault on the year 2012 with a full length LP from Polish producer Peluca. This dropped into our inbox in late January, and hasn't been off the office stereo since. For once, the often rather flowery description supplied by the label is entirely matched by the brilliance of the music. Here's what they have to say about the record:

"Intricate, analog percussion & lush, melodic soundscapes arc through "Modo" with the complexity & grace of a full blown symphony. The 60 minute debut album from Peluca is a genre-defying, label defining journey told in 9 tales-- each carefully engineered pinions of an overarching, interlocking world.."

Not much for us to add then, it would seem. This is truly a tour de force of electronic music production. Atmospheric, bleak and beautiful in equal measure, the LP contains a few dancefloor moments, but somehow manages to keep a sense of balance and composure from start to finish. This is only aided by the fact that included in the album package is a continuous DJ mix of the LP, which really helps to map the journey contained within the record; a must for any ipod (especially if travelling on a train at night). A special piece of work indeed- if only all producers took such care when putting together an album.

'Modo' is available now, exclusively at Beatport 

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One of the most underrated producers in house music and a personal favourite of ours, Da Funk hails from Zurich, Switzerland. His own imprint Acryl Music has been firing out some fantastic releases since 2004, and his own productions and remixes have become mainstays in many discerning DJ's boxes over the years. His latest release on Dutchie Music 'Clavia Aurea' however, really is something special. Often it's one great track that defines a producer; sometimes it's a debut release, and sometimes it takes several years to happen. In our opinion, 'Clavia Aurea' might just be Da Funk's moment in the sunshine. Uplifting, beautiful, bordering on euphoric, but with a real elegance and sense of cool throughout, this track could easily stand comparisons to vintage Milton Jackson or Scope productions. But I would argue there is even more personality, warmth, soul and to this record- it really makes you tingle in all the right places. If dropped at the right moment to an open-minded dancefloor, this track has the potential to create one of those life-changing clubbing moments.

'Clavia Aurea' is out now on Dutchie Music, with remixes to follow.

Da Funk-Clavia Aurea by Da Funk


Thursday 26 January 2012

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For a long while I've been planning a downtempo mix for those late night reflective moments. Sit back, turn the lights down low, pour a stiff drink and enjoy a journey through the more emotional, yet life-affirming corners of my record collection. This set is dedicated to those who are no longer with us, and those left behind to miss them.

Yesterday's news of the sad passing of legendary DJ, producer and lovely man Shem McCauley (aka Slacker) spurred me on to finally put this mix together, however Lee Bailey, Ian Jones & Amy Winehouse & My Gran also deserve special mention. Gone, but never forgotten. Rest In Power.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

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The first mix to be posted on You and the Music comes courtesy of our resident blogger Jeff Daniels, taking us through a selection of utterly essential jazz beats. Anyone with even a passing interest in dance music should get stuck into this- the roots are laid out before us here (as well as some very tasty recent cuts).

In the words of the man himself: "I've been meaning to put together a selection of Jazz or Jazz influenced tracks for a while now, and finally, here it is. The 1st installment..."Jazz Journey #1", taking in all forms of Jazziness, and featuring some real dance-floor burners to get your jazz juices flowing, a few head nodders and a couple of spat scuffers thrown in there as well, merging styles and adding new dimensions. No weakness in the whirl. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice."

You can download the link here http://www.sendspace.com/file/xc67xq

Feel free to share and please leave a comment, it's all about connecting up!

For DJ bookings please email djjeffdaniels@facebook.com

Tuesday 10 January 2012

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For our first slice of musical pie in 2012, we have this very tasty little EP from the mysterious Finnish producer pothOles... We have a fair idea who this guy is, but we don't know for sure. All that that matters is that he delivers some rather amazing deep funk, with shades of Chicago and a real retro feel.

Both original tracks 'Poka' and 'Warthog' are very nice indeed- blissed out, smooth, spacey and full of uplifting peaks and troughs. Alex Arnout takes 'Poka' down a much clubbier road with his remix. dark and trippy, this is proper late night / closed eyes fodder. Our pick however is Dana Bergquist & Peder G's remix of 'Warthog', which takes us right back to the 80s with some heavy boogie bass and a a real standout breakdown followed by a storming bassline workout towards the end.

OHR005 pothOles - Warthog (Dana Bergquist & Peder G Remix) soundcloup clip by Oh! Records Stockholm

We don't currently have a release date for this excellent EP yet, but we will keep you posted as always!