Monday 31 July 2023

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With a cover artwork that smacks of Christiane F's Berlin you'd be foolish to think that this is Ramrock inspired Bowie/Eno/Fripp nightmare re-imagined.

In fact, D.Foe (aka Mark Daniels and he of 45 Dip, Marden Hill and Sugarman) had a dream (not that type) and woke up convinced he'd written a perfect song.  Unfortunately, the radio waves had interfered with his shut-eye and it he later found he'd dreamt a song that previously existed as 'I'm A Fool To Care' by Mary Forde and Les Paul from the mid fifties.

Undeterred and more than enthused, together with the vision of Rob Clydesdale, they dreamt up a hip-hop, trip-out dub with a touch of swamp/C&W over a masters voice horn which was more than enough to get the studio knobs working over-time al la Mad Professor. 

If you know the song (there's many versions from Bing Crosby to Gene Pintey/George Jones) there's a strange menace to it, like a series of Cracker mixed with Pennies From Heaven (ask you grand parents).  

So D.Foe has to give it the full treatment of course as you can't contain such imagination in just one track or one vocalist.  So the 'Fool' EP has 5 tracks, with varying amounts of dub and boomp bap, 3 different vocalists, one sung in French and one by the queen of Celtic Cajun, Jennifer Ewan (and those Cajun's have a French cross over of course). 

Love the trombone playing as it evokes the sound of Rico (The Specials) and Ewan's voice evokes my inner Alex Harvey [which is a good thing] and the dubs are just next level; could do with more harmonica (calling Hay-eer-yah's Continual Harmonica Cut?) and Les Negresse Vertes weren't afraid of a bit of dub with their francaise which matches Claire Deliere's 'plus a change' (young Parisians are so French you know - well, it's Le Tour Femme avec Zwift yellow jersey time of year) and not forgetting the original vocal, by Hannah Morris (South Of The Boarder, but not that boarder, it's the boarder that put Ms. Ewan North of the Boarder).

As you can tell, this is nothing like D.Foe's collaborations with Ghetto Priest (see review HERE) but it's equally addictive - you'd be a fool to miss out on this one!

Artist: D.Foe feat Hannah Morris, Claire Delliere & Jennifer Ewan

Title: Fool EP

Release date: 31st July, 2023  

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR048

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Can you feel a new jazz dance Brit funk happening?  Well, it's on the cards as King Bee says it's 'Good To Be Back'.

Once more, Ramrock Red Records (and Mrs Ramrock, Jo Wallace in particular) have got their finger on the UK pulse and this time it's in Newcastle we find this powerhouse of a seven piece band that features the classic three horn front line with vibraphone!

Think Incognito mixed with the Chevalier Brothers doing jazz-funk like Morrissey Mullen/Beggar & Co. brought up to date like BunnDebrett Quintet, that's a bit of a challenge to get your jazzdance feet around but definitely worth it.

And on this mighty single, in addition to the instrumental version, there's two versions featuring the vocals of Andre Espeut who you may not recognise the name but his soulful vocals have quite rightly been sought after on countless releases.

Indeed, this is not King Bee's first recorded outing eithre as they released their first single in 2016 and found fans in Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music) and went onto be remixed by DJ Smoove (yes, another fellow of the North East and to be found on forthcoming Smoove & Turrell's single 'The Light', featuring Ronnie Foster on Jalapeno Records). [Note: that's Ronnie Foster of jazz label Blue Note!]

DJ Robbie Vincent and another serious soul-funk remixer, The Relex, are also counted King Bee fans and it's easy to see why as sounding like 'Good To Be Back', they must be brilliant live; particularly going on the reworked vocal version with extra basslines and acid-jazz organ, but it's all fantastic.

Artist: King Bee
Title: Good To Be Back ft. Andre Espeut 
Release date: 31st July, 2023
Label: Ramrock Red Records
Cat. No: RRR046
Format: Bandcamp / Digital

Friday 28 July 2023

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Batov Records continue to make a huge contribution to world music with their latest release, the debut album by Eje Eje (aka Itamar Kluger).

The album, 'Five Seasons' is spread over 12 tracks; two each for winter, spring, summer and autumn with another two for late summer, plus a couple of bonus tracks.

Fans of the single, 'That Rainy Dawn' / 'Coral Sex' (see review HERE) plus one of the highlights the compilation on Middle Eastern Grooves (see review HERE - all on Batov Records) will have a very good idea of what to expect.

They've seemed to have squeezed in some Desert Blues into their psych rock funk with some Turkish trad folk, Levantine dabke and Persian bandari. This might seem a bit of a stretch but from 'New Roots' to 'Mountain Disco' (featuring Yuli Shafriri) it's an real joy; current favourite is 'Black Sea Majic' with it's mixed in dub, spiritual jazz acid excesses.  But 'current favourite' has possibly been one or more of all the tracks on repeated listens including 'That Rainy Dawn (Autumn)', 'Saved From The Jazz (Spring)' and 'Mountain Disco (Bonus)'.

Perhaps a bit of a stretch to translate into the tracks to the five seasons of traditional Chinese medicine but it's a special album that will raise your spirits.

As good as the line-up is for WOMAD this year, let's start the campaign for a whole Batov Records Stage for next year; wouldn't that be great!

Artist: Eje Eje

Title: Five Seasons

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR073

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp

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If you're not sure what a records on Papa Records sounds like, just check out Sebb Junior's new track, 'Sound Of Life' and it's classic uptempo deep house with bouncey soul and a bit of Northern vibes to keep that sprung floor moving all night long.

You've got a original vocal mix, an instrumental and a radio edit for all occasions.

French DJ/producer Sebb is apparently now living in Grenada, Spain and if you were aroud at the start of last year, you'll remembeer the hit, Reel People x Sebb Junior featuring Smith, 'Holla If You See Me'.

And can it be coincidence that being released on the same day is the compilation 'Soulful, Deep & Dope Ibiza 2023 on Reel People Music (see review HERE) so put the two together, it makes for a stunning time with the sound of life itself.

Artist:Sebb Junior

Title: Sound OF Life

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label : Papa Records

Catalog Number : PAPA153 /   Digital / Bandcamp 

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If you're going to, are at or coming back from Soulful Deep & Dope Ibiza this summer, here's the compilation soundtrack with 20 big tunes of Soulful Deep & Dope Ibiza 2023! 

This is such a good of a tracklisting, it's like Reel People have been reading YATM!  We've got Risk Assssment featuring Monica Blaire with the vocal mix of 'It's Not right But It's OK' (see review HERE), Technoir's 'Techtube' (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remixes) (see review HERE), Thakzin & Ray T's 'Don't Let Me See' (Jimpster Remix) (see review HERE), the 'tribute' to Prince, the Opolopo remix of 'Purple Funk' by Mothers' Favourite Child and Saeeda Wright and Reel People themselves (see review HERE) with their favourite guests including Angela Johnson, Muhsinah and Vanessa Freeman.

As a collection of originals and remixes (check these guys, Sir LSG & The Bless, Tony Momrelle Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer plus Soulful Deep & Dope regulars DJ Spinna, Scott Diaz, Osunade, Atjazz, Emmaculate and many more) you're going to be hard pressed to find a better or deeper collection to sort out your summer party celebrations (from white isle to Inverness).

It's so packed with quality it's very hard to pick out some favourites, but here's trio that haven't been mentiond above: The Layabout's remix of 'Free' by legendary Stephanie Mills (blimey, apparently she was Dorothy in the original "The Whiz"), the 'Beautiful' by Mood II Swing featuring Lea-Lorien and 'Packing For Chicago' by Zo! featuring Muhsinah [again] with the Terrt Hunter Remix.

So whilst you're packing for Ibiza, make for you pack this and have a great time.

Artist:Various Artists

Title: Soulful Deep & Dope Ibiza 2023 (Reel People Music)

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label : Reel People Music

Catalog Number : RPMDC020 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

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It's summer and it's all ready to 'Shine' for the Cuban Brothers as their latest single comes out on Ramrock Red Records.

The Cuban Brothers emerged as the Latin hard edge of Goldie Lookin' Chain at the disco with 'A Million Stories' on the much loved Rob da Bank's Sunday Best label and they quickly become festival favourites at Bestival and beyond.

Not in-your-face funny (apart from the cover artwork?) the lyrics/flow are understated humourous and you either get stereotype macho disco party fun; "Brum, Brum, Brum, time to motor" that'll prick up your ears. 

The dirty version comes with the comedic introduction, which won't make the commerical stations, but the clean edit clearly shows that Miguel and Archerio Matonvani Miguel together with Kengo San have made Los Hermanos Cubanos into a super slick operation with a penchant for some pretty exciting clothing too boot.

After Ramrock Red Records released their last single, Mr Malik's 'Trouble With A Capital T (see review HERE) here's some authentic gangland trouble that comes at you with tongue in cheek and a nod and a wink; could you say its, "Tongue with a Capital T?"

Artist: The Cuban Brothers

Title: Shine (Edina) 

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR047

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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Followers of  Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon will recall that they had a track on thier 'Small Small' album called 'Senye' that featured Wiyaala.

As it was so successful, it was only a matter of time before we had more.  And this EP is lots more.

The "Ghanaian songstress" is so expressive with her vocals, she is a perfect match for Isaac's xylophone and Sonny John's “Afrolktronica” (a healthy mix of folk, highlife and soul).  Whilst the single 'Hado Deeli' is now quite familiar as a hit on the radio, the rawness of 'Gargar' is brilliant as there's a great mix with the penny whistle and then, get ready, 'I Know' (with Sonny on lead vocals) sounds like the start of their "Arthur Russell" period; all we need now is a dub version and it's New York/North London trendy.

Wiyaala certainly has a great voice and sounds equally at home on the traditional 'Bawa', the minimal 'Yeri Villa' and 'Darpeny' as the Afro-funk-house 'Nimmbalia' (this really needs to be a longer track - where's the disco 12" version?)

This is project has always been exceptional but it's now on the next level as taste makers on Jazz FM, BBC 6 Music and your open minded DJs are getting excited about; let's make sure that they're at WOMAD next year. 

This is so different to the label's most recent release, another collaboration between UK/Africa, Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21 (see reveiw HERE) but that's what Dom Servini is so good at and has been now since I was a young lad (at least!) and it's always worth checking out his monthly Soho Radio show.

Artist: Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon feat. Wiyaal
Release: Kontonbili EP
Release Date: 28th July, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Vinyl 10" / Digital / BANDCAMP

Thursday 27 July 2023

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Regulars of all things Mr Bongo will know exactly what to expect on the latest compilaton of their Mr Bongo Record Club series, Vol. 6.

That's not to say that this is even the slightest bit staid as all the track have a Mr Bongo dancefloor vibrancy to them that argueably exceeds Vol. 1 (from 2016) to 5.

Once more, selections of jazz, MPB, Afrobeat, soul, funk, disco that's just in time for festivals and all WOMAD fans from artists from all over the place like Sweden's Sven Wunder and his track of the sumer, 'Easy Going' to the high octaine Jackson 5 impersonators, the Ponderosa Twins Plus One 'Bound' (which is a real grower).

Of course there's quite a lot of Brazilian input (but you'll have to pick up Bala Desejo's essential 'SIM, SIM, SIM -see review HERE) but current favourites are the disco gospel of 'I'll Keep My Light In My Window' (New York Community Choir), two soul tracks called 'I Do Love You' (one by 'Unknown' and another by Ash Soul, Inc) and the monster J-Jazz Big Band Swing of Chiemi Eri's 'Okosa-Bushi' (watch out Higgins/Peden/BBE!)

And if you've still got a hankering for some offbeat Yes/prog, Shira Small's 'Eternal Life' will raise an eyebrow, there's some psych by Matty ('Blood') and some rare soul-jazz instrumental, The Faming Souls' 'Admission' - worth the admission in itself.

Afrobeat, you said? Herbie Hancock's lawyers have been on the headhunt since 1976 for the ever changing disguises of Philip Melala And The Movers; but what a great 12 minute high to end on!

Needless to say that sourcing these tracks individually would cost a fortune so it's brilliant that us Record Club member can just get this as a one stop shop and be totally smug.

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Mr Bongo Record Club Vol.6

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number : MRBCDLP270

Format :  2xLP Vinyl / CD / Digital / Bandcamp
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I can't imagine how many records/tracks Robert Owens has appeared on but what you can be 100% sure about is that when you see his name, you're guaranteed that his performance is superb.

Not only that, because of his pre-eminence as 'the voice of house music', he's got a lot of reputation to uphold.  So when CJ Cooper, [deep breath] the Radio Show host -
, producer, remixer and DJ at Festivals and clubs including LGBT+ favourite, The Eagle Taven, alongside Horse Meat Disco, presented Owens with the track 'Live Love Give' to consider, the pair of them knew that this is an anthem for the summer soul-house vibes all around the world; Inverness to Ibiza, 'Frisco to Disco, etc. And so did F*CLR for that matter.

'Live Love Give' is getting lots of radio airtime but you know that the YATM office likes a dub and there's an instrumental too! Big keys and space synths, it's like a modern day Lonnie Liston Smith ready to expand your mind and dancing feet.

Forever we love you Robert and I shudder to think how good a North Street West remix would be; but that's (possibly) for another day - in the meantime, Live, Love, Give.

Artist: CJ Cooper feat. Robert Owens

Title: Live Love Give

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR025

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp

Tuesday 25 July 2023

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What is this all about as the 'Hydro-Trip' cascades deep house on ya Detroit techno dams with a four track EP.

As if Theo Parrish has gone on his summer vacation, here we dive straight in with some percussion wet suits for 'Understood Sea Being' and 'Let's Go Deeper' which warms us up for the other side.

'Scuba Lyfe' is a cool grower into your head and it gets a Rolando Remix that takes you up in the stratosphere; so much so, you'll definitely get the bends; should have been called 'the sic decompression' remix? This is the Rolando associated with UR, Los Hermanos and more recently, resident DJ at Berghain.

Black Eyes was half Planet People who released one of Jimpster's Xmas tipples last year on an EP 'Terra Firma' (check 'Reaktor Theory') but on his own, the deeper he goes into the jazzier side of a strange meridian line linking Berlin, Detroit and Liverpool (aka the BDL line).

This will sell out fast so get your orders in now on

Title: Black Eyes 

Title: Hydro-Trip Vol. 1

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label : Lost Control

Catalog Number :  LC2097-004 Digital / Bandcamp 

Friday 21 July 2023

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Sara De Sanctis finds her fourth single on the Colour & Pitch label; does it raise the question, has she been led astray?

Well, the actual track is not your typical release on the label as it's well outside the "house" sound as it's a mournful song about feelings of "obession, loss and disorientation" which does sound a bit gloomy.  That said, it's so well produced (by Jacob Bright, mastered by Shawn Joseph) I can see a cross-over onto daytime radio; especially as it's got a touch of gospel choir/organ going on.

And with that intensity, David Marston's vocal and instrumental remixes have taken that original track to the dancefloor of the 2-step/UKG era with a bit of a modern update.  Very different to David's last release, 'Feeling You' on his own label, Kindness of Bearer recordings or his collaboration with Lady Alma and DJ Rob Paine on 'All The Way Far Away' that came out on BBE Music or his remix with Will Sumsuch of Tibor Dragan's 'Follow The Path' (also on Colour & Pitch).

The prolific Richard Earnshaw (last seen with a remix of Gavin Holligan's When Boys Become Men (stay tuned for more news on this one) got his hands on Sara's previous single, 'Fading' (also Colour & Pitch - see below) so this might not be the last remix you hear of an 'Astray' remix?

Artist: Sara De Santis

Title: Astray (inc. David Marston Remix) 

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label: Colour & Pitch

Cat. No: CAP091

Format: Digital / Bandcamp

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Atjazz knows a tune and he's found one hear with this collaboration between Abel and the vocal talents of Rona Ray, he just couldn't let it go.

With a cover that looks very Sun Ra and some deep Rhodes electric piano the instrumental version is as equally stunning as the vocal version. 

Abel's album is due out in October, called 'Cosmic Law' and if it's half as good as South Beach Recylcing album ('Obsessive Compulsive Disco) was/is (see review HERE) it's going to be a massive year for Atjazz Record Company when gong are handed out at the end of year awards season.

As an aside, I understand SBC will be at the We Out Here Festival in Dorset next month so keep ya ears open for 'Jonny's Hustle' and 'Can't Let You Go'.

Artist: Abel featuring Rona Ray

Title: Can't Let You Go

Release date: 21st  July, 2023

Label : Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number : ARC250ADS1 Digital / Bandcamp
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"Here comes trouble" and it's original soul boy Joseph Malik's 'Trouble With A Capital 'T'''; and that's a really big 'T' in bright pink!

The every productive soul train that is Ramrock Red Records are ruling the streets and airways with yet another killer track following on from the 'Track of the Year', George T's 'Automatic Self On Hold' featuring Mr. Malik (see review HERE) and the Malik album last year, 'Diverse Pt 3 : Variant Issue'.

So, as I was playing out my vinyl-only set with the deck filled with Ramrockians; Ashley Beedle on 1 (Edwyn Collins' 'You'll Never Know (My Love)' and Malik on 2 (as 50% of Blackanized 360°, 'Vibe'brations' - Ed. Show off), news that this new track with an instrumental version hit the internet.

This type of trouble is the sort that everyone want. No "go-go" (as in Trouble Funk) but definitive soul-funk with a bit of raw Prince, loads of fun and as many feet as it needs to fill a dancefloor.

Talking of which, what a fabulous gin palace the Voodoo Rooms is in Edinburgh is!  Why mention this, this is where the new album, 'Proxima Ebony'  is going to have a launch night in September; after all those 'Festival' types have gone home (check the details HERE) along with the magnificent Jo Wallace (Ramrock in all forms), Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive) and Natasha Kitty Kat (F*CLR and haircut with a capital 'H').

Artist: Joseph Malik

Title: Trouble with a Capital T 

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR045

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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It's self apparent to Soul Liberation's question posed by the title of their album, 'Who Are You'? as you don't have to be Richard Osman to know the answer.

It's soul, it's gospel, it's BeeGees choir, it's slow funk, it's Shalamar revival and it's all in praise of a higher spirit.  Apparently, this is the second album as they are dedicated to former gang leader/turner preacher Tom Skinner's Christian ministry and play over 250 gigs a year!

If I had the choice between this and, say, one of BBE's other recent releases like Rahaan Presents The Ones (see review HERE), I'd go for 'We Are The Ones' but then if you've grown up with this soul flavoured soundtrack, tracks like 'Father We Praise You' (the closing track) and you're looking for enlightenment, this album is probably what you're looking for.

And why does it sound so retro, it was originally recorded in 1982 but with the remastering, it sounds like brand new and if you get over the title of 'Touch Me Again', it's the stand-out track and it's the one for Sunday sessions the world over; especially as it's got the George Benson '82 riff. 

I prefer the more denominally neutral 'Heavenly Place' or the funked up 80s bassline of 'Send Me' than the all-in 'Blessed'.

This album was record pre-'the happy clappy god-squad' so it's definitely got deep soul and clearly these guys are dedicated and super skilled musicians so you can see why the original release (now very rare) is much sort after but this re-issue would be the one to get. 

Artist: Soul Liberation

Title: Who Are You

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE294 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp 

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Who would have thought that two foundling members of a Mexican women's dance collective, would have the most talked about EP coming out on Brooklyn's Toucan Sounds label?

Well, that's what we have with Estefani Brolo and Ana Rizo, collectively known as BROLORIZO (did you see what they did there?) have done.

Fans like Sumsuch have already got very excited about the track 'Sirena' (quite rightly so) but could 'Agua Bendita' be a Latin-disco version of 'Ingwe' (Muzari & Gugupash - see review HERE) with it's jazz keys and slightly dubbed out electric guitar? Well, I'm saying so and i'm not going to be the only one.

Expect New Yorkers that love this sound like Mr Vega, Nickodemus, Eli Escobar et al will be playing this all summer.  But it'll be interesting to see if the uptempo and deeper 'Sirena' gets the attention with it's big Baleraic guitar solo.

With artwork that looks like one of those SM vids of paint on oil dips with the back end of a large fish (possibly carp), it all adds to the fusion.

Those who Insta can see more at @brolorizo and if you need check out more Toucan Sounds, there's no better place than their Brandon Markell Holmes & Toribio release, 'Go Ahead' (see review HERE)


Title: Agua Bendita feat. Lino Bastos

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW106

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp
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No wonder this was a cult band in Melbourne but as fans of Unsafe/Hard Return/Jack Chuter, 10 minutes of 'Extrapolate 01 (live)' is a gentle introduction to the work of High Pass Filter and La Sape Records retrospective compilation, 'Nice Coordinated Outfit - Selected Recordings 1997-2005'.  

Not all of the 17 tracks are that long; 'Extrapolate 02 (Live)' and 'Deepwater' are close but most of this avant-garde-dub-electronica avoids the excesses of shoegaze/minimal techno.  

Really like the trombone on both versions of 'Extrapolate', the 'out-there' hip-hop of 'Meep', the Japanese peace garden skratchin' of 'Horn Please' and 'E.S.N' particulary stands out as it sounds like a revival of Laswell/Shadow/Miles for jazzy, dub trip hop.

Somewhat strange that a group formed in Melbourne that was active from 1995–2006 with obvious Aphex Twin/Autechre/Sherwood leanings sounds so fresh and now; especially as it's a band we've not heard of in the UK. 
Totaly different to what we've heard from La Sape previously with 'Marseille Movement' by David Versace that came out in spring this year (see review HERE) so fair play to them as High Pass Filter is out on Double LP/Digital.

And even if your summer sport is dominated by Aussies and The Ashes, Matilda footie or even 'Bloody Damon Heta, there's definitely enough to get dressed with a 'Nice Coordinated Outfit' that's will make you forgive 'em.

Artist: High Pass Filter

Title: Nice Coordinated Outfit - Selected Recordings 1997-2005 

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label La Sape Records

Format/Cat. No. : 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 20 July 2023

The last time we ventured into the world of Stripped Down Records it was with Ken Hayakawa's latest release but this new remix territory here. 

A lot can change in 3 months from when Ken's 'Mute Air/'Unity' was released (see review HERE), we've had half of the Austrian K&D empire release an album ( Peter Kruder & Roberto Di Gioia „————————„ on Peyo Records - see review HERE) and now we've got some retro Viennese in the form of Madrid De Los Austrias and some modern day remixes. 

Twenty odd years ago, these guys were some of the founding father's of electronic deep house, future jazz that had a Latin twist as they were on the edge of the Dub Club so it's great to see the current generation doing their updates; who remembers 'Mas Amor' (see review HERE). 

Last first, is the mesmerizing '25' as remixed by Marcus Enochson and Stephan Grieder who are known as being "Swedish techno talent" but this is chill out droan shuffle that fans of Matthew Herbert might think that he's involved. 

Jepe has been known to flirt with jazz and he gets two goes with a remix of a track called 'Elele' (deep and throbbing with raspy Spanish vocals) and then does at ReRub Remix (being stripped down - appropriatly; before bringing the acid on); someone's going to have to put these two together. 

And it's Ken that kicks this EP off with his take of 'No Me' that meanders for a while before the jazzy trumpet hits. As exciting as this is, we're told these remixes are from the new Madrid De Los Austrias material with a planned release later this year. 

Artist: Madrid De Los Austrias 

Title: Jepe, Ken Hayakawa & Enochson & Grieder Remixes 

Release date: 21st July, 2023 

Label : Stripped Down Records 

Catalog Number : STRD028 Digital 
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Feiertag is Joris Feiertag who hails from Utrecht in the Netherlands and is the latest on Sonar Kolletiv with this 'must have' double A-side single (download).

The DJ/producer/live act is clearly as bit of a genre mergerer as the spoken word/raps by Nego True (on 'Feel Me') and OSHUN ('Law Of Attraction') both feel that they are part of the production and not some 'add-on' which can so often be the case.

Particularly like the keys on 'Law Of Attraction' as there's some kind of Steely Dan reference and the swirlly synths on 'Free Me' with it's BRUK vibe and sax; very CDr/Co-OP.

Feiertag's third album is being released in the autumn and we're told features more collaborations with up-and-coming artists in addition to Nego True (London) and OHUN (US) like Noah Slee (Berlin), Robin Kester (Rotterdam), Faile Nioke (Guinea) and Rhi (Tru-Thoughts) and if they all work as good as the single, it's going to be a global hit.

Title: Feiertag 

Title: Feel Me feat. Nego True / Law Of Attraction feat. OSHUN

Release date: 20th July, 2023

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK459D Digital / Bandcamp