Tuesday 27 March 2012

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Seattle's Uniting Souls Music have impressed me greatly with their last few releases. It's a label which doesn't fall into the trap of releasing safe, generic tracks like so many others these days, and this policy really makes it stand out from the crowd. The latest release is certainly no exception, featuring a spiritual call to the dancefloor from veteran DJ and producer Adnan Sharif, as well as remixes by Pezzner & Michael Manahan. Musically, the package is perfectly balanced. The original version is a completely unique tune; dark, delicate and soulful in equal measure, with a gorgeous vocal drop from Light Searcher. Pezzner's remix meanwhile is nothing less than a deep house dancefloor behemoth, with all the darkness, twists, turns and squelches we've come to expect from him. Finally, Michael Manahan's version takes on a much lighter mood and a real hypnotic sense of musicality, making it ideal for the terrace. A fantastic EP overall, highly recommended.

WeR1 is released on April 3rd 2012 on all major download stores.

Adnan Sharif - WeR1 (Uniting Souls Music) by 8DPromo


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