Friday 23 June 2023

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So we know Bastard Jazz are deep diggers but BusCrates is doing his retro take on deep soul funk hip-hop now, and it's all from the 'Control Center'.

Billed as "a balancing act between vintage 80s synths" and "90s boom bap" in a melodic soul envelope, these tracks are the instrumental funk; like that Dâm Funk can produce but more jazzy.

'Get It Going' is a perfect example and if you want to funk up your imaginary summer city park Ryuichi Sakamoto theme, try 'Internal Dialogue'. 

The title track and  'Clarity' are proper uptempo bouncers, if you wanna to go all Radio Saturn/old skool Daedelus, there's sweet hybrid in 'Prisms' and another one that caused some NY noise is 'Buckin'' that features DJ Epik.

And talking of DJs, DJ Spinna is a mutual friend of Peter Franks (Futuristica Music - new album review HERE) and BusCrates (which may or not  been the reason for the BusCrates Remix of 'Sirens') but it shows another knob twist to his musical synth/keys expertise.

The one for the radio playlist is 'On My Way' that features the vocals of Soraya Watti that so Capital Gold (but in a more than good way).

Bastard Jazz have gone the full steel mill mile with this release with vinyl LP and 7" ('Internal Dialogue') and t-shirt options.  This is so different to their other recent release on the label, the equally brilliant and diverse, Captain Plant's 'Sounds Like Home LP' they are going to have a busy summer.

Artist: BusCrates

Title: Control Center 

Release date: 27th January, 2023

Label : Bastard Jazz Recordings

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp  


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