Thursday 1 June 2023

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Fans of Lightning Head (aka Glyn 'Bigga' Bush) will recall his 'Me & Me Princess' as a Studio Don template of dancehall/dub/funk-up espousing his love to his 'Princess'.

It's been a favourite in his DJ sets ever since so it is a great time to have a 2023 remastered version (vocal and instrumental) that's got a bit more updated studio gear, a bit more bounce and new dubness in it - he's such a joker!

And fans of his monthly 1BTN show, Bigga's Big Dig, will have heard him play on last months' show a slimmed down 'Version 2' that's on here as a vocal and instrumental (that piano, Latin shuffle is a bit of a grower).

The other three tracks of this set, being by Tru-Thoughts' Jay Darkside as a drum and bass remix, remix instrumental and a dub. Bigga likes a d'n'b [see links to 'The River' below] and there's a collab in the making if Jay could get hold of the Ragga Twins.  The dub is another mating success but being greedy, could there have been room for an illegal dub version?

And was it any coincidence that 'Me & Me Princess' gets released today, on 'Dorset Day' (Glyn's adopted county - thanks for letting us know Dorset Phil) and that also today marks the start of BBC Radio 4's series called 'Princess'?  It must mean something?

Love you the best Bigga!

Other BiggaBush info can be had HERE with last years' interview and the review of 'A Different Style EP' (see HERE) that includes the Hectic Extended version of 'This River'.

Artist: Lightning Head (aka BiggaBush)
Title: Me & Me Princess (Jay Darkside Remix)
Release date: 1st June, 2023
Label : Tru-Thoughts
Catalog Number : TRUDD 537
Format: Digital / Bandcamp / JunoDownload


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