Saturday 15 July 2023

The Peter Franks Group's new album is one that we've been looking forward to at YATM HQ.  It's called 'Days Ahead' on Futuristica Music and it certainly shines unlike the uncertain horizon of the cover artwork.

Following on from the re-issue of Deborah Jordan's 'The Light' at the end of last year on the label, (see review HERE) , the label's founder Simon S has been making sure that he's been keeping in contact with all of Peter Franks' friends.

And they may be from slightly-to-very different backgrounds musically but they definitely form a whole of jazz infused hip-hop beats 'n' soul.

The said Nat Birchall dominates on 'From The Heart' with it's call to prayer church bells and Birchall in full spiritual form al a Sanders/Coltrane et al.  And talking of the spiritual family of jazz, Amanda Whiting (more on jazz harp hip-hop HERE), is featured on 'We're You Ever Here'.

Long time fans Gordon Wedderburn and piano virtuoso Robert Mitchell join forces on the 'dub' poem Creavity Pt.1 and on Pt. 2 is joined by Rachel Crennell (on flute) who appears on 3 other tracks on the album.

My favourite of these is 'Dream In Colour' that features another mainstay of the Futuristica Music family, Marc Rapson, but only because her flute on 'Not Forgotten' speaks so deeply on one's that are no longer with us; and for the present on 'Alone Together'.

Tom Mason has appearred in many jazz combinations and he joins Nat and Rachel on the title track the sails into the ether with Tom's bass keeping it grounded.  He also appear on the out and back ticket that is 'Train To Kyoto' with Julian Ferraretto (violin) and 'Return Train To Kyoto' that's post-Japan cherry blossom, it's that beautiful.  Love anything to do with trains and the violin/drums certain evokes a the speeding bullet train to Kyoto Grand Central Station - mind the gap for alt. jazz dance trips.

Talking of beautiful cover artwork, regular readers will know that my favourite album cover of all time is The Peter Franks Groups' debut, 'Days Past' (2018 - time flys doesn't it) and especially the tracks 'Sirens' (that comes with a Buscrates remix; who has his own new album out HERE) so it might come as no surprise that this album is very recommended and if it doesn't inspire other creatives, that's fine as this is created to enjoy for many 'Days Ahead'.

Artist: The Peter Franks Group

Title: Days Ahead

Release date: 14th July, 2023

Label : Futuristica Music

Catalog Number: FUTLP10

Format : 2 x LP



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